How to Treat Heart Failure and Kidney Failure with Diet

How to Treat Heart Failure and Kidney Failure with Diet

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  1. I really should stop watching these videos until I've repaired my gut enough to eat everything plantbased without triggering IBS. You've got me half convinced I'll get internal organ faliure before I get there 😳

  2. People with kidney disease should also avoid or limit certain veggies that are high in phos, potassium, cacium, salt and up water ingestion, also you get about 65mg per cup of Choline in cruciferous veggies but Im not sure if they should be limited or the vegan gut bacteria will handle this choline differently to say eggs.

  3. … or you could just eat the healthy foods and not depend the prebiotic/ probiotic/ antibiotic med's exclusively 😏

  4. Dr Michael greger is suggesting that there may be an indication of a prediction that there may or may not be some correlation of particular substances and particular diseases. this should be in a different category. not on the nutrition facts website but on the nutrition theories website.

  5. Dr gregor u snake , u should be charged with spreading lies , as we all know the vegan diet is big lie , and the stats u love to quote are made by the elites for vegan doctors , u fucking piece of shit , dont u listen to the way u talk , over doing ur fucking voice , u fucking piece of shit , enjoy ur shitty life .

  6. it was established years ago that atherosclerosis is caused by chronic Vitamin C deficiency. cholesterol is just there to help repair the damaged artery. if cholesterol cause atherosclerosis you'd have it in veins as well but you don't. only arteries. and that's why you can reverse atherosclerosis in many cases using high antioxidant diet either by eating lots of fruit and vegetables or taking high dose vitamin C.

  7. when clear evidence is presented there is no excuse I say tax meat and all unhealthy products and we need better alternatives immediately, inducements, incentives.

  8. So, I guess this is Doc Greger's clinical rebuttal to the ZDogg Facebook controversy? Subtle and well played, Nutrition Facts! TFP!

  9. I can't wrap my head around the dislikes. How can you be in such a deep state of denial to dislike the mountain of evidence this doctor provides? I guess certain people only agree with science if it fits their bias

  10. Truely fascinating stuff, so an unmeant side-effect of anti-biotics results in a reduced risk of TMAO poisoning….

  11. "Let's not tell people to eat a plant based diet for prevention; let's spend thousands on trying to develop supplements and treatments that replicate the effects of a vegan diet on gut bacteria"

  12. Hawthorn strengthens and heals the heart.
    Horsetail herb should be good for kidneys and cellery are also good for kidneys.

  13. ha, so instead of just giving the truth, to eat plants, its about making a product to let people continue with their bad habits and just give them a pill. sad

  14. I enjoy dr. greger's videos but all these studies he comments on are like small pieces of a much much bigger puzzle. it's important to keep things in perspective, and also keep in mind that many of those studies aren't perfect either. studies can be quite flawed sometimes, never mind what journal they were published on. the vegans that comment here are like a bunch of fanboys who believe everything and never question anything that's stated in these videos. afterall, whatever dr. greger says confirms their view of reality. that's all they care about.

  15. I used to have sore kidneys when i wake up in the morning and back-pain and what not but ever since i went mostly plant-based i never really noticed anymore pains. The other night i had vegetarian pizza with cheese/eggs and i don't really eat wheat anymore so the cheese and eggs and wheat definitely seemed to have done something cause i woke up this morning and couldn't breath the pain was so bad on both lower back and sides. This teaches us that we are not meant to consume these things, they are un-natural to the human body and that we don't notice if we consume them often because our body has adapted to the torture and pain. Do a cleanse or fast then try eat animal products or gluten again and see what happens.

  16. hey guys i used to get pretty bad heart burns and stuff before i went vegan. honestly going vegan is the best solutin there is here… peace 🙂

  17. The last sentence is the most significant… "Researchers hoping that one day will be able to replicate vegi diet…" 🙂 Maybe they will start to grow hamburgers on the trees, LOL

  18. Really appreciate your informational videos! Any chance you'll have some in Spanish? Can't get my elderly parents to believe me.

  19. I watched Bill Nye's new show recently where he debunks "all" holistic and naturopathic remedies with science and claiming when they do work it is simply the placebo effect. He had an expert skeptic on that kept insisting there is "No research to back these claims" and he even said if they were effective, they would be regulated. I was just wondering if you have a specific video where you cover these types of claims. I have experienced relief with natural remedies before and consider (as you said) a first-line treatment. I feel ilke there is room for both holistic and western medicine practice.

  20. Cholesterol doesn't cause cardiovascular disease (neither does dietary saturated fat). It's just a myth. Epidemiological studies don't prove shit. Correlation does not imply causation.
    Glycated LDL particles, oxidised LDL particles, small dense LDL particles, circulating homocysteine, trans fats, high omega-6 to omega-3 fatty acid ratio, or any other causative agent of chronic systemic inflammation may contribute to CVD, but there's no direct relation between any of those other contributors, and total LDL-cholesterol blood levels.

  21. I'm vegan and have been trying to convince my family to go vegan. My grandfather is 84, has kidney failure, and is on dialysis. He eats little and has lost a lot of weight. My family gives him canned milk, similar to Ensure, to help him eat easier and keep his weight.

    I feel so conflicted bc I know how bad milk is for us, but I don't know how to respond when my family tells me it helps my grandfather maintain his weight and he can't eat much otherwise. If he stopped drinking milk, he may become very underweight. What can I do?

  22. So please tell me what the gross and unidentifiable objects are for this videos thumbnail on the menu pages? They have nothing to do with the video itself that I can see. It's just a tactic to induce people to watch.

  23. Gahh, I wish Dr. Greger were accepting patients. My uncle is a Type I diabetic who takes insulin daily & whose body has been ravaged by the disease for 45 years…to the point where now it has effected his gut's nerves. His doctors have him on a low fiber (i.e. low plant) diet since he can't handle digesting them very well. Yet I feel like there has to be a solution with a plant diet, not feeding him all the things mentioned to cause kidney/heart failure! He also only has one functioning donated kidney.

  24. You can literally smell people with bad kidneys a mile away cause they all smell like dead rotting fish. What evolutionary function does that serve I don't have a clue!

  25. Almost 1 year from today my mum was a stage 4 for kidney failure and was going to be put on a dialysis machine by her GP. After 2 weeks of vegetables and lentils, peas, seeds, green juicing and cutting out all meat and we cut out bread, white rice, white flour, tap water and went to distilled water and my mum's condition reversed. Her blood sugar was great, high blood pressure of 180 to 200 even with taking statins went down to the recommend safe levels.

    Needles to say, my whole family are progressing to being 100% whole plant based.

  26. I am a vegan with an autoimmune disorder, Myasthenia Gravis, and recently started having a heart problem. I have read that people with immune disorders lack bacteria in their gut that digests soy and flax seed. I am blood type B and have been eating accordingly to my blood, including daily ground flax seed and some soy. Do you happen to know what kind of bacteria is it and where to buy it?

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