How to make a Bath Soak with Dry Flowers and Pink Salt

Today we’re gonna show you how to make some wonderful bath soak made with Epsom and pink Himalayan salts. For this recipe you’re going to need one cup of Epsom salt, one cup of pink Himalayan salt 50 drops of essential oil blend of your choice and one cup of mixed dried flowers. Now you can use any dry flowers you’d like what we have used is half a cup of dry lavender flowers and half a cup of dry rose petals Now it is time to mix all the ingredients together so you want to put your Epsom salt in a bowl, the pink Himalayan salt, followed by the flowers So the way you add the flowers is a little handful at a time You just make sure you crush them really well as you add them at this point all you need is to add the essential oil blends so just one drop at a time and then mix it all in now that everything is mixed very well put them in your container of choice and you are ready for a relaxing bath

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