I Ran Away From Orphanage With My Only Friend. We Starved

Hello there! My name is Rebecca. I bet that every kid dreams of growing up
faster, to be able to do anything they want in their lives and to make their own dreams
come true. I did too. Recently I turned 18 years old, so I am as
free as a bird now. But what if I tell you that all my dreams
have been shattered and that I am actually standing at the edge of nowhere? I was born in California. I had the happiest life you could ever imagine. My mother was a successful photographer, so
we never felt like we were lacking anything. But one day everything changed. I was still in bed early one morning when
I heard a knock at the door. Then I heard my mom speaking loudly and arguing
with whoever was there. I ran downstairs to see my mother handcuffed. There were four policemen who dragged her
out of the house and shut the door. I was just standing there in shock, unable
to move or even cry. But before I knew it, there was another knock
on the door. It was some people from Child Protective Services. They told me that my mom had been arrested
for committing a crime, and that she would not be back home for an indefinite amount
of time. This was an awful shock for me. I tried to convince myself this was all a
huge mistake and everything was going to be fine again soon, but that never happened. “While my mother was under investigation,
I was put into a childcare center for a while, before going to a foster family. I only spent two weeks there, but I had already
gotten my full view of this new reality. I was in really “”great company”” – juvenile
offenders, criminals, rebels, and hooligans. And I was just an innocent 15-year old girl
who had hardly ever said a swear word. I was wearing expensive clothes, but I had
them all stolen and ripped to shreds on my very first night. I became an outcast. The kids there would lock me in the bathroom
and steal my things and my lunch. Every day was torture… Until I met Tyler. I was on my way to my room when I found myself
surrounded by bullies. But I was lucky to not have to find out what
they were about to do with me this time. An older guy came around the corner and stood
up for me. He must have been a local legend or something,
because everybody left me alone. He told me that I had to be more careful and
to not walk in the hallways all alone anymore. I didn’t have to walk alone, because Tyler
accompanied me everywhere I went from that moment on. ”
” Tyler became my only friend and support in that awful place. He was also the only person I shared my story
with. It turned out that his parents were also put
in jail and there was no way they were coming out any time soon. He had changed foster families five times,
and, as he said, all of them gave him a hard time. His only dream was to turn 18 and so he could
take control of his life. I was so impressed by his determination and
courage. Yeah, I guess it was love at first sight. And soon it turned out that it was mutual! I can’t believe I met my first love in the
most miserable and destructive period of my life. I still had no news about my mother. The only thing I knew was she had been accused
of fraud, and she was facing more than ten years in prison. My eyes would water up every time I thought
about it, but Tyler helped me to get through all of it. He was my only beacon of light. But I barely had the chance to enjoy my new
found happiness before it was over.” I was informed that there was a nice foster
family who was going to take me and take care of me until I turned 18. I immediately told Tyler everything. I was in despair and I could not lose him. But it seemed like he was not upset at all. He said with complete certainty: “Let’s just
run away!” He said we could go to New York, that he would
find a job, and everything would be just perfect, like we had pretended. It didn’t take me long to give him a definite:
“Yes!” ” We had to sneak out at night. Tyler knew about all the secret doors and
passages in that building, so we actually managed to escape. And that’s how it started, our long way to,
as we thought, a bright future. We had no documents and very little money. We definitely couldn’t go to New York by plane
or by bus. Our only options were walking or hitchhiking,
which were both pretty dangerous. But I had no fear, because I entirely relied
on Tyler and I was sure that he knew what he was doing. Our journey was tough. We had to walk all day long, to sleep on the
streets, and to ask people for money and food. We were starving, our clothes got dirty, and
very soon we looked like street beggars. Our destination seemed more and more impossible
to me, so at one point, I even started thinking of going back. But Tyler was very firm about that and was
determined to keep going. One morning, when I was still sleeping, he
woke me up. He was beaming with pride and happiness. He showed me a wad of bills. I think he probably had a little more than
fifty dollars and I didn’t ask him where he had gotten the money from, ’cause I knew I
would not like the answer. He said that now we could go hitchhiking,
but I begged him to let us go to some cafe and get something to eat. I was dying of hunger and I couldn’t bear
it any longer. Finally, Tyler gave in and we went to some
dive bar and bought two hot dogs. I don’t think I ever ate with such an intense
appetite before. We were both so busy eating, that we didn’t
even notice an approaching police car. There must have been some ‘Wanted’ posters
and news on TV. So, the waiter recognized us and called the
police. And that was the end of our journey. ”
” Tyler was sent back to the juvenile center. And that nice foster family still came and
got me. But we had no intentions of giving up. We agreed to text each other and Tyler promised
he would find me. He was going to turn eighteen really soon. And he did text me every day, but it didn’t
last long. After about two weeks, I didn’t get a single
message from him anymore. I kept on writing to him, but I got no reply. And time went on. My mom was finally sentenced to fifteen years
in prison. I will be almost thirty years old by the time
she gets out! How could this have happened? I had no idea my mother led a double life
and it completely broke my heart into tiny little pieces. So, it’s been three years and I when turned
eighteen, I waved goodbye to my foster family, and decided to start my new life. The only person I had in the world was Tyler,
but I still had no news about what happened to him. I’d had three years to think about it, and
was trying to find the answer to why he just left me like that. But since I was now a free adult person, I
could finally check it for myself. So, I headed to that juvenile center and I
found what I was looking for. There was one woman who remembered Tyler and
me, and our escape. She said that soon after I left to live with
my foster family, Tyler ran away again. He was probably going after me. They spent a couple of days looking for him
when they finally found him dead in some alleyway. Nobody knew how he died exactly, but most
likely he was killed. ”
I was absolutely devastated. I lost everything I loved in this life. So, here I am – being no one and having
nothing and with no place to go. I know I have to be strong and to accept things
as they are, but I am really scared. Do you also know what it feels like when your
whole world falls apart? What would you do if you were me? I would be very grateful to read your comments
and advice. I really need your support now, guys! Thanks for watching. Yours, Rebecca

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