I SWAPPED DIETS with Blair Walnuts for 24 Hours! *not what I expected*

I SWAPPED DIETS with Blair Walnuts for 24 Hours! *not what I expected*

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  1. Being able to taste different notes of coffee takes time. When I first started as a barista, everything tasted the same. But after years, it's easy to detect different notes and flavour profiles now. It's true, the trick really is to practice and drink A LOT OF KINDS of coffee (single origin) from all over the world.

  2. I can relate to this video so much, especially the ice coffee part. I absolutely cannot drink any hot drinks ever. Also I live in the North so we have long winters here and I go around with my ice coffee hahah. Ps. in the coffee shop you didn't blur the guy's face at first but the second time filming from outside you did 😀

  3. Blair has it tough, trying to find gluten free food for Taylor must be hard. Not a true representation of them swapping diets- has to be a straight swap imo

  4. Haha I basically used the three first songs you chose for the vlog for social media campaigns on Epidemic Sound too hahaha. You have good musical taste 😉 Love the collab btw!

  5. We've had paywave here in Australia for years now, and it always surprises me when people overseas are using it for the first time. Usually we're last on the boat for everything.

  6. This sounds dumb but my ocd is bothering me that her face makeup does not match the rest of her body literally gives me minor anxiety lol ):

  7. I cant stand it when people think its ok to stick their fingers all over my food. I dont care if you made me breakfast unless i offer dont touch my plate especially if im eating seriously what is wrong with taylor! Lol

  8. Blair, "This is not just any breakfast & lunch… this is a M&S breakfast & lunch" 😃

    I recognise the packaging. Blair purchased the stuff for her breakfast and lunch from M&S including the coconut 😂

    05:52 I had the same (£4 here) M&S chargrilled chicken nourish bowl for lunch and now I'm watching Taylor, some 6000 miles away in Hong Kong, eating exactly the same thing 😂😃. It's kind of interesting to see that the M&S in Hong Kong sells the same food stuff as M&S in the UK. Though I would guess that the M&S food there is much pricer as it's probably flown in from the UK.

    * For those who don't know, M&S (Marks & Spencer) is a UK retailer with some stores overseas too.

  9. So many of my favourite youtubers meshing together lately.. Blair, Taylor, Mia and Safiya all criss crossing, I wasn't prepared

  10. Taylor, I’m worried about you being safe in Hong Kong. You better get out of there while you still can, before it’s completely took over by the China communist government. The protests are so disturbing and it’s already happening. Take care!💕

  11. The side by side comparisons of food are all titled breakfast and the last images are the wrong way round oops x
    Really loved the collaboration!!

  12. Tay, just a feedback for next videos, cause it has been like this for a moment now. Try to fix the shakiness in the video. There is tripod that video maker use, you can prob get a second hand one or a cheaper one somewhere.

    Other then that, the content is still gold 🙂

  13. I'm also a Sagittarius and definitely agree. Get really passionate about something for a little while and then drop it for something else and so on..

  14. i used to confuse you two with each other and now you're collabing! literally Taylor was the beginning of my workout journey and Blair had an impact on me slowly beating my eating disorder

  15. This is a really good example of how diverse and multicultural most places are now. You aren't restricted to the dishes that are in your specific country, instead you can choose from around the world. I love taking my Oma to Malay restaurants where she can eat the food she had as a kid but also introduce her to new food such as nachos (her favorite) or sushi (or Suzie as she calls it). I love how everything is becoming mixed and it's amazing.

  16. I love how they prepare the breakfast to look fancy for eachother. I'm pretty sure they don't put that much effort in it for themselfs. Also it's so much fun seeing to Youtuber you love collabing. 💕

  17. Taylor becareful. We're getting news here about Hong Kong that sounds really bad. Please be safe. Love ya. From TEXAS 😃

  18. Hi Taylor! I just wanted to ask if its somehow safer now there in hongkong? I'm sorry if its really random but I will be there by Oct 18-22 this year and I really want to go to places you've recommend on your other video! Thanks

  19. Hey Taylor I've been watching you since I was 16, just over 6 months after you started! I've felt very connected to your interests and struggles since I've experienced very similar.. I have PCOS and something that really helped me was an anti inflamatory diet, and someone called "Dr Joe Dispenza". PLEASE look him up, he teaches about healing using the mind and I've experienced true wellness since following his teaching, please check him out!! You're amazing🌸✨ Lots of love, from Sarah💗💗 Wales UK

  20. Hi Taylor, Great video once again! I just wanted to tell you about a youtuber name Nazanin Kavari who says she became pregnant after using ALANI NU Balance Pills which are supposed to help balance hormones. She took them to help her with her acne. However, since her hormones were balanced, it also helped her to become more fertile. I just wanted to let you know in case if you are interested whether it is for acne or for fertility or both. The video is called "HOW I KNEW I WAS PREGNANAT! MY SIGNS AND SYMPTOMS! by Nazinine Kavari." I truly hope it helps

  21. You can definitely tell that lightning was calibrated for Tay. It's quite unflattering for Blair's complexion 😅

  22. Woahhh Tayy has totally changed her content … well not completely but I def see much more a change in her videos ….seems more like the American content .. idk how to explain it lol but all in all I love it ! Yay tay I hope your channel keeps growing 😀

  23. Taylor, please do a video of you and Rosie doing things together and "talking" to each other. It is so hilarious

  24. New SUBSCRIBER here!!! Just want to say that I am loving your videos and they have now taking up most (ALL) of my YouTube watch time lol. You come across with such a pleasant, energetic and kind personality that is enjoyable and easy to watch. Super glad I have a WHOLE library of videos and vlogs to get through and I like to wish you and your partner all the best. oxo
    p.s. So far my favourite videos is the one with the giant hat!

  25. Paywave is available in the UK. I shifted here last month!
    Staffs will only ask for signature if a purchase is over 30 pounds (but I tapped by reflex and it still works lol).

  26. 2:06. Im so proud. I nearly commented last vid u should do that. Changed my life and im so happy for you. Im sorry to say though, you will need red meat. It is good for you. And liver. You will be so healthy and happy. Good luck regardless. All my love xoxo

  27. When I saw the thumbnail, I thought Blaire walnuts was switching diets with Lisa from black pink. Like if u thought so too

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