Hunger isn’t just a stomach thing | World Vision US

Hunger isn’t just a stomach thing | World Vision US

Malnutrition may not make headlines like a famine does, but not having the proper nutrients can be just as deadly. You see, hunger isn’t just a stomach thing It affects every part of the body. And these effects can last for a lifetime. For instance: a healthy brain uses 20% of the body’s energy And that energy comes from…you guessed it, food! When a child is hungry the brain is starved the result… malnourished kids fall behind in school because they can’t concentrate Then, there’s the heart. A healthy heart pumps a steady supply of blood throughout the body, But the heart of a hungry child shrinks, literally. so it has to work extra hard to pump enough blood. Vital organs, like the liver and kidneys, filter out toxins and waste, While the immune system fends off diseases. But when a child is malnourished, dangerous toxins build up in the liver the kidneys fail… and a weakened immune system crumbles in the face of killer diseases. Skin and bones are also effected by nutrition. Healthy skin is like armor shielding the body from infection And healthy bones get bigger and stronger as a child grows. But when a child is malnourished, their skin cracks allowing infections to get in. Their bones stop growing, which is why hungry kids often end up being small for their age. So how can we help? We need to catch hunger before it starts by making sure kids aren’t just getting enough food, but the right food. so that they have the best possible chance at a healthy, successful life. Do World Vision’s 30 Hour Famine and help build a better world for children.

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  1. Effects include a lack of energy due to a "starved" brain, an unhealthy heart, development of dangerous toxins that build up in the liver causing kidneys and immune system to fail, cracked skin that makes you prone to infection, and weakened bones that prevent proper growth.

    Help World Vision catch hunger before it starts. Find out more on or

  2. Bruh first ask them to stop fucking like rats and making 5-7 babies when they can't even feed themselves.

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