How Your Cravings and Hunger Can Increase Fat Loss

How Your Cravings and Hunger Can Increase Fat Loss

Hey everybody, Shaun Hadsall
here, with Get Lean in 12, stubborn fat expert for
people over 35 years old. And inside this
short video I’m going to talk about how hunger
and cravings can actually increase your fat loss
because of the hormonal effect that it has on your body. So most people
are led to believe that we need eat every two or
three hours or our metabolism is going to slow down. And I think this is one of
the biggest misleading pieces of advice that I
personally have been fed and have taught to
others in the past. And I know that most
fitness professionals do teach this way of eating. And now, all of the published
science and the research proves that if you fast,
it doesn’t slow down your metabolism. You will not burn muscle. In fact, research
shows the opposite. You can actually gain
muscle while you fast. And it’s going to
help you live longer and fight off today’s most
deadly diseases because of the hormonal effect
that takes place. So when you’re experiencing
a hunger pang, or cravings, this is an indication,
number one, that your body is
releasing a lot of ghrelin. So when you get
that hunger pang, ghrelin is being released, which
is a precursor to stimulating growth hormone. Also, glucagon, which is
the antagonist to insulin– in other words, the
opposite is insulin– because you’re in a
fasted state or you’re experiencing a hunger pang,
this means that you body is releasing glucagon. Glucagon is your
blood sugar hormone. It’s responsible for pulling
fatty acids from tissue to be used as energy, a.k.a. fat loss. The third hormone
that’s impacted by being hungry, or
having a hunger pang, or intermittent
fasting is adrenaline. And adrenaline is your body’s
fight or flight hormone. So when you fast,
your fight or flight sympathetic nervous system
kicks up really high. This releases adrenaline. This adrenaline is then
converted to epinephrine. Now, this is just a fancy way
of your body using hormones to release triglycerol from your
fat cells into the bloodstream so that it can be burned off. Fourth and final
hormone that’s affected by being hungry, having a hunger
pang, or intermittent fasting is insulin. When you fast,
insulin is flat-lined. This makes it very,
very easy for your body to access fatty acids
as a fuel source, helping you lose more weight. Remember, whenever
you’re in a fed state, insulin levels are
typically elevated, making it impossible for your
body to burn more belly fat. So hopefully, this
gives you a snapshot of why being hungry, and having
cravings, or using things like intermittent fasting can
be very effective in your quest to lose more belly fat. There’s also a lot
of studies that show a process that takes
place while you fast where you have cellular cleansing. This is the stuff that’s
actually been shown to fight against cancer, heart
disease, and even Alzheimer’s. Now, in the next video
what I want to do is I want to share five
different things that you can do that are calorie
free when you’re hungry or in a fasted state that can
help you get rid of the hunger pangs or the cravings. And one of the best
things that you can do if you experiment
with intermittent fasting, or you feel hungry is,
believe it or not, exercise. Because all these hormones are
in the perfect position for you to utilize fat as
an energy source. You just have to make sure
that you’re moving right based on your age category. And what I’ve done is I’ve put
a link somewhere on this video you can click or tap where you
can download a free report. It’s called the “Over 40
Stubborn Fat Sequence.” And if you’re over
35 years old and you want to get your
hands on this, it gives you a 12-minute
metabolic trick that you can use in
a fasted state, that will allow you to elevate your
metabolism for up to 48 hours afterwards. And the research shows that
when this 12-minute protocol is done properly, it can actually
increase growth hormone 400% to 700%. So make sure you
click the Like button and share this if you got
something out of this video. I appreciate you taking
time out of your busy day to check this out. Keep going strong.

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  1. You really understand your stuff and deserve so many more views for the kind of quality this has, I definitely am using info I learned here but best thing I got from this video, being hungry basically means get my move on because that's when I want to have my maximum activity

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