I lost 7lbs in 5 days on the IU Diet – Eating like a KPOP Star

I lost 7lbs in 5 days on the IU Diet – Eating like a KPOP Star

Hello chingus! I’m Payton. Where’s Chen?! We’re about to go on vacation. Summer vacation Everyone wants to look good on summer vacation right? well I’ve just been feeling really blah I thought it would be a fun little experiment to try out the IU diet it became pretty famous when she revealed the diet that she did before a comeback its not very healthy. people shouldn’t do this. but as a channel where we talk about life in Korea I will try the diet so you don’t have to and you can see just how not great it is obviously if you do a crash diet, the weight is gonna come right back and you may even gain more weight back! I will be doing the IU diet for 5 days let’s see how much I regret that decision…for breakfast 1 apple. Lunch 1 sweet potato for dinner you have a protein shake.
she exercised on this diet buttttt I’m not going to exercise. Let’s go! apples! They’re on sale! Look! winning first day. and it’s Sunday so just chilling at home it’s breakfast
time. got my apple. I’m just watching show me the money. just catching up the drama dinner – protein shake I got the chocolate one so let’s see what it tastes like hmmm not too bad it’s the end of the first day and like I said it wasn’t that bad. but I feel like tomorrow I’m going to wake up really hungry day 2. woke up a little hungry. I’m gonna eat my apple. for breakfast its day 2 and I’m already tired of this apple. force myself to eat it all I still have three days left to go so I didn’t get to eat lunch I’m so hungry
and so when I got home I was immediately like protein shake
give it to me sweet potato give it to me and I got it
but then I forgot to film it like what the heck! I’ve already eaten most of this but you
know what y’all I’m starvin okay I said earlier like it was super
busy day at work and I was so hungry but then yeah when I got home I was just
like give me frickin food so I ate like most of it before I picked up my camera but we’re done with day 2 I’m about to go to bed gotta wash this freaking makeup off I’m so hungry I don’t recommend anyone to do this eating my apple in the morning eating my apple for breafast and it sucks and it sucks it sucks it really really sucks it’s not good yeah I don’t think anyone should do this how do you feel? so there’s beets and apple and carrot and lemon. we don’t consider this cheating because its drinking juice getting all the angles. killing it! I have my sweet potato I’m at work. Guys its so hard my coworker was like there’s a whole bag of bread. So much bread She was like you can eat it… but I can’t. I’m just really tired of sweet potatoes. I’m at home and my mom sent me a package! I know she sent me some wonderful delicious snacks and I’m not going to be able to eat them I’m so upset. My mom did not disappoint! I got zebra cakes! Also funny story, I asked her to send me vitamins and she sent me vitamins for old ladies lol thanks mom its the end of day 4. when this ends I’m just going to gain all of it back maybe even more. probably more. my body is
like what the heck are you doing girl when it ends I’m going to eat the snacks
from my mom and I’m just gonna gain all of the weight back so whatever guys Day 5 breakfast apple coffee last day last dinner and I’m having my
protein shake I can’t wait until this is over honestly like
I’m just like so done with it obviously it’s not healthy it’s just
you’re not like really losing weight and it’s not going to- you lost weight but its not going to stay off tomorrow I’ll wake up and I’ll weigh myself and I’ll see what the final result is honestly I don’t even really care
because I know it’s not gonna like last long… excited for coal Ranch Doritos wahhhhhhhhhh at home.. by myself…going a little crazy…. you know and like I just just wanna eat with people I woke up this morning and the diet is over! breakfast! don’t judge me ok don’t judge me. I’m hungry! Ok guys, so I finished the diet! 5 days. yeah it was just terrible you just need to focus on being healthy because I was not healthy this week I did my final weigh in this morning before I went to work and I lost like 7.3 pounds something
like that but it’s like not it’s like not real because it’s a crash diet so
it’s not real like it’s not sustainable when I go back to eating how I was I’m
just going to gain it all right back so like what’s the point you know it’s like
a waste of time so guys don’t do it that’s just my 2 cents though earlier today I ate an oatmeal pie I had those cool ranch doritos
I ate some cheez its and tomorrow I’m going to meet up with Chen and we’re
going to get Chinese so like it’s all going to come back just don’t waste your time
with this diet and it ain’t worth it don’t do it in the comments below let me know what your favorite healthy snack is a good healthy snack. but please don’t recommend apples or sweet potato please I’m done with those for a while what’s your fav healthy snack?? If you haven’t already, don’t forget to like, comment, and subscribe! see you guys next time. Byeeeeee guys now my stomach hurts this was a terrible idea!!!!!

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  1. hi sweetie you look so beautiful you don't really need to lose weight ♥ iu is my favourite singer in the whole world she have been through tough time so she force herself to lose a lot of weight 🙁 anyway my secret for healthy diet the basic one actually 🙂 I eat healthy food only drink lots of water and stay away from sugery or fatty things again drink a lot of water and drink ginger really good ♥ but after all you're so beautiful unlike me hehe please do more videos about iu ♥ do u like her music :/

  2. Idk if it's considered a healthy snack lol but there's theses packet water jellys you can buy from 7-11 and Olive Young that is only 6 calories. It comes in lemon and apple flavour. It's called 배불리

  3. You don't like the idea of IU's diet because you're just thinking of trying the diet not really considering the fact that it will benefit you in the first place. Some people is absolutely motivated to lose weight. Well, I'm happy for you trying it to the least extent.

