so here’s the video that I found on YouTube it’s where my online is having an interview Julie say that she only eat one meal a day if she’s on a diet she just eat whatever she won for the day and then she doesn’t eat anymore and if she is really craving for food at 9:00 she would just eat one small candy so it’s 200 grams of chicken breast 2 cucumbers and 2 apples and they did that for 40 days oh my god and they also exercised while doing those diets they go to the gym every day that’s crazy but sadly this video doesn’t have any English subtitles yeah but I will put the link of the video in the description box below but it does have Indonesian subtitles so yeah it’s 11:32 right now and I’m just going to have some cucumbers for snacks [Music] it’s my second day right now and it’s 10:47 in the morning and I’m having my Apple I’m feeling already quite hungry on the second day yeah sure 35 right now and I’ve just done boiling my chicken breasts cuz I wanted to try something different today so I just decided to boil the chicken breast instead of grilling it yeah and I’m gonna try it right now and this is like what 200 grams of chicken breast looks like it’s really very little there’s not really a huge difference from boiling the chicken breast and grilling it it’s it tastes almost the same for me but I think I prefer the grilled one [Music] [Laughter] [Music] now I’m boiling the chicken breast as you can see there’s like you know white foams on the top I don’t know what is it what is this but I think there are fats from the chicken breast it may not look a lot I don’t know I don’t know so I think boiling the chicken breast is healthier than grilling it [Music] [Laughter] [Music] right now and I’m going to have my two apples and two cucumbers because I’m so hot it is 1:55 and this is my last chicken breasts and my last meal [Music]


  1. I’ve been on the yo-yo effect for almost a year. Last year I manage to lose 4 kg from 46 to 42kg. I manage to stay at that weight but then suddenly I bloated to 49 then in three weeks I lose 2 kg for doing nothing. I’m pretty much very miserable because the yo-yo effect sucks

  2. idk whats the problem when ever i start dieting i end up starving all day or if i try a proper one i always end up giving it up cause i am addicted to fast food i m have belly fat and if i could lose 4to5kg i will be extremely skinny and i want that but i am not successful 😭.

  3. I honestly think, why does weight matter? Are YOU healthy? Are YOU unhealthy? If you are a bit overweight you shouldn't care the only reason you should care is if you are obese, if you are underweight and your doctor tells you, "you are unhealthy" you should try to gain weight, same for if you are obese, but just try to lose weight, it doesn't matter as long as YOU are living a healthy life and are able to run around and walk, you are unhealthy if you cannot do that, be happy with yourself no matter what 😊

  4. I got my own diet. I eat an egg and toast with peanut butter for breakfast, for lunch 2 eggs with fruits, cucumbers, or other veggies and then I stop eating after 7pm. I lost some weight and honestly, I didn't feel that hungry
    (I also exercise for 30min-1hr)
    I'm trying to look good for my first day of middle school!!!
    I'm currently 166.6lbs, want to get down to 130lbs since I'm pretty tall. 5'4 to be exact

  5. I'm only 13 right now but when I was 11 I starved myself I only ate breakfast which was tiny so yeah I still do watch my weight and dont eat that much still but I will try to get better💜💕🍡

  6. I do change my diet very often because the doctor says it's not healthy to eat always the same, my diet right now is only about vegetables and meat, but it's being hard for me because I don't use to eat a lot of meal, but I've lost some weight last 3 months, so I think it's okay

  7. i followed jimin's diet which is not fully eating for 9 days and eat regularly at the 10th day.. i didn't make it cuz i got sick halfway and that the doctors said that i need to gain weight.. as people, now i'm trying it again, in 4 days, i lost 5kg, but do know that it IS NOT AT ALL recommended

  8. I lost 5 kg in a few months but even though I am underweight by 2kg I still look bad and I don’t like that so I am trying to eat healthyer

  9. My diet it is easy, I don't eat fast food, eat more fruit and vegetables, don't eat white bread, do some exercise (I walk in my case). If you are going to eat things with sugar do it at the morning. That's all.

