I Get Paid To Meal Prep For A Family Of 7

I Get Paid To Meal Prep For A Family Of 7

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  1. Luv your concept. Concept to plate. You might just have a real meal prep business on your hand. Definitely think you have established a real world applicable solution for career oriented as well as busy working parents who cannot invest their time in preparing or cooking fresh meals. Awesome idea. Innovative 👍

  2. Yes I would come work with you. This is an excellent way to make extra income for people who are wanting to use their cooking skills and make some dollars.

  3. Obviously this family can afford to hire a personal Chef, but what I find nice about is that instead of buying food out most of the time, they get healthy and hearty food made for them to eat together as a family without a lot of additives which is in most store bought food.

  4. Obviously this family can afford to hire a personal Chef, but what I find nice about is that instead of buying food out most of the time, they get healthy and hearty food made for them to eat together as a family without a lot of additives which is in most store bought food.

  5. Great career for someone who loves cooking. But I somehow feel a sense of sadness that the family don't eat their own meals.

  6. What a country. People unable to afford to visit a doctor or call an ambulance and there is this level of wealth. Disgusting

  7. Oh no !!!if I pay someone to cook for me I spect that person to personally buy the food for me ,as well organic and good quality Not out of a truck or a box or at least I would buy my own food

  8. Yeah yeah we get it. Y’all like to cook. I do too. But now add that love in with kids who require your constant attention, trying to distract said children, having to wash all of those dishes, having to grocery shop with those said children, and working a full time job. Lmfao you’d love NOT to cook.

  9. In my country no body cooks food for a week in one day because here in my country if you want to eat today, you have to cook today, also food in my country tastes good when cooked fresh, and we do use refrigerator to keep fruits, veggies and other things.
    Some people do eat one day old food (basically leftovers of night)

  10. Why ? Cooking a meal with fresh food, chatting to the kids. You work full time, you can still do that. Spend your earnings on the family.

  11. This seems silly. Fresh direct? Who shops any more! Hire a 'pro meal prep' to cook a basically ready made meal? Why waste all that money? I'm old…

  12. Great Video and it's a great job! Also for the "RICH PEOPLE"…. It's YOUR money, do what you want with it! For the People who are "Jealous ", go drink some BIPOLAR MEDS! For the People who can hire someone to cook your meal or clean your arse… GO FOR IT & ENJOY LIFE! 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  13. Is that one week of food for 7 people ??? Like that was just 6containers … in some cultures all what you cooked today would be too less to serve in one go to 7 people LOL

  14. They pay her for meal prep yet she is using a store bought sauce how ingenious lol 😂
    I presume they could have easily done that.

  15. Why they throw away half of the asparagus? You should just peel the bottom..i don't even like them, but where I worked people will become a little upset if you chop just an inch of it..maybe it's just in my town, any italian here?

  16. To anyone who thinks this would only be for rich people* here are my bullcrud calculations** they may not be entirely accurate*** a Californian's point of view**

    I mean breaking down the math a family of 7 might be that the parents just don't have time to make meals at home because of work
    So it's a probable cost of $100~300 a work weeks worth(5days are standards) for them to pay someone cook food for 2 hours with ingredients paid in the process(bulk may be cheaper)
    Or having to buy takeout food with maybe about the same or more expensive if the parents eat out when they work considering a decent sized balanced healthy takeout may be about $10 ~15 per meal per person. Which if it's only the parents is $40~60 per day or $200~300 a week. This is not including 5 kids.
    I'm thinking about this as a Californian who does house cleaning services and we have a high minimum wage, I don't know any New York prices or wages
    Then again professionals who studied specifically to get where they are may be paid even higher.

    A basic business is;
    a license
    maybe schooling to do what they do
    a health food safety related license
    utensils and utilities.

    Which in some cases like this it may be that they have the ingredients, location, utilities and utensils provided so it may cost less than expected.

    Typically, personally to home cook meals I use about $60 >or under< a week for 2 people to eat hearty meals (it's about >or under< $1.40 per meal × 2 ppl × 3 a day × 7days a week) serving size is roughly 400g veggies daily + equal amounts of protein source and grains (per personal needs of protein intake) and a nice breakfast which may be some pancakes or a sandwich with fruits on the side etc.
    It's not entirely for rich people because it may still be cheaper than alternatives you may search for.
    Having already made food makes it less common to find yourself snacking on things you shouldnt waste money on i.e. junk foods and fast foods

  17. When people live in NYC in a house like this, have a family of 7 and can afford a personal chef, I just want to know what they do for a living.

  18. She did a great job however if I am paying a chef I expect food made from scratch and I want her to go to the market to get things in season and that are locally grown and fresh. Getting food from a box that is delivered and canned sauce is yucky…. mainly the canned sauce

  19. Awesome video but guuuuurl, you can’t let chopped garlic sit for a minute without having it oxidize. Gotta mix in some oil or butter to prevent the air from oxidizing it 🥳

  20. Her hair is all over the place I wouldn’t let her do this in my house unless her hair is completely covered last thing you want is hair in your mouth

  21. why dont they ever tell us what matters… HOW MUCH MONEY DOES SHE MAKE??? thats really 50% of what this should be about.

  22. The music is annoying. There is no need for it , one cannot listen and follow what you are saying . It is soooo annoying 🤔

  23. i cleaned a rich house like that with the same oven location and style, same cabinets and same kitchen layout. so strange.

  24. So many comments about how this isn’t enough food for them. Maybe that’s why 80% of North Americans are overweight?

  25. I am Indian and I feel so lucky today the helpers are available so easily here..
    We are family of five people and we have a person who daily cook fresh breakfast lunch and dinner for us.
    Yaa once in a while we cook ourselves too but with busy schedules and work life it is really difficult 😊

  26. Can't believe people are that lazy to cook for their own family especially when they want have a family meal together.

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