Important changes to my channel! | Kati Morton | Kati Morton

Important changes to my channel! | Kati Morton | Kati Morton

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  1. Making a list of symptoms/issues is a really big help for ANY medical appointment, and especially for mental health. The first doctor I spoke to about my mental health concerns just blew me off but years later when I approached a different doctor and came with a list of symptoms/signs and then some bullets of examples through my life it made a world of a difference. I realized I'm not great at thinking of specifics on the fly so writing important things down is essential for me.

  2. As always – great advice! Also I think it's a good idea to take that pressure away and give yourself time for other things to do! We Kinions are going to look out for each other and keep it a safe space 🙂

  3. Yeah definitely take care of yourself : ) and if you'd like I can try to assist with those type of comments if I see them

  4. Awesome video Kati, this is really helpful because although I don't know when, I'm planning on going to my doctor for my depression and re-accruing chronic pain.
    These came me more confidence about doing it, now I just have to find a day to go.

  5. Haha yup. My shrink asked if I wanted to up the dose or change meds completely. I had no idea what to do, and told him to decide lol.

  6. Hey Kati I had a question for you. I was put on antidepressants when I was in inpatient a few months ago but once I got out I didn't have a psychiatrist to get medication. I feel like I've been struggling recently and I want to go back on medication but I need a referral from a pediatrician. How do I talk to my doctor about this without them wanting to analyze me or tell me I'm wrong? I've been diagnosed with MDD so I know that I struggle with it but I still need this referrals in order to get an appointment. Is there something specific I should say to him? Thanks!

  7. Thank you for modeling self care by taking care of yourself by cutting back on what is overwhelming. It is really helpful to see a professional do that.

  8. Has anybody else been told to get medication on their first therapy appointment? I've had depression for about 10 years now and went to my first therapy session ever, and she seemed to be pushing medication really hard. Isn't more time needed to come to that decision? Anybody else have similar experiences?

  9. SELF CARE is SO VITAL to being a healthy person. This new change models your(Kati) self care. Bravo for "practicing what you preach!" I do have a question…will you be responding/replying to comments just not APPROVING them??

  10. Thanks for everything you do you're only one person you can't help everyone all the time. I'm glad you're taking some time to yourself. Talk to you soon.

  11. I think that's actually a smart change! we'll all look out for bad comments and report them instead of putting all of that on you.

  12. We can totally watch out for each other, let's help each other do so, so you can do what you do for us!! Thanks for everything!!! Your amazing! 😘

  13. Hey Katie, I have a question. Someone very important to me is dealing with bipolar disorder. We live in a rural area where the mental health care is awful. He is struggling really bad and was referred to a psychiatrist but there is a 3 month wait until his appointment. He's not a harm to himself right this minute but is struggling badly to function. What should I do? He's been in a treatment center before (from us going to the hospital) and it was a horrible and very unproductive experience due to it being a rural hospital. Should I push for him to be seen?

  14. Hi Kati! I want to say something.
    I found your channel from Dodie's new video. So I'm new to your channel.
    I don't have any mental illnes or anything (and I'm not saying this to make myself better then everyone here because that's not the point)
    But I love your videos because you talk about a lot of different things about mental health and I learn a lot from them.
    Your vidoes maybe don't really help me mentaly (because I don't go through the things that you talk about in your videos.)
    But it helps me to learn and know about mental health. And that's a very interesting topic to talk about. 😀
    Have a good day night!

  15. Thank you for being you, Kati! You have an entire community of Kinions supporting you and I think we are all very dedicated to being compassionate, helpful and kind. Just like you're there for us, we're here for you to make sure your channel stays the safe and welcoming place it's always been. I love when you talk about taking your own steps for well being and self care because you're leading by example and it inspires me to do better for myself.

  16. As always, love your video! I often find myself struggling with talking to my provider. I also think it's a good change, while there may still be the occasional troll, I think it will be better in the long run.

