I Am Overweight But I Got The Hottest Bf Ever. Everyone Laughs

I Am Overweight But I Got The Hottest Bf Ever. Everyone Laughs

Hi! My name is Marianne. My story is mostly about an issue I have had
for years. I’m overweight. I have been like this for as long as I can
remember. Up until a certain point, there was nothing
odd about it, until the day that made this story worth telling. A day that I will never forget. Several months ago I realized that I had trouble
meeting new people and expressing myself,so I decided to take an improv class. I joined a junior group with guys around my
age, most of them were high school students. I mean… it was never easy for me and I’ve
been making these small steps out of my comfort zone… but wait, that’s not what the story
is about. Out of all the guys I met at improv, there
was one named Josh. He was the kind of guy everyone notices first. He’s… hot. Dimpled cheeks, big green eyes, the most beautiful
smile ever and, what’s most important to this story is… he’s fit. He’s a swimmer, he has been doing it since
he was a kid, so yeah, he’s very fit, muscular, and broad-shouldered. Needless to say, the girls at the improv just
adored him. Some of them would be OBVIOUSLY hitting on
him, but all this time he’s only being friendly and nothing more. He basically kept his distance, you know. So of course I was surprised when I noticed
that he paid way more attention to me than he did to the rest of the girls in the group. But that could mean anything, right? My self-doubt, at this point, would convince
me that it totally meant nothing. Like… maybe he needed a friend. Or just someone to talk to. I liked him, of course, but I guess I just
didn’t let myself get caught up in it. So you can probably imagine just how shocked
I was, when one night, after the improv class had finished, Josh came up to me and asked
me out. I was completely lost for several minutes,
and then, because I was still confused, I mumbled something about me being really busy
and… I just left! Thinking about that moment now, I can see
that I must have sounded very rude, not meaning to at all. I was just too scared. I couldn’t stop thinking about him asking
me out that whole night. I was pleased, and don’t get me wrong, it’s
not like I had been deprived of talking to guys, Its just… I have not been on dates specifically, but
I have got guy friends. But Josh is a totally different thing! After not being able to fall asleep for hours
that night, I convinced myself that it must have been some kind of cruel prank. And sadly, I did not have anyone to talk to
about this. None of my friends were close enough, I have
a younger brother and an older sister, but… well, that’s another story. We are not that close. Our relationship is based on making fun of
each other, and… I have always been worse at this than they
are. The jokes are mostly about my weight, and,
you know, I have been fine with that… I guess. Well, at some point a couple of years ago
I started to make jokes about myself and my weight, acting like I was comfortable with
it. So, as you can see, asking them what I should
do about Josh was never an option. So, again, I considered this whole thing a
twisted joke, because… I thought this was the most legit option. Of course my reaction was to try to stay away
from Josh. I mean – literally. I tried everything. Like to pick a group he wasn’t in when we
were doing our exercises at the improv class. Every time he looked like he wanted to talk
to me, I… would vanish. He wasn’t intrusive or anything. He actually seemed puzzled and sad, since
I never said ‘no’ but I never said ‘yes’ either. Sure he noticed that I liked him, so the whole
situation looked like a mess from his perspective. Two or three weeks passed like this. Then the whole thing got really awkward. The further it all went, the worse I started
to feel. I mean, if it was all a prank, Josh would
surely be acting differently! He wasn’t even taking any action toward his
evil plan that I was sure he was plotting, but I had no idea what exactly the plan could
be. So I started to take things into my own hands. We talked a couple of times, then we started
texting each other. Of course I was very cautious in the beginning,
but when you are talking to Josh, it’s pretty hard to keep your distance. After a week or so Josh asked me out again…
and this time I said yes. For the next month I was probably happier
than I had ever been before. As I said, I have never dated a guy before,
and Josh really felt like a blessing. I mean, it felt like a dream. I knew that he was good-looking and a great
person, but when we started dating, I learned that he was also very kind and loving and…
perfect. He would come up with amazing date ideas,
so it was not just about going to see a movie and having coffee after. One night Josh took to me to the top of the
tallest building in our town. It’s a forty-something-story business center. His friend’s dad worked there as a security
guard, so he asked him to let us on the roof to watch the city at night. And all of this was a total surprise! First it was just euphoria. But then I started to notice things. I know what you’re thinking: Josh must have
been hiding something or there must have been something he wanted… But no. It was never about him. It was about me. It was about little things that were happening
around us. I would catch the surprised looks from people
passing by, when they saw us holding hands or kissing. It’s not like people were pointing fingers
and laughing – not that bad of course. But I didn’t feel very secure being in public,
so I quickly caught every little grin toward us when we were walking down the street. That was just the beginning. Girls at the improv class were jealous for
sure. After one of our classes I overheard a conversation,
one of them said, “I think we need to give Josh a pair of glasses or something.” And then the rest of them laughed. I still remember that moment in detail, word
by word. That was the first thing that really hurt. And it only got worse when my siblings found
out. They refused to believe me for the first couple
of days that was unpleasant. Then I showed them the pictures – and…
yes, now all of their jokes were about me and Josh. I just acted like I was totally fine with
it, like I had been doing since we were kids. Even the people who were trying to be nice,
when they talked about us as a couple, would still say stuff like: “He has such an wonderful
heart to see past the looks.” It came to the point where I just could not
take it anymore. I know that what you are about to hear is
extremely stupid, but imagine all of the things that I just described, all piling up, making
me feel worse and worse. So after another roast from my younger sister,
I called Josh and said that we needed to break up. Yes. I dumped him. I wanted to tell him why, but I just didn’t
have the guts. I guess I mumbled something like, “It’s
not you, it’s about me,” and hung up, which is an even worse equivalent of running
off than when he first asked me out. He seemed stunned. Like, literally the day before that we had
had another amazing date, we were hugging and kissing and holding hands, and the next
day… I called him with this. I cried for the next two days. I didn’t know what to do, so when several
days later I headed to improv class, I was probably hoping that things with Josh would
work out on their own in some way. Josh was there, but I guess we just both tried
not to look at each other. So, imagine this scenario: I’m sitting there
boiling with anger, ready to cry, when I’m asked to get up on stage. I don’t want to go at all, but that’s
a rule we have – you can’t skip your turn. Next our instructor gives me the set up – I’m
a kid who has to stand up to their bullies. I mean… how do things like this even happen? Later everyone would say that it was my best
performance ever. I put all my pain into it, and I got so deep
into the character, that suddenly something seemed to click inside me. I know it sounds a bit strange, but when I
finished and everyone was applauding me, I felt like a… different person. And what happened next felt like some kind
of eclipse really. I turned to Josh and said: “”I love you, Josh.”” Several moments passed in total silence. It was just five seconds, but it felt like
forever. Josh seemed utterly shocked, everyone else
too, so after a few moments I felt how awkward it all was and ran off. When I got home, both my brother and my sister
were home. I was so pumped that I did not even say hi. I told them that all these years I hated our
“jokes” and I was hurt by them, and that I didn’t want anything like that to happen
again. They both seemed shocked and did not know
what to say. But it wasn’t about their reaction. It was about finally letting it out. I felt like I had suddenly woken up. But at the same time, I don’t know why, I
felt that my story with Josh must be completely over. I thank the universe that… I was mistaken! He text me the next day and said he wanted
to talk. It’s even funny, because technically it was
him asking me out on a “first” date for the third time. I said yes, and the following night we sat
on the same rooftop, where one of our best dates had taken place. And it felt like we had never been apart. Long story short, we are now back together. People’s reactions are still the same sometimes
when we are out in public, but the way I look at it has changed a lot. And this is why I decided to send in my story. I want you to know that you deserve to be
loved, and whats most important: you deserve to love yourself and care about yourself. That’s my story, guys, thank you for watching! If you have had similar experiences in your
life, please share the stories in the comments. And don’t forget to like the video and subscribe
to “Actually Happened”!