  10. my diet is simple i think=i don't eat fast food and chips,chocolate and ramen (my babies😭) i only eat whatever my mom does breakfast/lunch/dinner and healty snacks like apple and fruits and i drink coffee and milk with my snacks and i drink water a lot like 2600ml and every morning i walk a lot and i do some exercises too and i eat my meals slow


  12. i'm 160cm and 48kg (5'3 and 106lbs).
    the other girls at my school look so pretty and skinny but i feel too big for them to consider me "pretty". the majority of them are taller than me by a couple inches, but i still feel too big for 160cm.

    a short description of what i eat:
    i usually skip breakfast but if i do end up having it it's usually just butter on toast and a glass of water.
    sometimes i skip lunch also but when i do have lunch it's usually something small and easy like apple slices with peanut butter or nutella.
    i never skip dinner however, it's a meal my mum inforces on me lol. my mum usually makes steak or chicken with a vegetable serving and some side dish like potatoes or pasta.
    i try not to snack too much but if i'm craving something i'll have a tiny snack and fill in the rest of the craving with water.

    maybe pass me some tips on how to lose weight or how to fix my diet?

  13. I lost 7kg in one week because I got braces and it’s technically not a diet plan or anything because I only ate porridge that’s why I lose so much weight in a week and I also dance to K-pop songs and play a lot of sports

  14. Hi I'm not a huge fan of dieting. But I've lost weight like this :

    BREAKFAST: a yoghurt or a banana shake with baby spinach and with milk.

    LUNCH : home made grill chicken with a salad or that banana baby spinach milk shake with I eat for breakfast

    SNACK : fruits / vegetables or a small piece of grill chicken

    DINNER : A yoghurt or a shake
    And I exercise every day
    I've lost weight from 67kg to 50 kg

  15. Me I’m 160 cm 46~48 kg I maintained this weight… but I want to lose some more later on~ I’m not on diet anymore but my diet going from 60kg to 46kg was…
    Morning: -apple cider vinegar +hot water… very concentrated that it tasted really bad
    -Hot green tea with lime juice and lemon juice.
    – I usually eat fruit I mixed it up from day to day
    -strawberry🍓 banana 🍌 blueberries and raspberries 🍇 mango 🥭 kiwi 🥝 and sometimes avacado 🥑with fat free milk
    -black tea or more apple cider vinegar 🍵☕️
    Rarely but sometimes a croissant 🥐
    -white rice🍚
    -some sort of meat usually beef 🥩 🍤🥓🍗
    Or small egg🥚
    -green tea🍵
    And I never eat after 6.
    Depends I usually do little squats like 20 a day
    Or when I do workout it’s Arms legs and butt
    but I usually just go for a daily hike/walk through a forest. And my portions are really small I’d eat around 600-700 calories a day and I lost about 2 ~3 kgs a week depending on how hard I worked…
    But I don’t diet every day I just maintain my weight.

  16. my weight loss diet..

    so basically in 1st-6th grade i was in martial arts and exceeded my limits by achieving the black belt so i had no point in going anymore because i didn’t learn anything and i ate A LOT so it balanced it out. but once i quit i gained a lot of weight very quickly because of my eating habits and then i was depressed because of other stuff and that just added on to it. my family used to call me chubby and fat and that i shouldn’t eat so much. but then when i didn’t eat so much they said i should eat more, so i stopped listening to them and basically starved myself. i drank water and if i was still hungry, i would eat. i did that for 2 years and then in 9th grade i ate a lot more and gained weight very quickly. then started to do light workouts very regularly and i slowly got more fat, not as fast as i was. but then the summer came and i worked out hardcore and was on a very strict diet with NO snacks for 3 months. and i lost a lot of weight and became skinny. then as 10th grade went on, my hardest class became the most stressful and started to stress eat and by the end of october i gained all of it back. then i did a strict diet of no pizza, no rice, no pasta diet and worked out regularly and lost weight. i learned my lesson to eat well but eat very healthy no i drink daily smoothies filled with spinach, strawberries, banana, watermelon/blueberries (depends), mango juice, and probiotic juice (to poop). so i maintain my weight and i don’t work out and im quite skinny but i hold a lot of baby fat which i want to get rid of.

