How to Unlock The Yawn And Sleepy Emote | Don’t Starve Together

How to Unlock The Yawn And Sleepy Emote | Don’t Starve Together

Hey everyone Raven here in today’s video I’m
going to be showing you how to unlock the Yawn and Sleep emotes or at least
basically showing you what you need to unlock these two items and before we get
started in today’s video I want to mention that I’m gonna do a giveaway for
both these items I got two full sets for each item and I want to mention it at the
beginning this time. I did a giveaway like this a long time ago and I didn’t
mention it until after the video and then when I messaged people about how
they won I didn’t hear back from some people because I think that’s because
they probably didn’t watch until the end of the video so they had no idea they…
about the giveaway possibly I just wanted to give that a quick mention so
basically just comment on this video maybe give it that cheeky deeky like but that’s
not necessary just make sure you comment then I’ll just enter everyone’s name in
a random pick generator last time I believe I made a video showing it pick
each person but this time I think I’ll just message you guys in the comments if you
won and I think I’m gonna wait till Friday to do that so the 29th and if you
win I think I’ll let you choose which set you want so you win one set when
your name is picked and so that means you get three items to unlock the emote so
basically choose which emote you’d rather have and then you’re set so
let’s jump into today’s video so let’s start with a yawn emote and in order to
get that you need to have the purple jammy clothes which includes the top
shirt and bottom and also you need the white quilt and this will give you the
Yawn emote you can see the items you needed right here and for the sleepy emote
you need to have the blue set of jammies so top and bottom and also the blue
quilt and this will give you this Sleepy emote. So quickly I want to show you how you activate the emote in case some people don’t know and also you know you get a
little peak how it looks so you can see here you just type slash Yawn and then
little Wigfrid will Yawn then you hit hit slash sleepy she will look
all tired…….sick and tired of it all and also if you use the Gesture mod I wanted
to show that as long as you have these emotes unlocked they’ll be added right on to
the Gesture wheel, Which I think is pretty cool! It’s a lot easier to just hit G and then hit the
Gesture you want really quick save you a couple seconds
so I recommend using the Gesture mod if you find yourself using these emotes
often. I imagine you can hotkey them two but I just use the Gesture wheel or type it really
that’s about it in today’s video hope you guys enjoyed and I’ll see you guys
next time!!

100 Replies to “How to Unlock The Yawn And Sleepy Emote | Don’t Starve Together

  1. It's funny that you posted this now because of how I was just looking into this again the other day because I just got the blue jammie pants and I have both colored shirts. Hope I win I guess.

  2. I guess you can script a command for that actually (the sleepy and yawn emote, don't ask me how, i've seen it, don't know myself how to do). anyway i would like to enter the giveaway 😀

  3. Did you already make a video for the swoon emote? Or was it automatically unlocked on Valentine's? I dunno I started playing in may so… missed some cool stuff D:

  4. Yet another great video Raven! Oh and a giveaway! Even better! 🙂
    (BTW was that stranger things music at the end or am I getting music mixed up?) (If so do u like stranger things?)

  5. Im clearly the BEDDER choice, but you've gotta be fair! Anywho, have fun and KNOCK YOURSELF OUT with this competition. I'll just SLEEP ON the chance I get it. Also, free stuff plox

  6. I already know how to unlock the emotes, so I thought that for the 2 minutes and 40 seconds of this video you were gonna talk about the jammies and quilts. But giveaways change EVERYTHING! Granted I only watched up 0:16, but that doesn't matter… Right?
    But in all honesty I did watch this video already possessing the knowledge of how to unlock the emotes, I just watched it to support you and I would like to enter ( ^ 3 ^)


  8. Just go to BREAD, you must be Tired, WHEEL what can you do about it I mean it's been URCHIN me for a while but EYE SEE what you did there, hopeful the puns aren't EAR-etating 🙂

  9. Hey Everyone the giveaway is over! I messaged the four people who's names came up on the random picker, But if they don't get back to me in a few days i will just re roll the name for that person and message the new winner, Had a lot of fun reading some of your wacky comments xD Hope the RNG is in your favor next time!!

  10. Quick question. If you will buy these items from market get emote and sell these items, are you still goign to have these emotes?

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