I’m going on a clean healthy diet//Detox time

I’m going on a clean healthy diet//Detox time

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  1. Also, doing a 3 day water fast will reset your body! It's amazing. I try to do one every few months at least.
    I try to do low sugar too. Dates are amazing and better than any sugar-sweetened candy!

  2. Good luck,I hope you feel a difference, I do think a plant based diet makes a difference, so the changes your making should make a difference. Looking forward to the update xx

  3. This is amazing~ I hope everything goes well on your 2-week detox and you'll feel better and see the difference! I also have eczema, and a few years back, I was on topical steroid withdrawal. Back then I was so sensitive to sugar, dairy, glutten and a lot of food that didn't do me harm before that phase. I only ate grass-fed beef, its broth, root vegetables and greens for a whole 2 months! And it helped a lot with my eczema. Although I know my diet now is very heavy on meat and dairy, but I hope to also do a short detox like you just so my body can get a reset of sort.
    Anyway, I'm looking forward to watch your "what i eat in a day" video while you're on this detox. Would love to see your recipes too! Wishing you a lovely week, Agnes 💖✨

  4. I need to detox too! I hope your detox goes well and that it helps you feel better! Have a great day xoxo 💕

  5. я ничего не понимаю,мне просто смотреть нравится,как Вы говорите!

  6. Hello, here's new friend😊 I want to maintain healthy life. But these days I'm too busy to keep it up. Thanks to you, I can get the energy and restart it! Thank you for sharing💓

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