  17. My diet plan: NONE
    Eat properly, make sure you incorporate fruits, vegetables, eat junk food once in a while it’s fine, foods with fiber and nutrients that will make you feel full and happy and also exercise 3-4 times a week and you will be just fine! These types of diets are just pitiful and they make you sad!

  18. I like how people are talking about their healthy diets

    But look at me struggling to eat an apple a day thinking I could gain weight

    I really need to stop my eating disorder. I lost 10 pounds a week. And I wanna loose more

    I can never be satisfied with my body weight

    I wanna go below 90 pounds. I am 92.5 right know I know that I skinny but I just keeping thinking that I am not (btw I’m 5’3)

  19. I'm on a diet. The "Jimin diet".
    I'm eating only an apple/ a pear for breakfast, at weekends i eat a normal meal. Every day I work out 1-2 hours. When I'm veeeery hungry, then I drink a protein shake.

    My English is not the best, I'm sry. English is not my first language

  20. Breakfast: 2 glasses of water, 1 peace of fruit.

    Lunch: 2glasses of water, 1 or 2 slices of Bread with no topping.

    Dinner: what my mom cooks. 2 glasses of water.

    This is what I eat on a normal day even if I am not on a diet. I only eat snacks mabey twice a week because of my little appetite. Also I only drink water so no sofa’s or fruit juices.

    When I am on a diet I eat one meal a day and thats dinner I uselly have a bigger portien then when I am not on a diet and also make sure to drink a lot of water.

    Daily excersice:
    I don’t have a excersice plan but I make sure to do 50 burpees a day even when I have no time to excersice 1 minute plank and 50 burpees are a must!

  21. Tbh its lowkey fact that people still believe in order to lose weight you needa starve through "diets"
    But diet itself means cutting off that extra calorie and that means your body still require those healthy fats and calories in order to function properly!
    Starving wont help you lose weight on a long run when at some point of time you will end giving up,tbh days are long and an indv lives long!so you think you are gonna starve those 40 to 50 years and 365 days and stay slim?firstly when you eat your metabolism rate increases and the burn process works faster than when you starve!kpop idol diet is a quick fix!dont ever think that they are always slim cuz they follow it everyday!nah the weights fluctuate,for suppose iu has some performance coming up and for 2 to 3 days she binged a lot nd now she need a quick fix so she takes the diet which has supplements too,she herself said she goes to the doctor to take her nutritional supplements!i mean just an apple a sweet potato and a shake wont keep you alive!ill say suzy diet is better or the snsd cup diet which is nutritious in small portions!thats how you diet!not by starving but eating right and educating yourself on nutrition!unless you eat how will those muscle get the energy to burn?breathing itself requires 800 cal min.6meals a day small portion filled with whole foods veg fruit thats what works better cuz you have that energy now to burn in the amount of calorie u taking in!healthy eating is the key.
    Dont die,live the process!
    ~from someone who always tried dieting but never was successful until realised all of this.
    And another myth is eat less after sunset else you will get fat…nah!your body never stops worrking and so whatever you eat will get utilised away!its better you can exercise 2 hrs podt dinner that will result in digestion and sound sleep!yea ofc dont stuff up your self with food but eat if youre hungry atleast to 80% of ur hunger

  22. I have my version of my diet, cause i dont want to dothe Kpop diet cause its unhealthy and also Im doing a diet for very long time. So my diet consist of 2 meals a day only or sometime only 1 meal. But of course if I do one meal a day I also eat snacks specially I need energy for my classes. And I also do some HIIT workout twice a day cause this workout is really effective. Ive just started my diet like few days ago, my weight before was 50kg and now it was 48.6kg. Its effective and of course for also healthy

  23. There was a day where I didn't have any food so I the evening I snapped and cried and shivered so I ate a Nutella toast with sprinkles.

