1. I went on the IU diet for 2 weeks 3 months ago and then 1 week later I went on this diet. I'm not sure if I did a lot of harm to my body but I havent gotten my period since. It's been 3 months. Can someone please reply to me because this is honestly scary.

  2. Dang this isn’t a diet, this is straight up starving yourself. And she had to exercise and dance on this diet. Poor girl, it’s no wonder they pass out on stage.

  3. I highly suggest you stop making these diet experiment videos. Even though you go back to your old routine and inform viewers of the negative side effects, there are those out there that are desperate to lose weight and be slim like idols. If you show weight loss results from these diets, you’re actually encouraging people to do them. Some people will do what they can to lose weight, even if it means harming their bodies.

  4. ini udah hari ke2 aku diet seulgi,dan pada hari pertama biasa aja,aku kan masih pelajar jadi kalo pagi sampai siang banyak berinteraksi,tapi aku tetap diet seulgi pada siang hari nya setelah pulang sekolah aku beli susu kedelai botol yang ada di swalayan dekat rumah ku,hasilnya saat sore kepala aku pusing,malam nya aku makan buah apel 1,dan minum susu kedelai sebelum tidur,dan dihari ini tepatnya hari ke2,aku kembali diet seulgi,pagi minum susu dan hari ini hari senin upacara bendera untung aku kuat dan gak pusing sama sekali,sehabis pulang sekolah aku minum susu kedelai lagi dan aku makan buah mangga 1buah,tepat pukul 4 kepala ku pusing kembali,perutku juga sakit,terus aku lemas banget.aku udah mutusin gak ngelanjutin,aku timbang tubuh aku yang semula sebelum diet timbangan aku 49 dan sekarang timbangan aku 47 yeyeyeyyeyeyeyeyey dan aku off diet nya terus aku lagi makan dada ayam doang tanpa nasi

  5. I will do what she's doing to become skinny, but i'll try and change things up by using water and only water instead… Rest in peace, i guess

  6. … how bad is the water diet? You know, where when you get hungry you drink water instead? I want to try it.. I don't have anything else to turn to anymore, my exercises haven't shown a single result. My parents always eat and buy unhealthy food so it's all I eat! I don't know what to do and the water diet seems simple enough.

  7. I fell sorry you did this for our entertainment and for Seulgi just so fans wouldnt body shame her. Fans are so picky! Like let them eat cause once they finish dieting they gain twice the amount. The way they are their COMPLETELY healthy. Let them be.

  8. Why is there malay writings on the powder drink thingy?!?!Where u living?!? Malaysia?!?(sorry I'm curious and shook,not everyday u see this)

  9. Two days ago I've skipped breakfast and ate very little and I already felt lack of energy the next day, and I don't even work out. I cannot imagine the pain kpop idols go through to do these kinds of diet while training so much.

  10. Are you 54 kg? I am curious what is your height lol since i am 58 kg with only 160cm, i already look so skinny

  11. When idols eat, it's occasionally. Only for shows. But they go through a lot to get that physique.
    I'm Asian too and I was fat shamed. I starved myself, workout excessively until the day I fainted. Then I learned, I shouldn't do that.

  12. to properly do this diet, you must start with a low food intake before starting this diet so that your body's know what's going on and have already prepare for it.

  13. Just to clear things up:
    Seulgi is NOT currently doing this diet, so don't follow it!
    Seulgi did this diet two days before Red Velvet debuted to "slim down" to look good on stage (this is common in the kpop industry). Even Seulgi herself said that she would never do it again.

  14. You don't need to lose weight 🙂 and crash diets will decrease your metabolism in the long term so you will ultimately gain weight.

  15. even though you are doing these diets, you still look beautiful as ever! but still I worry about you 🙁

  16. Can you do ur OWN diet/what I eat in a day video because girl, let me tell you:

    54kg is my weight GOAL

  17. A perfect diet is:

    Low carbs, high fat

    But if you wanna do seulgi's diet, try changing it up a lil bit like:

    Breakfast – rice but only a little amount

    And the rest of the day soymilk or you can change it whatever you guys want

  18. If I followed this tremendous RV Seulgi eonni diet, I may be weakened but I have to do balanced vegan diet that's 6 small meals a day. It's hard to be a KPOP idol.

  19. I feel so sad for kpop idols.. Just. They have to look perfect. They don’t know that they look perfect just the way they are. Everyone are hating on them.. ,,to skinny” ,,too fat”
    I feel so sad for them. Idols going on diets are like 60% our fault

  20. After the diet don't go eating junk like chips and unhealthy shit eat salads and healthy stuff and homemade fruit juices so you keep your weight ideal so then you won't gain weight and portion control is important and eat with chopsticks or take small bites

  21. 4:21 that had also happend to me.when i woke up i had to blink a little bit because my vision is really bad when i'm dieting…

  22. Im 15 and im 166 cm tall and I have 52.1 kg I wanna be thinner any advice should I Stay at this weight or lose some?

  23. I know I’m late but pls don’t starve yourself 💕 I actually fainted twice on my diet and I actually had to go to a hospital and the doctor said to eat healthy but work out as I eat and now I am really happy about my body but I didn’t reach my full goal just yet, I think about 3 more months 🙃 (just wanna day to all the people that r on a healthy diet, keep it up! 💕)

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