Hungry To Leave Power Games: Rex Tillerson

Hungry To Leave Power Games: Rex Tillerson

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  1. It's seldom you see someone being so pleased by their own government getting this much dismantled,,, and you wonder why it happened 🤣

  2. Seriously, there was not a single joke in this episode which was even remotely funny. What's going on with Stephen's writers?

  3. I wish they had done the final episode of the Hungry for Power Games. I loved the series so much. I guess the surprise twist ending was too much for even the writers!

  4. Stephen has the best writers in the world no doubt but his delivery and execution are otherworldly, as is his ability to improv. What a joy it must be to write for that man.

  5. one of the best performances i've seen from Stephen, very impressive. I wish to see more of this theme in the future!

  6. If I were shopping around for a good neighborhood, I would definitely avoid the part of town were almost half of the residents have left…in a single year.
    Highest turnover of any administration, highest number of un-filled positions of any administration.
    Trump is pulling a Reagan: don't bother to change the laws, just vacate so many positions that regulatory enforcement becomes impossible.
    Reagan did it through de-funding entire departments, leaving only exactly enough funds for employee salaries.
    Trump is doing the same thing, just from the other way round. Get rid of the employees.
    Easier to rob a house when no one is home!

  7. If there was anyone I've CLEARLY would have thought, would have gotten the ax LONG before Amarosa and that would have been Ben Carson. As a black person, I like to see educated/knowledgeable people in position that they are WELL qualified for. Devos and Carson were were clearly appointed to positions because they had a pulse and were clueless. Oh like Donald Trump.

  8. Noooowwww it's beginning to make sense, as to why the Bilderberg Elitest Assholes were here in America at the end of Obama's Administration. Those F$#@Kers.

  9. Hey Steve, you poured that ole from the wrong side of the jug. It won't spill as much if you pour it counter intuitively. I learned that from my younger brother Sam. Love that character!

  10. ahahahhaahh the tRump white house, what a circus, sorry, much better than a circus! Well done Stephen Colbert, you are # 1 !!!

  11. WOW!!! Amazon has: All the crazy action figures for a busy night studio guy that adorns a gold golf blazer and wears a wig of his grandmother's own hair. Saddly, the coffin is like what Trump calls truths, it just doesn't hold water… Made in a Trump sweat shop in a country near you, by all the impoverished tenants that once were invited to rent there, but we're spun upon a corkscrew of contracts and lies, just to be sold on the idea of working for Trump. But, as you see, Trump's mover on to bigger games with his ever shrinking tiny mind. "It's like The Apprentice, only I can do stuff now." As Trump proudly holds up the coloring book page to be the example of his election win… Stay 'Tude, We'll be stabbed Right In The Back

  12. For something so deliberately half-arsed, that's an immensely good Caesar Flickerman impression!

  13. Does the Trump administration resemble a clown car or Batman villains or James Bond villains? The worst of humanity.

  14. I LOVED it. If only I could have given 2 likes !
    The fallen, indeed ! … and to you dear sir- Robert Mueller, God Speed!

  15. there is another timeline in a dark dark universe out there, where stephen went into obscurity after the Colbert Report and trump lost the election…as much as i HATE trump… im so happy to be living in this timeline, just because of Stephen.

  16. Great writing. What a team of writers Colbert has. Sharp, intelligent, aware! Brilliant satire, and Stephen pulls it off with skillful delivery and comic acting and pantomime. GREAT. A relief from the horror of reality, by making satire of horrible reality! Brilliant satire, with the truth of news infused. GREAT COMIC RELIEF from the destruction of any shreds of our democracy on The Hill and in the White House. I'd like to see more satire of the crony Neanderthal Speaker Ryan. His absent forehead gives him away. Satirize Paul Ryan's religious hypocrisy in following of the Anti-Christ, Ayn Rand, the most cruel and spiritually ignorant philosopher who ever existed. She put down gov't programs and ended up living on Social Security and Medicare. TOTAL HYPOCRISY like Ryan himself, crony of the NRA and Koch Bros. and ALEC. Satirize Ryan more, Stephen! You are such good comic relief, educational comic relief for our times. You keep the spirit of democracy ALIVE! Blessings. More on Climate Crisis, too, now! TIme is short and to save everything, we need everyone. HELP: Save the children from Climate Catastrophe!

  17. this bit is pure genius. reminds me of how funny he can be like from the old days of The Daily Show and The Colbert Report.

  18. This should hold us over until the 2020 Hungry for Power Games, with tributes from:

    District Malarkey (Biden)
    District 420 (Hickenlooper)
    District Soda (Bloomberg)
    District 1/1024 (Warren)
    District Spartacus (Booker)
    District Nuclear (Swalwell)
    District Grande (Schultz)
    District Deja Who? (O'Malley)

  19. Praise the Gods, the universe, the cosmos, etc, for Stephen… thanks for making us laugh, to help us get through all of this

  20. Is he going to do this for all the multitudes of Dem candidates that will be dropping out over the next year?

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