How To Make Natural Calcium For Your Dog | Gastro Pup | Healthy Pet Treat

How To Make Natural Calcium  For Your Dog | Gastro Pup | Healthy Pet Treat

Hello and welcome to Gastro Pup. I’m Nishant and I’m here to show you how to make healthy, easy, yummy recipes for your pets right at home. Be it a dog, a cat or your imaginary friend So did you know that dogs have just 1/3 of the taste buds that we do, but there’s one thing that they can taste a lot better than us and that is love and I think that’s why Zizo likes everything that I cook for him Today I’ve got a special recipe if you by calcium and supplements for your dogs Then you know how expensive they
are I’ve got a hack for that I’ll show you how to make the same calcium supplement but for almost free let’s go to my kitchen so all you need to do to make a awesome calcium supplement right at home and almost for free my actions now I’ve been saving up my actions for about the past week so I’ve got about 10
to 12 right here and all I’ve done is washed them thoroughly and all that’s
left is to crush them in this pan right here a microwavable pan and I’ve preheated my oven at about 150
degrees, that’s all you’re going to need that’s that and now I’m going to pop
this into the microwave for about five minutes now make sure it’s no longer
than five minutes otherwise your house is going to smell
of egg so my egg shells are done let’s check yeah nice and dry and crackly now I’m just going to leave it aside for it to cool should take about 10 to 15
minutes and then let’s make an actual powder so my egg shells have cooled it’s
time to start grinding them you can do this with a mixer grinder too I think it’s done just like me make sure
it’s a very very fine powder absolutely no shards and that’s how you make a completely free or almost completely free calcium supplement which is now I’m going to put into Zizo’s bowl and I’m going to first put in some chicken stock and you can do this with any food his rice gruel, his milk and chapati whatever you feed your pooch remember for a medium-sized dog you’ll need about 3/4 3/4 teaspoon per serving, but of course
please check with your vet first so I put some eggshell powder into this
chicken stock here you go zeizel now the egg shell powder is tasteless, but I can guarantee you that your pet will taste the love that you put into this recipe so spread the love people and also if you liked this video please give us a
like if you have any comments we’d love to hear from you if you have friends who
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46 Replies to “How To Make Natural Calcium For Your Dog | Gastro Pup | Healthy Pet Treat

  1. Great hack…I go to International House of pancakes, and go through the trashcan, and get hundreds of egg shells that I wash and microwave. I have a giant jar of calcium powder…free! Just look on Amazon and see how much they sell calcium powder for….. can you can make it for free!

  2. can this recipe use for puppies? I have a 2 and half month old puppy..and I guess he needs some calcium supplements…

  3. Please suggest some hair loss treat ment for my 6 mnth's dog &can this recipie use for 6 mnth's dog?? Your dog is so quite & healthy & glazy too pleas suggest what hav i do to gain dog weight.

  4. hello sir. I have tried this egg shell recipe for my dog for calcium deficiency, he is miniature dog so how much quantity to feed him per serving?
    and plz do recommend me something for his coat. his hair is a bit damaged n doesn't let us comb well. tell me some serum or some remedies..

  5. hi bro i have German Spitz 3 months old. few weeks back he got bone fracture in front leg. we took him to get hosp and treated, but still he s having pain. can i feed him egg shell powder. will it helps him to get recover. Pls suggest me how to give calcium supplements

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