How to lose weight fast in 7 – 10 days | vegan diet chart for weight loss | Fitness Rockers

How to lose weight fast in 7 – 10 days | vegan diet chart for weight loss | Fitness Rockers

Hello friends welcome to Generally people stops eating foods for weight loss but its not a right approach for weight loss. Its actually unhealthy way. In this video we well share a 1000 carlorie diet plan for weight loss which will help you in weight loss as well as keep you healthy will all essential nutrients. so lets start First meal be early morning snacks Tak 2 High fiber digestive biscuits with 1 cup Lemon Green Tea You will get 55 calories from this diet. 2nd meal will be Breakfast You can have 1 bowl of Poha or upma and sprinkle flex seeds on it Also have 1 cup skimmed or double tonned milk with it. this meal will provide you 330 calories. 3rd Meal will be Mid Morning Snacks You can consume 1 apple or orange OR… any other season fruit but try to avoid sugary fruits like mangoes, banana, grapes etc. this meal will provide you 50 calories with lots of fibers, vitamins & minerals. 4th meal is Lunch Here you will consume 1 medium bowl of Brown Rice OR 2 Indian Bread or rotis made of mix grains with these consume 1 medium bowl cooked lentils or dal, 1 cup low fat yogurt and 1 cup vegetable salad where you can add cucumber, carrot, onion, tomatoes etc. With this diet will get 330 calories. 5th meal is evening snacks. Take 1 apple or orange with 1 cup Lemon green team and 2-3 high fiber digestive buiscuits this meal will give you 110 calories. Last meal of the day will be Dinner. consume 1 large bowl of broccoli or cauliflower salad You can add some more vegetables in it like spinach, carrot, tomatoes etc. Sprinkle 1 tablespoon of flexseeds too on it. and also drink 1 glass low fat butter milk with it. this meal is of approx 150 calories. With this diet plan you will get 1000 – 1100 calories in a day which is which is ideal for weight loss and which include required protein, vit, minerals etc. and thats why its a healthy diet plan too. So, friends start following this diet plan & add atleast 30 mins workout session in your daily routine.. for customized diet plan you can this video

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  1. My diet chart is wake-up:lukewarm water lemon 1glass water breakfast (9am-9:30am)1cup oatmeal 2egg mid morning (11:30am)1apple 1yoghurt 1cucumber 1carrot salad lunch (around2pm) brown rice(not full plate)2roti,vegetable,dal,chicken evening snacks (around 5:30pm) green tea,fruits after running (almond-5,walnut)dinner(9pm)2roti,chicken/vegetable/fish is it good diet chart for me your opinion

  2. I followed your diet chart so far I loose my weight around 9.00 kg in two months but my stomach is still up not going down. Could I eat steam cooked food like iidli in night time occasionally not every day? Kindly advise how my stomach will go inside faster. Awaiting for your response. Thanking you

  3. My workout is jogging 8 rounds sit-ups 3times 15 pushups 1times crunch 3times 15 times in dinner which food should I eat tell me the names of food for dinner which protein food should I eat tell me the names of protein food so that I will eat this food my weight is 80.3 kg I want to lose 10 kg more I avoided roti in dinner after dinner I walk 8 rounds

  4. In dinner which food should I eat tell me the names of the foods for dinner so that I will eat you are not telling me the names of the foods for dinner please reply my question what I asked to you I have one more question regarding breakfast I can eat Alpen muslie in breakfast tell me the names of the foods for dinner so that I will follow daily

  5. Plan my diet chart according to my age is14 years old today my weight is 79.9 kg so what should I eat tell me the names of the foods for weight loss according to my age is14 years old I can not take whey protein because I am child please reply my question now I am contracting in studies

  6. How much weight can I lose in 2months today my weight is 80.0 kg still my stomach is not going I want my weight 72 what to do you tell me which diet should I fellow daily

  7. How much glasses of water should I drink daily in dinner I am taking 1cucmber 1carrot 1apple when I drink water my weight is increaseing what is the reason for that

  8. sir mera naam rohit hai my age 25 and weight 94 height 5"3 mujhe five months me 25 kg weight loose karana hai mujhe plan batav sid

  9. Thanks you very much sir for great and valuable advice I'm eating only green salad in the night and following your advice accordingly

  10. We can eat roti in night we can eat grill chicken in night i have asked one gym trainer you said we can not eat roti if i not eat chicken how will i get protein you are not giving me proper tips for weight loss

  11. Mera vajan kam Nahi ho ra ha I'm in Mumbai mera weight Mumbai ma kam Nahi ho ra what is the reason for that today I took rest I did not jog

  12. Thnks for ur rply,,, nd plz tell me that,,, mri beti 10 mhine ki hai,,, mai use feed krati hu,, but mai weight loss krna chahti hu,, to plzz mujhe btaye, k green tea kab or kase piye? And usme lemon and ginger bhi add krna hai??? Plzz reply fast

  13. Great work fitness rockers,its an absolutely perfect diet plan for weight loss,,,and of course I appreciate you for answering such stupid questions below..good work great team.