  24. For 9days:I ate only one meal a day which was lunch but I ate whatever I wanted(I didn’t starve myself) and I exercised everyday I lost 2kg I’m still on this journey I’ll update

  25. I had many struggles in 2018- now but for this summer i’m trying to eat healthy in general. Veggies, fruits and proteins a lot. less or not fast food and sweets. Working out a lot etc. But i also tried the IU diet and it wasn’t that hard for me i guess. i wasn’t starving idk why, the result was that i looked skinnier but my body in general looked weird and after some days of normal eating everything was back. and Btw i only need 10kg for my goal. I started to loose weight when i needed to loose about 20kg, so half way done🥰🥰

  26. I did or am doing the IU diet (with my own twists by that I mean I dont drink the protein shake lol) and it's been a week and I lost a lot of weight it's crazy. Like I weigh alot but people are like u dont look that "heavy" and it makes me feel good but i still feel fat

  27. I do OMAD with keto and I lost all the fat in one month now I'm like 43 kg and bevore I was 47kg. I still do OMAD with keto and will continue it bc. it's a lifestyle and I'm just going to optimize my food intake to maintenance. Also Important while loosing fat I was always stuffed full and never hungry I ate and still eat alot of leafy greens just styfried in the pan with more veggies and some kind of protein. So it's not realy keto bit ketoish I guess.

  28. This is my diet:

    Breakfast: Yogurt without fats+Integral bread with honey

    Snack: 0% fats biscuits (2 or 3)

    Lunch: Mais, boiled eggs and tuna+integral bread with oil

    Snack: one peach or apple with green tea (without sugar)

    Snack 2: 0% fats biscuits (2 or 3)

    Dinner: what my grandma cooks lol
    But she cooks meat at dinner like Chicken breast or beef so.. I also eat grilled vegetables

    Edit: sorry for my English and if you can help me with the diet I would be very happy!

  29. I started dieting two days ago i need support if any one is interested i will update with my weight lost
    Starting weight: 75.6
    13/7 weight:73.8
    25/7: 72.8

  30. I wish I could diet but it's basically impossible in an Asian household, especially when my mom makes fried food lol. I tried the IU diet once but it was half assed but I managed to go from 46kg to 44kg. I gained now and I'm 51kg and I hope to lose some for summer lol. I eat a lot of unhealthy stuff so I want to get into a habit of decreasing that

  31. I starved myself for a month and lost 10 pounds then I gained back 30. That was a couple years ago. Now I eat healthy(with cheat days of course), swim and lift religiously. I’m female, 5’8, 123 pounds, 14 years old

  32. I eat like two meals a day and a snack, then I do 200 crunches, 80 squats, 80 leg lifts, and then a 15 minute run/sprint.

  33. Whenever I watch these videos you guys say how bad their diets are and it makes me realize that what I do isn’t good 😳

    Because I’ll only eat fruit, yogurt, and cottage cheese, I would also not eat for three days and I’ve been on a diet since April it’s now July, I also exercise everyday for three hours

    Also, I only lost 16 pounds 🤒

  34. I ate and still am eating 1100-1200 calories everyday, been doing this for a year, I lost 17 kg, meaning im 56 kg now:) Its maybe a bit slow, but losing weight slowly also means you are more likely to keep it, so I try to be positive! cuz im still trying to lose 10 kg, but my weightloss has really slowed down! im considering starting the waterfast, what do you guys recommend:)?

  35. My diet is blackpink diet but a little bit different. I eat 3 meals a Day, în the morninig I eat one boil egg with bread. At Lunch I eat meat with veggies. At dinner I eat watermelon. Always after meals I drink two cupples of water.
    Sorry for my bad english

  36. The diet i went on wasnt as extreme as most of those ive read in the comments so i recommend it to yall! I found it on youtube btw
    – breakfast (between 8 & 10am) : cereal (preferably the fitness one)
    – lunch (between 2 & 3pm) : anything my mom cooks thats healthy and not a big portion
    – dinner (between 7 & 8pm): 1 apple, 1 banana and 2 boiled eggs
    I did this for 5 days and lost 1kg. Although its not much, at least u arent starving urself + i did sometimes eat other stuff ngl bUt it was still healthy (example: i sometimes ate 2 bananas instead of one) and since i loove eating it was kinda hard at first but then i got used to it!! I did do intense workouts at times tho

  37. I lost 8 kgs in one month by starving myself. I only drank water and that's it. It was so hard, I cried from time to time. I know it was unhealthy but I was just very desperate to lose weight back then.