  4. What protein shake did you buy??
    I keep accidentally buying sugary ones that are barley filled with any protein lmao

  5. I don't understand how you have the energy to do this and still go to work! I applauds you ^^
    I'd have to do this during my vacation this summer, but I'll only have like 7-9 days to take out. Does IU really only do this for 5 days/one week?
    it's not going the be enough time for me to loose enough weight to make a difference I can say that, lol

  6. eventhought you're not in diet anymore, your face look a lotttt slimmer on day 4 morning, nice job that you're trying:)

  7. Dieting is actually super easy for me… I tried this diet a few months ago and lost 4kg in a week. I don't know why it's so easy it's just that i don't eat much in general and i'm busy to the point that i skip meals and maintaining the weight is also easy. And i know it's bad but i like the feeling of hunger???? It's weird and no i'm not anorexic. I checked with my doctor and all's well.

  8. You won't gain a lot of weight after a crash diet/fast if you ease off the diet properly. There's many ways to get off crash diets/fasts and not gain weight a lot of weight afterwards so I suggest if you want to lose weight on a diet like this research the ways to get off of them!! (Haha hint: You shouldnt eat junk food within the first week after a crash diet/fast)

  9. I'd definitely not recommended any crash diet to ANYONE. Glad you only stuck to it for 5 days!

    People often confuse "diet" with eating less. It's really not 🙂

  10. I enjoy baby carrots with a lite ranch dip and cheddar cheese or colby jack cheese cubes. I am a bariatric patient so my stomach isn't very big so sometimes a snack is almost a meal.

  11. "What's your favorite healthy snack?"
    I really like apples.
    "But PLEASE don't recommend apples or sweet potatoes!"

  12. I want to try this…. but try this 3 days a week only and have a regular food. The other 4 days and gradually increase the diet. I want to start slowly to get my body used to it so I don't have that many side effects.

  13. The thing about this diet is you have to ease into food start by getting off of it with veggies and fruits so your metabolism could speed up also exercising is always a good idea

  14. It's not really a waste of time because if you have a big event coming up and you gained a bit of weight , you want to look good on that day so just eat healthy after the day.

  15. https://www.npr.org/sections/thesalt/2018/04/02/598295025/scientists-say-you-may-live-longer-by-severely-restricting-calories

  16. I did this for 1 and a half months. I ended up losing lost 7 pounds in 4 days and 23 pounds over all. I was also running everyday for like an 1hr and I hate sweet potatos so I only ate half of it. I started at 131.2 and ended with 108.2 (if you are thinking that is low please note that I am also 5' 2 so my bmi was still normal) P.S I hated this diet so much. I was practically starving myself for a month and a half and now I have anxiety just looking at sweet potatos.

  17. I did the IU diet, well actually I'm still doing it, and I feel fine. I'm more than 2 weeks in to the diet, I'm going for a whole month. I don't feel hungry or anything, I did have some cravings on the first week, and I ate some food outside of the diet, but I still continued, and so far no hunger and no cravings.

  18. i just realised that people is drunk without food but i'm in iu diet right now and this is the first day and i can't wait to eat sweet potato!! i don't have protein shake so i just drink milk but its done so i just drink water or lemon with water and i dance and workout so i hope this well help.

  19. Thinking about trying this for about a week or more with some applied changes, adding some cinnamon to the (big) apple, some flavour to the sweet potato (without sodium) and have a cup of tea at night. Instead of using water you can out the protein powder in milk and turk it into a milkshake. Troughout the day I’ll snack on a veggie or two, or maybe some dried fruit. This will make it easier to excersize about 30-45 minuters/day which can make it easier to adapt to a healthier lifestyle after the diet and keep the weight off. Of course you can’t live on the diet, but you can gradually begin to eat more (chicken, veggies and so on) and go for a run when you feel like it. Want some cheetos or cake? You can have it, but less is more. I’ve noticed that I often eat out of boredom, without even enjoying it. The diet is unhealthy (obv!!), but we can adjust it and make it ”survivable” if we really feel like trying it. Don’t forget to drink lots of water and take your vitamins!!

  20. The diet helps you loose weight, to keep it off is up to you. Most people would do it and eat healthier afterwards so it’ll safe off. It’s up to the person.

  21. Next week I'll be back to school :'c, so I want to lose weight
    I'll be starting tomorrow!!💖🐻

  22. I would have an apple, a shake and a sweet potato as a side for my lunch, I have no idea how losing weight became more important than the sweet taste of food 😂

  23. IU's diet is pretty unhealthy because it does not have all the nutrients the body needs. Over time your body will shut down and health issues will appear. You actually can eat whatever you want and lose weight in moderation. A healthy snack I really enjoy are blends of fruit and veggie smoothies, mixed with water or a pure juice. Another snack that helps with losing weight and getting toned is lactose free yogurt with granola.

  24. I have always wanted to try it but I hate sweet potatoes with passion.
    I know you said no apples but girl, have you tried apples with a sauce made of greek yoghurt, nuts, honey and cinammon.
    I love to drink a glass of fresh milk(not store bought) with honey and cinamon

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