100 Replies to “I Am Overweight But I Got The Hottest Bf Ever. Everyone Laughs

  1. That’s her story, guys, thank you for watching! If you have had similar experiences in your life, please share the stories in the comments. And don’t forget to like the video and subscribe to “Actually Happened”!

  2. My story is exactly the same. I am now married to my "Josh". Hot girls think they will turn him around and take him away from me but my darling loves me too much. The day he asked me out also felt like a blessing to me. Loved the story.

  3. I thought she was the older sister and she had a younger brother, but later this is reversed. This is how many people are confused —–>

  4. Awww…I love stories like this😭💙 this gives me hope of dating a hot guy even if ima fat a.ss😂😂 sadly, I dont feel like dating because of what people would say. I honestly don't want to embarrass my boyfriend💀😐

  5. I'll never understand how in shape dudes can go out with a fatty. oh well, a lot of people have fatty fetishes. I guess they enjoy searching for a half a sandwich in the folds 🤮

  6. Taehyung, J-hope , Namjoon, Jungkook, Jimin, Jin and Yoongi has the cutest smile .
    And the only broad shoulder i know is Seok jin.

    Ok i have no life and i am an army 😁💜

  7. Weight doesn't show who is the pure person inside and not from the outside if you will be a good person the beauty inside you start showing outside ❤

  8. I wouldn't consider myself obese, but I am definitly chubby. So, to my surprise that cute skinny japanese guy liked me. Turned out he likes curvy girls. Lol. Even though I feel uncomfortable having gained so much lately, he still thinks I'm hot somehow.

  9. You know, it's kinda dumb how… everyone is supposed to be so "love is love" and it doesn't matter if a male loves another male or female loves another female… BUT, if someone thin loves someone overweight… OMG! EVERYONE has to stare, or say something! So, shouldn't this "love is love" include not just LGBQT+ but, also include weights and races as well? People need to stop staring at other people for any reason… be it their weight, a disability, or any dang thing else! Mind your own business and let everyone else carry on and be happy!

  10. when i was 14, i have a handsome friend who asked me to be his gf. then i said yes. when my friends know about it, they laughed at me just like they said "Really? HAHAHA no way!". he knew that n he was so sad. i told him to not being worry about me, cause i realize i'm not beautiful like another girl. he said "Yes! You're not beautiful, but you're so special so that's why i really love you!" then he said that we have to show them we would always together as long as we can, but we don't know the future. when we were 18, we broke up but he still my friend. we have been together for about 4 years n i'm grateful i have a beautiful journeys with a boy that i loved for years.

  11. Omg are we supouse to pity her? Her bf takes care of himself watches what he eats goes to the gym or whatever and she could do the same instead of acting like a victim i dont see any medical reason why shes fat so shes just lazy i dont hate fat people but i cant stand one who eats two burgers and a whole bag of chips for lunch and then cry how fat they are and no one likes them

  12. I have always thought that when you are looking for a partner you have to not only like their personality but also physically attractive also age please nobody go to jail

  13. This entire time I was thinking “It isn’t that she’s overweight that makes her ugly. She just doesn’t try to dress well or do her hair or makeup or anything to make her easy on the eyes. She looks fucking sloppy.” Even considering that this is an animation and yes I know she might not dress like that but she was drawn like that the entire time so I’m assuming she doesn’t bother making herself look nice.

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