HUNGER as a Barrier to FASTING || How to get through hunger pains? || UltraHuman

HUNGER as a Barrier to FASTING || How to get through hunger pains? || UltraHuman

Hello, welcome to UltraHuman my name
is Rachel and I am here to help you be your best human and today I’m gonna do
that by going over some of these things that I have found in conversations with
people as well as in a lot of research about how we can overcome hunger when it
comes to trying to implement something like an eating window or a fasting
schedule so first of all I think that it’s very important to understand why we
are doing something for that reason there’ll be a card up here about the
fasting video that I did last week to describe some the benefits of fasting
and I think that addressing the diffusion around hunger and just that
knowledge is power is going to be one of the most significant tools in our
toolbox so first I wanted to go over a couple of scenarios and some formulas
that we have in our mind and go over the fallacies that are involved with those
so the first one is this idea of tummy empty equal hungry tummy full equal full
that is just not the case and I think that we are all aware of this in
practice and I don’t know where it gets lost in translation exactly that like
that’s not how our bodies work I think that’s just kind of the sort of
thermodynamics model that we’ve all sort of come to think of like the calories
and calories out bodies are very intelligent based on eons of being on
this planet and what has worked best to keep us alive long enough to stick it
out and help future generations so let’s just think about a couple thought
experiments now we know these days today if you’re gonna have white bread you
could probably sit there on a couch and eat an entire loaf of white bread if you
had a reason to do that certainly let’s think of maybe something more like
cinnamon buns or something like that you could sit there and eat those until you
were sick but if you went out into a field and you
yourself a few handfuls of actual wheat wheat shaft germ stuff you would find
that it would be incredibly difficult to eat more than a couple of handfuls of
that and there’s some pretty significant reasons for that first of all when they
refine a grain like wheat they remove all of the facts from it so you’re
taking away any possibility to be safe satiated by the fat content they take
away most of the fiber content which is really the only thing that gets left in
there when you have a whole grain bread is that they leave in a lot of the fiber
they’re still taking out a lot of the fats they’re deep grading a lot of the
proteins and they’re also taking away any benefit of like say if it was
sprouted all of those things in an actual handful of wheat out of a field
are gonna make you feel more satisfied after you’re done with just a couple
handfuls of it now on the other hand you’re a wild human you’re out there and
it’s late August and you come across a pristine blackberry bush and it’s gonna
be in your best interest to eat as many of those berries as you can not because
you’re hungry right now but because you’re going to be hungry in a couple
months and they have some of the most accessible fuel that you can convert
into something that you can store in your body as fat and burn up later as
energy when you need it in the months ahead when there’s going to be limited
food resources so it’s in our body’s best interests to turn off that full
signal so again we have a different idea in our mind of like what does it mean to
be full tummy full feel full that’s obviously not the case we all know that
we’ve gorged ourselves on whatever it is if it’s sweet snacks or Chinese food
things that are typically very high in refined carbohydrates and maybe even
sugar maybe even that’s ducking sugar so when we’re eating those
berries we put all those calories on we turn it into fat that’s good for us when
we wake up at 9:00 a.m. we are putting a breakfast bar in our mouth that has
refined carbohydrates and refined sugars and probably sweeteners as like the
berry things very sweet breakfast bar thing all those things are working
against us because we’re spiking our insulin and ghrelin levels and those
things are what’s telling us that we need to put more food in our bus second
tip is gonna sound like jumping the gun but that is to restrict yourself to
eating windows and I’m gonna say at this point don’t worry about the time of day
that you’re eating windows are not gonna start skipping breakfast or anything
just yet but if you’re going from like a grazing
eating style where you’re just eating a little bit all of the time or you’re
going from like say ten six to ten meals a day I’m gonna challenge you to limit
yourself to four meals a day so we’re talking about a breakfast maybe like a
brunch a late lunch and a dinner time and what this is going to do is a couple
things you’re gonna discipline your schedule so that you know exactly what
times of day you’re eating you’re gonna discipline your mind because you know
that you’re not gonna starve in between breakfast and brunch if you don’t eat
that cookie in the two or three hours that are in between those meals so
you’re disciplining your mind but you’re also disciplining your hormone secretion
in your body because all of those things are based on a rhythm these big spikes
of ghrelin that tell our body that we’re hungry
those things are happening at the times when we would normally eat and rather
than having an empty tummy equaling more and more hunger off into infinity if you
can imagine what that would be like if we were wild humans and you got hungry
and just like eventually became a crazed psycho and I couldn’t focus on anything
I don’t think there’d be many of us around so we get these big spikes of
hunger that motivate us to go out and get food but then they go away and
I actually feel pretty good that’s what I found is that you feel pretty good
once that hunger pain has gone away and you can kind of just feel your empty
tummy and that’s kind of that time when you start getting those stomach growls
and things like that when you’ve skipped a meal and notice how you don’t die and
