Identical Twins Who Were Starving To Death Return!

Identical Twins Who Were Starving To Death Return!

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  1. Sorry but it’s their own fault sort of. They ain’t forced to do that. They may not be doing it for attention but they’re pure dumb doing that

  2. How can vomiting be part of eating disorders? How is vomiting part of eating disorders? How is vomiting an eating disorder? How does vomiting cause eating disorders? 🤔

  3. im currently recovering of ednos on my own and seeing that they were able to get so far instantly made me start crying. this is so beautiful.

  4. George Carlin had a GREAT bit on anorexics! 😂🤣😂🤣😂😂.

    The level of narcissism and vanity of an anorexic 🙄🙄🙄 🙄

  5. Girls: Ya recovery was really hard
    Dr. Phill: cool cool cool… now let’s talk about a 3 year old who won’t sleep.
    Girls: 👁 👄 👁 👁 👄 👁

    This is just a joke I’m really happy for these girls I have an ed too and recovery sucks I’m so proud of you girls


  7. Lmao wow. I got over my eating disorder by myself and with my parents talking smack to me. They just had to grow up and mature. You cant always depend on someone to help you

  8. I’m so happy for them, this made me tear up 😭😭 They look amazing!! Eating disorders are a hard thing to get over, It’s amazing to see them recover❤️

  9. yall KNOW theres something serious that needs to be done when young females and/or males decife their not good enough for this world , as they are.. flaws and all! media has gone out of control; by having a sense of control over our young and pposibly older generations way of thinking; defining beauty and is so unrealistic about it .. im glad these girls have Dr Phil to help.

  10. i am so so happy that they are doing well!😌🙏🏻i was so worried about them from the episode a few years ago❤️

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