I Get Paid To Meal Prep For An Aspiring Vegan

I Get Paid To Meal Prep For An Aspiring Vegan

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  1. But tempeh is not an alternative. It’s the star of the dish. I always find it ridiculous whenever people mentioned tempeh as a meat substitute. I eat tempeh cause it’s tempeh not because it could be “meat” 😢

  2. Great job! I'd like to mention that umami can also come from non-meat or non-meat-like food combos like tomato sauce and cheese (or in the vegan case cheesy nutritional yeast)

  3. Why does every vegan/ vegetarian food needs to be 'meat like' or have umami ! If people start enjoying plant based foods for what they are then it would be so much easier to go vegan fully or for a few days in a week. This is not to criticize Erica or anyone but just a thought:).

  4. mushrooms do not need to be washed like that. taking a damp paper towel & giving them a scrub to remove the dirt is all you need!

    great video for recipe ideas!

  5. Muito legal. Gostaria de achar esse tipo de serviço aqui na minha cidade, família de 5 veganos, 3 deles crianças.
    Ótimo trabalho !
    Abraços do Brasil.

  6. Well you should go Vegan Girl!!!
    And the whole channel Too!
    Go Vegan World and All The Animals Too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Keep making episodes with Erica! I'm aprivate chef as well and I love picking up her professional tips for meal prepping

  8. You are such an inspiration for me and I’m sure for many many others!!🥰 I just joined the YouTube community and have posted couple recipes from my Kitchen ☺️ checkout my channel and join me in my cooking journey if you like simple healthy cooking like myself 💕 happy cooking!

  9. Tempe is bitter when it’s not processed / made properly. It soaks up flavour just like tofu. Great protein! In some countries it’s not even seen as a “meat substitute”, so many traditional dishes based on it. Stands on it own.

  10. Sometimes when I am washing kale, I will use hot water and wash it for a little extra longer; still massaging it. It doesn't "cook" the kale but it does take some of the bite out and helps with the texture.

  11. Don't you kill rodents and birds from the wheat produced? So is it vegan?
    Also, are most vegtables made with blood meal bone meal and fish meal?
    If, so would one grass fed cow killing less animals than wheat?
    Seems complicated.
    To be a true vegan do you have to have a rejenetuve garden?

  12. Considering she’s a professional chef would have thought she knew washing mushrooms is a no no!! Mushroom are sponges and well absorb anything and everything up !!!

  13. I know there is a video on the main staples to have in the kitchen .. Can the Goodful team make a video on the tools she takes to clients homes (her knife bag) ?

  14. Wait woahhhhh…I thought rinsing mushrooms was not recommended? I can’t remember why though. I’d save SO much time cleaning them that way!

  15. Where is a good place to find a pro meal prepper? I have a lot of diet restrictions so once in a while I’d love to not think about what I’m going to eat.

  16. awesome content and inspo for my own craft. it;s always great to see what your peers are up to in your industry. I am a personal chef as well and I also teach classes for those looking for adding more healthful foods into their diet….being plant based for 11 years myself, you did/do an incredible job on these plant based episodes!!!

  17. Ahhhhh my eyes hurt… please never ever wash muchrooms! Just get a paper towel and clean them if you want but never ever gonna wash them up pleeease, I beg you! 😀 they just gonna be washed out in taste and gonna taste watery, cause they're soaking up the water O_O"!

  18. If you ever want to ask Erica to cook a meal plan for an aspiring vegan/low waste family of 4 (two adults, one 5 year old, and 1 sixteen month old), let me know! We live in Manhattan and the bonus challenge is that the 5 year old has a sensory issue eating foods that are soft and mushy. We could use all the help we can get.

  19. Turmeric, cumin, cilantro. You just named the most important spices and herbs to all Indian food everywhere.

  20. I love this video series I love Erica's cooking but I don't know how someone can eat the same thing three days in a row. I would freeze a couple of eggplant Parmesan and make another dish or 2. I meal prep for my family and we rarely have leftovers for two days in a row or if we do is repurposed leftovers taking the leftover chili and making baked potatoes with chili or making chili dogs or sloppy joes.

  21. Great video! Glad to see some plant based options popping up on this channel 🙂 Just wanted to point out because it was mentioned in the vegetarian video as well…the "complete protein" thing is a total myth! Eating a variety of plant foods throughout the day or even week gets you all the amino acids you need, no need to worry about combining certain foods at every meal. Beans, grains, and other plant foods all contain all essential amino acids in varying amounts.

  22. Super excited when I see your videos! I'm down 42lbs myself so with my meal preps always help & I just pre-ordered your book!

  23. Never never never wash mushrooms like that: it ruins their texture and flavor. Surprised to see that from someone working in the service industry, that’s a definite no at culinary school.

  24. I'm so impressed with all the expertise-signallers in the comments regarding mushroom washing! so precious! did u ever actually DO the experiment to blind-taste-test and compare? (hint: I did. Washing just before? Fine. Washing far in advance and storing – as with strawberries, the texture of the exterior quickly starts to go slushy and annoying and difficult, basically the object is starting to rot.) 
    I bet you also have ostentatious online hysterics when people don't put eggplant in salted water for half-an hour before using. (hint: modern eggplants are no longer that bitter and don't need to be soaked) 
    Just sayin'.

  25. Plant based diets tend to avoid oils, also you can replace the oil from the kale salad with lime juice. It really tones down the saltiness 🙂

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