How to lower your calcium score.

How to lower your calcium score.

Anonymous says, “Calcium score, is there a
way to treat one’s calcium score?” No, you don’t treat the calcium score. You take the calcium score as indicative of
what’s going on in atherosclerosis, and you treat that. “That is, if I am seeking a calcium score
of zero, is there a nutritional way to do that?” Probably not. Docs I have talked to tell me there is no
way. “I have followed K2 since your elusive X factor
article, but when Rheaume-Bleue’s Calcium Paradox came out, I read it, lightbulb went
off, and I want to whole foods and no K2. It was a bit early. I have taken all sorts of K2 since then, currently
your recommendation Innovix Labs Full Spectrum K2, and I heard your recent podcast. My belief is that this strategy has no effect
in my case on my calcium score.” Well, that would be an indication that you
do not have a deficiency of K2, or that whatever is driving your calcium score isn’t related
to K2, or that you didn’t have enough K2. Those are the three possibilities there. “I have not retested, but I am pretty sure
that K2’s promise is not realized in my case.” Very possible. “Then I read about the pollen therapy last
month, vitamin C isn’t toxic, so what the heck? Too early to tell, but it sounds reasonable. Sadly, life is often not arranged by what
seems reasonable to me.” Yeah, join the club. So, the goal, I think, is calcium score equals
zero. No, that’s a bad goal because that’s like
saying my goal this year is to be a billionaire. Is that going to make me harder and get closer
to it? I don’t know. You set somewhere what the ideal is, but then
you don’t think about that, you think about, okay, what’s the next step right now in front
of me. And what you focus on is the thing that’s
right in front of you. So, maybe you want to be a billionaire, but
your goal is, how do I increase my revenue this month, not how do I be a billionaire
this year. So, if you want a calcium score of zero, fine,
but you don’t think about that; you think about how do I lower my calcium score, because
then when you lower your calcium score, you do more of that. And when you do something that raises your
calcium score, you do less of that. So, look, in atherosclerosis, calcium is super
driven by the atherosclerotic progress. So, ideally it would be nice if you had ultrasound
imaging of your carotid IMT—oh, by the way, I’m not a doctor, I’m not treating anything
here, I’m just talking about this academically. It’d be nice to have data on a carotid IMT
because you may—and actually you usually don’t even get this data; you just get whatever
they think is important, but if you have advanced plaque formation, you probably will be able
to see that on the IMT, like you can see how the plaque is developing and whether the actual
atherosclerotic plaque is, whether that progress is bad because if so, that’s what drives local
calcium deposits, and that’s probably what shows up with the coronary calcium score. And K2 is relevant there, but a general deficiency
of K2 is more likely to manifest as diffuse calcium deposits everywhere in the artery,
and that’s when you would be especially focused on K2. So, it might be that your LDL is high, and
then that’s what you should be focusing on. So, you really have to start from point A
through B through C, and K2 is one of those things, but you just look at, what are all
the factors that could be contributing to atherosclerosis, and which one of them looks
worse in me, and that’s what you try to focus on. And so, there’s not enough data in your question
to get into all of the other possibilities.

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  1. There are many n=1 examples of people eating a keto diet that have significantly lowered their calcium scores and reversed atherosclerosis.

  2. Dr. William Davis swears by D3 and Magnesium, and of course no sugar and grain, for calcium score. He says he has seen results in his patients. He did not see effects of K2. He seems to have a lot of hands on with patients with these issues.

  3. Anon did not even indicate what his CAC is.

    What does his lipid profile look like? How is his blood pressure? What is the ratio of waist/height? What is his diet? How is he sleeping? Does he have any injuries, allergies, autoimmune conditions, and what is his c reactive protein? Does coronary disease run in his family? Is he insulin resistant? What is his a1c?

  4. Hey brother….just saw your tweets that Joe Rogan shared. Get ready for your yourube channel to explode!!😂👍 Great work man! Im a fan! TY for your hard work

  5. Learn how to lower you calcium score and why high LDL is irrelevant by reading Eat Rich Live Long

  6. Magnesium definitely lowers calcium deposits. I've witnessed it from the calcium which deposits on the two front teeth. Magnesium definitely takes it away.

  7. Biochemist Patrick Theut reversed his coronary calcification AND his calcium score by diet , chelation, food and lifestyle (HT to Ivor Cummins and his Fat Emperor podcast):

  8. Great subject. But.. ldl doesn't seem to be a problem anymore. Even statins are taking the path as anti inflammatory now. What about fibrin? 65% of a thrombus. 4% made of cholesterol. What about nattokinase, or serrapeptase? What about omega 3 or even changing your diet ; low carb, keto, vegetarian?

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