  17. I was thinking you might quit YouTube. So glad it's only about comments. As a disabled woman with many doctors and appointments, this is how I (attempt) to keep things straight. Personally, bullet journaling has helped me tremendously. Phones are great, but they die. My bullet journal helps me know where I need to be and when. I also always bring my medications with me to appointments so all my doctors know what I'm taking, how much, how often, and why. That cuts down on me repeating myself to everyone, which leaves more time for the actual reasons why I'm there.

  18. Good advice Kati. I am now a month into seeing a therapist weekly at my college and I love it. One tip I would give is I make a list on a sticky note with what I want to talk to her about to make sure I don't forget anything.

  19. Hi Kati, I want to say that you have been a great inspiration. I have helped a young lady who experienced brutal sexual abuse from a relative as well as pregnancy and abortion because of that. She's been through anorexia, cutting and suicide attempts and now dealing with the terrible consequences of all the above. She is generally much better, a marked improvement although she won't admit it. I must extend a huge thank you to you for inspiring me and her and keeping us both trying to deal with the shitty patches and enjoying the good times when mood permits. She's still struggling a bit, but she has now a voice and a strong one at that and I am very proud of her. She is my hero! She hasn't really confronted her abuser yet, but she is a 100% standup young lady and I am very proud of her. Your channel and your insight has been a huge help. I congratulate you and wish you well because you are a beautiful inspiration to many. God bless you. Keep up the good work.

  20. This is my first time commenting but I've watched (and sometimes re-watched) your videos for a while. 🙂 I've wanted to get in to therapy for a long time, for probably over ten years by now actually. I feel like since I've waited so long to get professional help, it's so much harder to actually take the first step. When I was in highschool I had one session with a therapist that I really didn't like, and that kind of scared me out of the whole idea for a very long time. But your advice is really helpful! I think I will probably start making a list like you said, haha. Thanks, Kati!

  21. Hi Kati, thank you so much for this video. I go to therapy all the time with the intention of talking about something but then I don't. I get so frustrated with myself afterward. I will have to start keeping a list in my phone so that I remember. Thank you so much for everything you do! I hope I get to meet you in the future!

  22. can an eating disorder still be diagnosed even though you go through periods of eating regularly, then going through periods of starving yourself/binging and purging? for me personally, when I'm stressed and overwhelmed, I tend to have a loss of appetite and I have constant and increased anxiety around food or gaining weight. I guess this could be from a lack of control, but I also am obsessed with being "skinny", even though I am below the average weight for my height. so I guess my question is, could this be an eating disorder? if not, how do I express that I need help for it even though it's not really a disorder?

  23. Just recently subscribed to you and need to take time and go watch all your previous videos. I've been in this major depressive episode since January of this year and this is my 2nd episode in my lifetime where I was aware of what was going on. The other time I was 14 and attempted suicide (October 1st will be 6 years since). I have MDD and GAD diagnosed. Since April of this year, I've been hospitalized 4 times and have been struggling with self harm. I do mental health updates on my channel when I can. I think it's great you make these videos. Mental health awareness is super important.

  24. I was afraid you were going to make less videos, and I also thought you were going to take a full time job in a mental health clinic or something.

  25. I had no idea you approved all of the comments! WOW. I don't think anyone would blame you for wanting to cut back on that. <3

  26. I just discovered this channel last week and it honestly saved my life. Thank you so much I can't even tell you how much these videos have meant to me! <3

  27. Mmm I have mixed feelings about the first question. Therapists aside, the majority of healthcare professionals I've interacted with are TERRIBLE listeners and generally make me feel very rushed. And there was that USC study that showed doctors interrupted their patients after only 12 seconds of them talking, particularly if they were female. Sometimes talking to a doctor is super difficult even in the best of circumstances…..

