HUNGER “Practice should never make perfect” By Nego True || OFFICIAL MOTIVATIONAL | SPOKEN WORD ||

You see watching what you think is perfect should make you practice, Practice should never make perfect! Because the hunger should tell you that you haven’t done enough when the world will say you’ve earned it, You never get complacent and you always keep working, Because one day, That kid that looks up to you,
Will step into that spot you deserted I remember playing football as a kid in the lowest division, After we scored our first goal our manager would shout that our team isn’t winning He would shout as we ran back and told each other to dig in, It’s still 0-0 get back in your positions, You see this is not the hunger that fills up your belly, This is the hunger that you feel when you’re at home, The one that keeps you up because you feel like you haven’t done enough This is Diddy when he was puff, This is a single mum thinking back to her first son, This is when you wrote your first lyrics, And the olders stood around getting hyped as you were spitting, This is when the mic cuts off in the middle of your show, And you forget your lyrics, But you… ahhh You keep on going like you planned it you or meant it from the go, This is that childlike hunger you won’t get when you’re older, This is when a Christian first gets saved,
When a Muslim first takes his Shahada, This is when you first got brave This is me…
Stepping off the chair in the barbers, This is Ryan Giggs against Arsenal in 99′ the moment the ball touched his feet, Suli Breaks when he first got the idea for RIP
Alex Ferguson leaving Aberdeen, You see watching what you think is perfect should make you practice, practice should never make perfect! This is your talent before it got you paid up This is when the lights go off and your mum ain’t got money so you need to think of ways to get your wage up, This is the night before your interview,
Ironing your shirt so you don’t have to do much after you wake up, This is YOU, Before you gave up, You see sometimes you need to lose more than you need to win,
Because it’s easier to get comfortable in the spot that you’re in, I feel like Wenger will only learn when arsenal end up fifth, And Trevor only learnt when Little Mo flipped, I mean,
It’s not about if you fall it’s about if you stand again, See I don’t care if your mum, dad brother, granddad died, You better keep on going like this is for their life, Because if Tyrell was still here,
He’d probably look me in my eye, And tell me:
“Keep on going you ain’t got much time” You see emotions never stop time,
So you better use how you feel as fuel, I said emotions never stop time so you better use how you feel as… You know what scrap that,
You give up! Maybe your mum can keep struggling or your little brother can be the rock, But I really came from the bottom, so if you give me one! I’ma take that shot and on my life there’s no remorse if any of you slip up
I’ma take that spot! Watching what you think is perfect should make you practice, Practice should never make perfect TRUE It’s Nego True

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