you don’t go insane and we really just make it through that so restricting
yourself down to like let’s just say four four meals a day is gonna make it
easier then we can actually start pulling the reins in on what time those
outside eating windows are and that’s gonna help you get to a point where
you’re actually going to start releasing that human growth hormone that comes
along with hitting that fasting point you’re gonna get your insulin levels and
your instance insulin sensitivity under control which means that you’re also
going to be more sensitive to the full hormone leptin and all of these things
are going to work together in your favor greatly and you might find that just by
restricting yourself down to those specific eating times you start losing
weight without even having to implement a fast because a lot of us don’t realize
just how often we’re eating an outrageous volume of food and so just
being more thoughtful about what’s going into our mouths at certain times of the
day we’re going to plan ahead and we’re just gonna be a lot more thoughtful
about what we’re consuming and that might be all you need to achieve a
desired amount of weight loss my third tip and I’m just gonna leave it here
because I could get into this for hours is drink more water with salt big caveat
there so a lot of times when we think we’re hungry our body is craving
specific kinds of nutrients and often that’s just salt or water so again if
you think about wild humans we go out into the world and it’s gonna be hard to
always have water available too and a lot of the water that we’re going to
find is in food so it makes sense that the thirst signals and the hunger
signals in our body are not necessarily always going to be different especially
if we need a combination of nutrition and water our body’s just going to tell
us to go consume stuff start thinking of that hunger signal as more of a my body
wants me to go consume something right now and that doesn’t necessarily have to
be food so getting water in you in other ways such as drinking lots of soups and
things like that is another way that I have found helps keep you satiated more
throughout the day which you wouldn’t think necessarily that a that like a
brothy soup would make you feel so full but it really does you’re gonna get more
of those signals the physical signals to your brain like the stretch receptors
and things that are going to tell you that you have a stomach that is full
even if it is mostly full with water you have specific hormone things that are
going to sense all of the fats that are in there and all the different kinds of
nutrition and your body just knows that that stomach is stretched out in full
and because it’s not typically as long as you don’t fill it up with like you
know make a sugar broth um your body is not going to be shutting off that full
signaling and so you’re gonna be able to get through those meals and get through
the in-between time of the meals better well being better hydrated and then also
adding a whole salt like a Celtic sea salt or something like that to your
water just a little pinch barely enough to taste that’s kind of how I gauge it
if I can’t if it tastes salty then I probably put too much salt in my water
bottle just pour a little bit out and fill it back up that’s you don’t need to
worry about consuming too much salt when you’re consuming it in this way because
a lot of the salt consumption that we really need to worry about is coming
from packaged foods and again we’re talking about refined salt and refined
sodium these things in too much in our diets are gonna cause problems but
adding a little bit of whole Celtic sea salt and again
being just generally more thoughtful about your food you’re not gonna run
into a problem too much self and I don’t have links if you want to debate me
cookies in the description below regarding salt and our body’s need for
salt so there are other three tips that I have for you today and that is just
first of all knowledge is power understand how your body works it is not
working against you work with your body to make these things work and that’s
what we can touch for humans it’s really all about you make sure that you start
to get yourself discipline into an eating window because it’s those
midnight snacks and the in-between meal snacks that are really killing us in
terms of not only literally killing us because if there are hormone regulation
and putting on weight and everything but it’s just demoralizing when we feel like
we’re working so hard and we not not seeing the progress that we think that
we deserve from the work that we’ve put in and a lot of times I think it’s just
because we’re not being mindful enough about the way that we’re putting things
into our body and third be better hydrated so drinking 1 soups and broths
and putting some salt you know water and making sure that you can see lots of
water all of these things I think are going to really help us overcome those
hunger pains might feel if we’re trying to get into a
restricted meeting window or even jumping into a bigger like a 24 or 48
hour fast I will have more of these videos coming up very soon so if you
enjoyed this please subscribe and I will have videos right over here for you and
have a great day you get out there and be your best human and good luck

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  1. Love this one!! I just wish I had more hunger pains. I like how stimulated my mind feels after watching your videos and what ideas come to me!

  2. Fantastic video. I don't know if you're aware of a channel called Fit Tuber, but he said a similar thing about salt.

  3. I hope you are having a wonderful holiday season! This was very insightful, I am very weak when it comes to overcoming my hunger and staying hydrated. As a teacher I usually only get to use the restroom at lunch, so I just don't drink. After watching this video the firs time I got curious and tracked it. I only consumed 16 oz of fluid from 6:30-4 pm. I know I am not the only teacher/ person who has these issues. Unfortunate…

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