  38. Gw kalo diet gagal mulu, ga pernah sesuai target wkwk. Jadi ya gw ga diet paling nunggu gw males makan bisa bisa seharian makan cuma dikit bgt

  39. Okay I don’t know how my body works but I sometimes eat McDonald’s at 12 AM with my cousins and I somehow lose 4kg…

    I need Jesus to explain

  40. I try the Jimin (BTS) diet for 7 days and i eat nothing just 1 meal at the last day. It was hard and i know it was not healthy but idk i feel fat and i lost 7 kg in 7 days (14 pounds) i dont do it again because it was so hard. For all readers dont do that its not healthy and it feels like you die because your stomach hurts so much

  41. My diet: i only eat when im so hungry, drink a lot of water and if i want snacks i only eat fruits or low calories things
    Sometimes i do aerobic things like HIIT

  42. When I was younger I was pretty thin but when I got to about 8 or 9 I gained A lot of weight to now I'm almost 14 I have lost about 20 to 25 pounds though all those years and I still have about 5 to 10 pounds to go …. fighting!

  43. My diet is to not eat fast food, no candies and train for badminton, eat more fruits and also eat 2-3 meals a day. Breakfast is highly recommended to take since it is the first meal of the day. I also drink Starbucks and eat fast food once in a while only when there is no food at home. Other than that, I usually maintain my weight between 50-53kg.

  44. Please don’t try unhealthy diets. If you lose weight way too quickly your body will store fat and your skin will lose the elastic form it had before and you will age faster.
    Try this instead:
    You have to find habits you have or reasons that you lose to your diet.
    Find them and examine the reason why(ex.: if you binge eat you have to find out why and lets say you do it because you are bored)
    After you found the reason try to find a way to prevent it (ex.: find a fun game or something else so you don’t get bored and binge eat)
    Put up goals for yourself (ex.: don’t eat junk food for 1 week)
    Eat until you are full, don’t over eat.
    If you can’t stay away from that delicious pizza or hamburger you can have a cheat meal but try to limit them
    Try to experiment with healthy foods. Once you find a food/meal you really like, you can eat it when you don’t feel like having broccoli again.
    Try to see progress. Lets say you are doing this for a year. Every month (with the same clothes because darker clothes make you look skinnier so you might think you didn’t have any progress)
    take a picture of yourself and look at the progress. Have these photos as a reminder. Many people won’t notice the change so if they have a reminder of how they looked like a month before it will motivate them.
    Try not to eat food after 7/8PM.
    Also keep count so you don’t go over the calories your body needs. This isn’t a diet. It is a healthy life. If you don’t feel like working out try waking, 12 000 steps or more (or less if you seem intimidated)
    Edit: I didn’t make it seem really important but it is really really REALLY important you eat until you are full. No more no less. If it is less you will get hungry easily and your body will ask for junk food, If more, you will not feel good and you might gain weight(matters on what you were eating)
    If you have sweet cravings eat grapes or make a healthy ice cream
    Using a blender add ice, a fruit, honey (make sure the honey doesn’t have added sugar, but if you want don’t add honey [i don’t recommend honey if your fruit is banana or a sweet fruit, if you are using strawberries then you can use it] Also you can also make it with frozen milk like milk ice cubes but try to limit your intake of foods that are healthy and good because you might only rely on them)

  45. my (unhealthily) diet:

    breakfast: nothing (i’m usually not awake)
    lunch: 250kcal protein shake
    dinner: toast/cereal/fruit
    snacks: usually none, sometimes fruit

  46. Come on, 2 kg of weight loss could also be 2 kg of shit inside you. 5 days diet challenge? that's not a challenge

  47. Ok, here is my diet:
    Breakfast: a banana and a cup of apple juice
    Lunch: a small bowl of salad with 100 g of meat
    Dinner: a cup of apple juice, a banana and a small yogurt
    It's important to exercise too!
    If you're still hungry and you already ate, drink water.
    I lost 4 kg in 5 days 🙂

