How to Stay on a Healthy Diet – The Best Tip on How to Stay on a Diet to Lose Weight and Body Fat

so how do you stay on a healthy diet
you’ve been on several diets might have fallen off all of them and that is
called yo-yo dieting whenever you go on and off and are failing all the diets
and that is something that can be detrimental to your goals so how do you
actually stay on one what has been the missing link? I’m about to tell you what
I think you should be doing in order to finally stay on and succeed on your diet
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video because we talked about weight loss and fat loss and that is it my only
goal is to help you reach yours and to help you finally in that cycle of trying
to lose weight and especially in this video yo-yo dieting so I don’t have a
list for you today what I do have is one solid tip that I think is going to
really help you and change the way that you approach diets finally once and for
all and so the main problem with diets whenever people fall off and go back on
and fall off and switch diets and then fall off again
is that they are suffering we are not made to suffer if you give up too much
of something that you love you give up an entire food category such as on
Atkins right now keto is really popular it might not be sustainable now if that
helps you if you’re like I love keto and that’s great this isn’t about you know
keto being bad or whatever this is that most people aren’t going to experience
long-term benefits on something like keto because they are not able to keep
it up forever and so that’s what you have to ask yourself is– can I keep
this up forever and if that sounds miserable to you then you’re not on the
right diet and really you shouldn’t be dieting at all if your food logging and
keeping track of what you’re eating you can eat anything you want now that’s not
all the time you know you want to eat healthier you want to eat better because
by not doing that is what got you to where you’re at in the first place but
I’m saying every once in a while you can have a doughnut like a doughnut from
Krispy Kreme is 190 calories there is a place for 190 calories in everyone’s
diet at some point not too often you know a week maybe every once every two
weeks but once a week is about what you want to shoot for instead of a cheat day
like you hear on a lot of diets you know a cheat treat or something but I also
don’t want you to feel like you’re cheating because you’re still on your
diet because your food logging it and because you like well I have 300
calories left I can fit this 190 calories treat or whatever it is so
whatever it is that you love whether it’s an entire food group like carbs or
it is a single food like a candy bar or pizza or something
you have to yes you have to eat less you have to be careful on how much you’re
eating but I don’t want you to give them up because that is what leads to
suffering and over the long term six months a year it could take a while for
you to finally fall off a diet it might not take a whole lot of time at all as
I’m sure a lot of you have experienced but eventually you will give that up
you’ll go back to what you were doing before and the weight will come right
back with it or you’ll keep falling off diets and so it’s– this is a simple
video a relatively short video but I want you to really take that into
consideration every diet that you have tried involved your suffering if you have
fallen off do you agree or disagree you can tell me in the comments section if
you think that is true and a lot of people might think no it’s not that it’s
not the diet it’s that I’ve whatever but really think about it was it just
because you weren’t enjoying it because we don’t stop things that we don’t enjoy
and yes you can enjoy your diet especially if you’re not really on one
if you’re just eating kind of how you want to but you’re just being careful of
portion sizes and and of course eating healthier and so there’s a lot more to
this but bottom line you want to enjoy it you want to make sure that you can do
it forever it has to be sustainable and you don’t want to give up too much of
any one thing so that you’re suffering well I hope this video is helpful guys
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