Hunger Games: 7 Big Differences From Book to Screen | Mashable Humor

Hunger Games: 7 Big Differences From Book to Screen | Mashable Humor

The Hunger Games, one of the most
gripping thought-provoking series to come out of the young adult world in recent years. There film adaptations are huge sprawling blockbusters for all ages. Now both are fantastic but just how faithful were the films to their source material?
We’re looking into it on this episode of “Book To Screen.” Let’s begin with Effie
Trinket’s iconic line to kick off the Hunger Games, “May the odds be ever in
your favor.” A wonderful moment in the books dripping with menace. Readers like myself
were shocked watching the movie as the line had been changed to, “Now is the time
for the titular Hunger Games the teenage games about fighting. Get on out there
and do it up big time baby.” Elizabeth Banks is great in the scene but the line
isn’t as memorable. On the topic of the deadly Hunger Games, sponsorship is a
huge part of the novels and the films. In the movies, Katniss receives gifts of soup
and burn medicine. In the books however, you’ll remember that most of
Katniss’s gifts were jars of Spanish olives from Gale. Gale would include a
note saying, “In case you’re running low,” with each new jar. In the movies, Gale never
even mentions olives Interesting change. In the films, Katniss
spends a lot of the story torn between the romantic affection of Gale and Peeta. It
completely cuts out her third love interest Jeremy, who is described in the
books as a guy she met at camp who lives in a different district. Most of the major
characters did make the leap from page to screen, including Katniss Everdeen,
Peeta Mellark, Haymitch Abernath, even Caesar Flickerman and Claudius Templesmith. But a lot of characters were left out, like Rumpeltin Brandsbeach, Chadwick Butterbowlingsworth, Saxby Channing-Tatum, Hoxton Chucklesteen, Brigdesbee Butternut and Warmpole Thormp. I don’t know about you guys, but I miss Warmpole Thormp. Now here’s a huge change, in the books
when Peeta first arrives in the arena, He immediately calls 911. The police come and everyone is arrested for making the kids
fight. This was left out of the film in an effort to stretch out the story. I
get that. In the first book, Cinna, the rebellious stylist who designs the
outfits for Katniss and Peeta, made Peeta wear one of those Borat swimsuit as a
goof. In the movie, he wears normal Hunger Games stuff. Another major difference is how in
the books the story is told completely from the perspective of Katniss Everdeen.
While in the movie, the story is told entirely from the perspective of the actor
Stanley Tucci and we see many many scenes that involve only Stanley Tucci as he
discusses what it was like to be in the movie. Now I’ll give the Hunger Games films
3 out of 5 faithful adaptation points though I really wish hollywood would
stick to the source material. See you next time and I love you.

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  1. OMG 😂 I thought this was legit and he was saying things and I’m like “I don’t remember that in the books…” LOL

  2. Holy shit I didn’t realize this was a joke until the olives, I just read the books and was like what the fuck. 😂

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