  48. I would probably skip like breakfast lunch and dinner cause I don’t like apple nor chicken… (I am very picky)

  49. so this is not a diet for me anymore, these are what i eat. for breakfast i have an apple. for lunch i usually don’t eat but if i am hungry i drink a cup of milk/ eat a banana or eat a yogurt. and for dinner i have what my mom made. if i get hungry i eat a snack or smt. so yeah…

  50. So when I was younger I was really a picky eater, so when I hadn't eaten dinner for 5 days, I lost 5 kilograms. I tried this a month ago again, but it didn't work as effective

  51. This is my diet weight loss story I was chubby in well 5th grade I didn't like my the way I looked I had fat legs and arms and I started a diet here it is 5 glasses of water and 1 apple then rest of the day i dance and excise and do abs excise for a month this before i went to back to school im going to 6 th grade now i got skinny my weight is 89 pound and I have abs I'm so happy

  52. actually OMAD (one meal a day) is healthy IF you eat enough food and get enough nutritions. that's what dieticians said.

  53. kalo aku biasanya pagi minum kacang hijau , siang makan oatmeal + pisang , sore pisang 1 . malem aku ga makan sama skali . aku sehari minum 2L airputih + aku juga minum jeruk nipis hangat dan teh hijau . aku turun 5kg sebulan .

  54. In the past year my weight was 62kg, I feelt really bad and depressed, I literrally only eat little salads and chicken salads and no another carbs, I workout for about 2 or 3 hours.
    (I lose like 6 kg in 2 weeks)

    Now I understand that I was doing the things wrong, but my heat keep telling me bad things to my body, I'm working in this little voice.

    (Now I have depression and panick attacks)

  55. I did the IU diet for 3 days ( because my parents didn't let me to did it for 1 week 🙁 .. )
    Which contain 1 apple for breakfast , 2 boiled sweet potato for lunch ( I actually ate 1 sweet potato because I hate boiled sweet potato ) and 1 protein shake for dinner ..

    I did it for 3 days with heavy cardio exercise 1st was good but 2nd and 3rd it was difficult to complete my exercise routine …

    I lost 5 inch from my waist but the next day I gain 1 inch 🙁 ..

    It was good because I don't feel hungry that much but this diet ( IU's diet ) make you weak so I won't recommend this diet 😉

    Edit : Btw remember you are beautiful on your own way ♡

  56. I tried the IU diet when I was younger but after a week of it I was too weak so I stop I didn't tell anyone until this morning I was in Pe class with one of my close friend she told me about her jin diet and I told her my past IU diet, then I tild her that I stopped after a week and it was the past right niw I'm doing that diet I know its bad but.. I will try my best to stop doing this stupid diets (I actually didn't knew that rn I was doing Jooe's diet so I researched about it and i saw this ^.^)

  57. My weight lose story
    – i was really fat
    – i had anorexia
    – and now im vegan
    Don’t do this at home kids 😂😂

  58. My daily diet is pretty simple.
    I eat whatever I want only when I'm hungry and I stop eating once I feel full (I never force myself to finish a dish, I keep the rest for later, I ask for doggy bag when I'm at restaurant).
    I try to listen to my body.
    As a result for 165 cm my average weight is 52kg. Sometimes my weight fluctuates. I never go under 50kg but I also never go higher than 54kg.

  59. My diet:

    50g Of Oats with berries
    Green Tea

    3 Eggs
    1 Apple
    Green Tea

    3 Eggs
    Green Tea

    1 Apple
    Green Tea
    Once I finish the diet (its a ten day diet) I would of lose 10KG (over two stone)

  60. Well I was 52kg and lost 2kg to 50kg
    I basically starved myself but whenever I had to have food was : breakfast: one cup of tea lunch: little bit of rice and curry dinner: a cup of tea.
    I am only 12.
    Does anyone have any recommendations on different diets?

  61. hi so I already this this diet I don't really remember how it went, but i'm gonna do it again because i feel like i gained so much weight from my vacation. This actually worked for me, i haven't been starving si this is a great diet!

  62. Well i dont like to diet but i have to cause i have to get through trning ……and i feel terrible but i have abs still forced to diet i dont know why
    I drank only water fro a week the i did IU and also i habe done paper cup diet…..
    Its like i am just barely surviving and not living

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