How to Tell If Your Dog is Overweight

How to Tell If Your Dog is Overweight

Hi guys, have you ever wondered whether your
dog is obese, and what to do if he is? If so, we’ve now got our top five frequently
asked questions about obesity in dogs. Number one, how can I tell if my dog is overweight?
Now this is a really hard one, because some dogs are just simply bigger boned than others.
For example, you could have a golden retriever who is 85 pounds and who is a perfect size
for him, however, you could have another golden retriever who is 75 pounds and who is overweight.
The most simple way to tell if a dog is overweight is to feel certain parts of your dogs body.
The first area we feel is your dogs ribs. So if you run your fingers up and down like
this, and you can feel your dogs ribs but there is a small layer of fat over them, then
your dog is perfectly sized. If you can’t feel the ribs at all then your dog is overweight.
There are a couple of other areas as well, an area just above the tail here, again if
you can feel the bones under a small layer of fat then your dog is perfect, and along
the spine as well. Question number 2, are there certain dog breeds that are more prone
to obesity than others? Now this is definitely true for some dog breeds. Breeds like labradors,
retrievers, collies, basset hounds and daschunds as well, are all prone to being overweight.
Question number 3, will spaying or neutering make my dog overweight? Now, this is not true,
unless you are feeding your dog too many calories or not giving him enough exercise. It is true
that dogs who are spayed or neutered do burn less calories, however as long as you’re giving
them more exercise or feeding them a little bit less then your dog should not get overweight.
Question number 4, should I use a weight loss programme, or should I just feed my dog less
of his normal food? By feeding your dog less of his normal food, you are actually feeding
them less of the minerals, nutrients and proteins that your dog needs. This means we always
recommend using a weight loss programme. Now these are usually high in fibre and low in
calories, so this means that your dog is going to get all of the same nutrients but less
calories and be able to lose weight faster. And finally, question number 5 – how fast
should my dog lose weight when on a weight reduction program? We recommend that your
dog should be losing between 0.5 and 2% of his body weight per week when on a weight
reduction plan. If your dog starts to lose more than 2% of his body weight per week,
this can actually do more harm than good, so just keep an eye on your dogs weight. So
there you have it, they are our top five frequently asked questions about overweight dogs. Now
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15 Replies to “How to Tell If Your Dog is Overweight

  1. Personally I believe that dogs should go for 3 30 minute walks a day and have 2 meals (morning and night) the meals should just be your vets reccomended brand and human foods should be kept as a treat as they have many more calories than your average dog food! obviously its different for every dog but this is my opinion! x

  2. my little Rita was over weight when we rescued her. we now walk her twice a day approx 20/30mins and every weekend take her to a park where she can run free and burn many more calories

  3. 20-30 min walks 3 times a day 3 meals per day breakfast lunch and dinner human food should only be given to your dog as a treat (do not replace your dogs food with human food because it contains more calories) talk to ur vet for any recommendation

  4. My all black german shepherd is fat! I can't feel her ribs that well! Lol! But what should i do to make her loose weight? She doesnt play with toys very much and she's only 3! But she does LOVE walks and she does run a lot.

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