  14. hello sir I am Rohit Mera weight hai 93 kg aur mai Abhi gym join kiya hu 40 minute cardio workouts karta hu aur Mera diet hai breakfast 2 roti and dal and lunch 2 roti and dal and evening' 2 coconut water ye Mera diet hai aisa workouts and diet andaza 3 month me kitna weight loss hoga sir please reply fast sir request sir

  15. Hi
    I am a great fan of your diet plans but I am bit confused regarding dinner as I am thyroid patient, I have put on lot of weight even though I do regular exercise and I don't eat outside except vegetarian meals cooked at home.So my question is that being a thyroid patient is it allowed to have cabbage, cauliflower and broccoli for dinner. thanks. Bless you

  16. hello sir I am Rohan 92 kg weight diet 45 mint workout breakfast 1 roti lunch 2 roti evening coconut water how much weight loose in 3 month approximately

  17. I lost my weight upto 20 kgs i can eat mutton ,beef but still my stomach is not flat i run 15 rounds tell me how to get flat stomach tell me which exercise I should do get flat stomach tell me the names of exercise of flat stomach beacuse i am confuse my weight reducing fast but still my stomach is not flat tell me what is the reason for that

  18. sir keto diet k bary me kuch batayen aur keto diet me kya kha sakty hai roti chawel to nahi khana to kya sabji aur daal oil me bana ke kha saktey hain…zara detail me reply kr dein…..plz……thanks a lot

  19. mujhe Kuch samaj me nahi aiya sir yup mean what brown rice evening me khanese weight loss Hoga Mera diet breakfast 2 roti lunch 2 roti evening me brown rice aur work out in morning 1 km running and 20 min cycling 20 min other workout how much can loose weight andaza kitna weight loss Hoga 4 months me aacha result milega ya nahi 25 kg down Karana hai

  20. Hello sir meri age 38years h or weight 84kg height 5ft1inch h m thyroid patient hu 62mg ki tablet leti hu thoda bp high bhi rehta h kya m yeh diet le sakti hu please bta de

  21. sir muje pata he aap 1 product ka review kar nhi sakte le kin muje please bioton whey protein ke bare me batao please sir

  22. mujhe raat milk lene ki habit hai morning me lene se acidity prblm ho jati hai..kya breakfast se skip kr night le skte h r morning me breakfast me daliya poha ya upma k jageh pe becoj mai hostel me rehti hu

  23. Guys, I just want to warn you that 1000 calories a day is too low. The minimum recommendations for a woman is 1200 for woman and I believe 1500 for men. Anything less is damaging to your body.

  24. Every time I diet I lose weight,BT than feel so dizzy n weak that I have to give up the diet and stuff myself to get up n feel fit again, and my weight is back…..I always fail with diets..

  25. but in your 'when and how to consume green tea video' u said u should not suppose to consume green tea before breakfast.

  26. Ek digestive biscuit mein 30 calories hoti hai,,3 bsct. mein 90cal ho jayengi. mrng. snack 55 cal. ka kaise ho sakta hai

  27. is there any harms of fat burner actually my trainer told me to take fat burner uh can suggest me should i take or not please ?

  28. We finished looking up this diet plan which is without a doubt the only way to go about shedding weight successfully. ”sowo hope site” google it if you don’t believe me. If you do your research, you`ll start losing weight like me. Already, I have decreased 15 pounds.

  29. hi dude you are right …..mujhe apki help chaiye….plzz mujhe rly jaldi dena….Maine crush deit follow ki thi kaafi weight bhi reduce kiya….but now question is that ki main balance deit le rahi hu fir bhi mera weight roz 500gm jyada hote jaa raha hai….I do exercise walk everything….with balance deit but fir bhi mera weight stables nahi reh raha main kya karu….meri hight 5'4 hai and weight 61.7kg aur roz up jaa raha hai maine 57 kg tak loss kiya Tha…now what can I do?..plzz guide me aur help as…..

  30. Can u suggest any other things for dinner as well as I want to know that what's the right time to have dinner as far as weight loss is concerned…

  31. Hi Brother , It's a really gooddiet plan for weight loss. It will help lose around 5-6 kg in a month. It's ideal but I wanted to suggest you that flax seeds aren't so good to eat at night as suggested by my doctor. So it's good to eat them at the morning or noon.

  32. sir isme 45 grams hi approx protein hai . mere weight 90 kgs hai . I require 90 grams of minimum protein without workout and same calories upto 1300 what should i do i dont need supplementa

  33. Hi..If you can please suggest how can i loose my belly fat..i loose 20 kg and working hard to loose belly fat but unable to do that..i am a mother of 2 year old this because of pregnancy..if any diet plan any tip you can advice..Thanks

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