How To Make Healthy Eating Work For You

How To Make Healthy Eating Work For You

Heather: Hey guys! This is Heather from So today I am hanging out with my chives outside
because it’s the gorgeous day. It’s beautiful out here and I got to take advantage of it
while it lasts because the next couple of days is supposed to be rainy. Anyway, what I wanted to talk to you guys
about today is motivation because what I find is a lot of people come to me and they know
what they should be doing for healthy eating and yet they have trouble actually putting
it into practice. A lot of the time, that is the hardest part. I am being distracted
by butterflies and bugs that are zipping around past me here which is awesome. It’s fun being
outside. Anyway. Okay. So motivation. The thing that
I have found works for me and works for a lot of other people is when you get things
to be a routine, and you make things into habits, then you don’t have to think about
them so much. So a trick that I find works for making meals
on a regular basis is to come up with, say, three recipes. They don’t have to be like
complicated recipes. What I mean is three dishes that you can make on a regular basis,
that you enjoy, that you know to have all the ingredients on hand, and that you can
just throw together on a regular basis and you know that you are going to like it, enjoy
it, and all that stuff. So if you come up with, say, three different
dinners that you like. So be it soup, maybe some stem veggies with grains, and maybe,
what else, some lettuce wraps, say. Okay. So you come up with those three dishes that
you can make on a regular basis. Come up with three different lunches maybe. Personally,
I can eat the same breakfast every single day but Phil likes to have more variety. So
it’s up to you what you do there but just kind of put some basic meals. And then in
order to learn more and find more things that you enjoy, have a day where you experiment
with some meals and I usually do that on Sundays because I take a day off and then I feel like
I can spend the time learning a new recipe, trying out a new techniques something like
that. Then it helps keep me motivated and keeps things interesting for the rest of the
week when I go back to my staple meals and what not. Another thing I have been thinking about lately
that I just wanted to share with you guys is I have been trying to shift my thinking
a little bit from always thinking about finishing things to thinking about enjoying doing them
and enjoying the process and I have been finding that difficult but when I am able to do it,
it makes things a lot more fun. So that’s it from me today and I hope you
guys find something fun to make for yourselves. Now there are tons of recipes on my site that
you can use to inspire you, get you creating and like I said, try to find a few meals that
you can make on a regular basis then you can get in the routine and get yourself going
on healthy eating. So have fun with it. That’s the main thing.
Alright, see you later guys.

17 Replies to “How To Make Healthy Eating Work For You

  1. Great Ideas. It is so pretty where you are. I am doing a 60 day raw challenge and what is helping me is mono meals and having something I can go to when I want something to eat and don't feel like making anything.

  2. Because of you and your videos Heather, I have changed my diet from very unhealthy to a healthy vegan one. So thanks so much for sharing all your great recipes and knowledge with us on youtube. Right now, I'm creating some of my very own recipes!!! I might be sharing them here on youtube in the future. I think that's a great idea to stick to 3 to 6 recipes until you get a hang of things. I still have a lot of yours to try out. 😀

  3. I wish you the best in finding your vegan footing! Remember – doing something is better than doing nothing! I don't know your history and I'm relatively new at this myself, but if you want to make the change, be compassionate with yourself and find supportive people and resources that will reinforce your decision to be vegan.

  4. For new vegans I suggest making a big pot of your favorite vegetable/bean style soup/stew and freeze some for those days you need something quick. Same with vegan casseroles. And I dont get stressed by thinking something has to be done just one way. Which makes taking stuff from the refigerator/pantry and making up something on the fly more fun. In the past most people didnt own a cook book, they made it up as they went along.

  5. Those are such great tips Heather, I will write them down so I remember them. The habit tip also inspired more thoughts – like perhaps preparing lunches the night before to help eliminate temptation and writing up a weekly menu plan at the beginning of each week. I think the more we pre-plan things the less we are likely to be influenced by flashes of unhealthy food cravings.

  6. Thnx Heather always! Those are great tips. I will definately try for the next level of pursuing heathy life style. I would love to have a meetup too! Anybody living in Seoul, South korea? =]

  7. Hey Heather, Since you're a vegan. I was wondering if you knew of any ways to make an Candida cleanse diet works for vegetarians or vegans? I wanna start one and Im having a hard time finding menu plans or ideas that would work for someone who would not rely on the Paleo diet….:(

  8. Hi Heather, Thanks so much for answering this quick. I actually did but she does use beans and quinoa…which do convert into carbohydrates once digested inside our bodies. So I was wondering if you had any suggestions for a candida diet cleanse that avoids beans, legumes, starchy vegetables, all grains, mushrooms…etc but that would be sustainable for vegetarians/vegans?
    Thanks a bunch. I love your healthy cooking tips and videos 🙂

  9. Great tips! And I love the idea of focusing on enjoying the process not the outcome. Could you share with us what your staple meals are?

  10. Hi Heather, I have been watching your channel for a while now and have (within the last 2 months) eliminated meat and dairy from my diet. You have been an inspiration and a big source of information for me to refer to! My problem is that I have taken a liking to Wildwood sprouted tofu on my salad for dinner. I have since been reading and getting much conflicted information on whether tofu is healthy or not. Could you give your opinion on this or refer me to a reliable source on this subject?

  11. Good tip Heather, and something that also helps me is taking a photo of a dish that has worked and framing it. I am amassing a gallery of recipes on my wall, when im hungry i can just glance around at something tempting & follow the recipe.

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