  28. I use my phone all the time to make notes when I see doctors. I'm actually going to my doctor this morning, first time by myself-i'm nersove.
    My rash has come back but, now I think its caused by food- cookies so, I guess I won't be eating them anymore

  29. You've really gotten me through hard times and I'm sorry people are being ugly. No one should feel unsafe here. This is an amazing channel

  30. Thanks for all the work you do for this channel, it's been so helpful for so many people including me ^_^ I'm glad you're always finding ways to work better for yourself too!

  31. Hey Kati, just wanted to say Thank you for all the amazing work you do. There have been times when I have really struggled and I feel like you and your videos have saved me on more than one occasion, so from the bottom of my heart Thank you. xoxo

  32. Hey Kati, Thank you so much for responding to my question!! One thing I really love is that you said "ask for help" because it's so so true. I emailed my physician pretty much saying, "Hey I'm not doing so great mentally, I need extra support" and she was so receptive to my request. It has made all the difference. I will definitely use your tips for preparing for my appointments and sessions. Again, thank you for all you do!!!

  33. Thank you kati for all your beautiful videos I learned from you a loooot every time I feel down I watched it and I felt you supporting me ! Love you so so so much 😭❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  34. That's what I did to my doctor. I said that I wasn't coping. He knew that I had symptoms but wasn't sure if I was ready for help. I wasn't sure what to expect but all I knew was I was ready to start feeling better xx

  35. You rock, Kati! Thank you so much for modeling a healthy way to inform others of your boundaries. It was so encouraging to me to see and I'll try it out next time for myself!

  36. My therapist fell asleep while I was in session. She lost interest. Can't the therapist help us zero in on stuff? They've heard it all. It is new to the patient. Why else would we be there if not looking for help???

  37. When you said you're busy and get overwhelmed with the work load I thought you were about to reduce videos!! I feel like our community is a really supportive one and we can help to patrol any negative/bad comments that do appear 🙂 I don't comment on your videos too often but I've been watching for years and didn't get the chance to meet you at Vidcon Australia this year which was a shame, but I was there and came to all the panels you were apart of/ moderated and it was really cool getting to see you in a real life setting. Hope to meet you in the future one day! 🙂

  38. so happy it was just about the comments! I agree your time is better spent not approving the comments, as long as nothing too crazy happens i think it is worth it to approve them automatically.

  39. I LOVE seeing how much this channel and our community has grown over the past few years. #Kinions
    I can't wait to see where it continues to go.💗 It makes me so so happy! 😀

  40. I said to my pcp “I just need to do something” and things have improved greatly from there. Still have struggles, but have more strength to work through them now.

  41. Hi! I'm quite new to the channel but I am so happy I found it not only to connect to others with my own experience but to learn more about things other people experience. I have been dealing with depression at different levels for probably over 4 years now and have been on treatment including inpatient hospital programs, medication, and therapy, all of which have helped me tremendously. I currently feel the best I have felt in 4 years, I stopped medication about 5 months ago since I felt like it neutralized my emotions and I have been doing very well. The only problem I still have is my inability to get out of bed. This was common for me when my depression was very high but now that I'm motivated and I want to get things done it's became a nuisance. I want to get up and have a good day but when I wake up I feel like I'm being weighed down or being pulled into my bed and can't get out. I don't know why this is or what I can do to fight it. If you, Kati, or anyone has some advice I would very much appreciate it! 🙂

  42. Artifical Intelligence Computer Psychology/Psychiatry Therapists? – What do you think of them? Have you had the chance to try what is available at the moment? What do you think about AI diagnosis and care in the near future/our lifetimes? Surely then couldn't replace people like yourself, but could they be of assistance to you? My thinking is they could be better than the not so good examples of health care in the profession maybe? LOL – could you imagine giving psychological advice to an 'ill' AI? Daisy, Daisy, give me your answer do. I'm half crazy all for the love of you. It won't be a stylish marriage, I can't afford a carriage. But you'll look sweet upon the seat of a bicycle built for two….

  43. Please make a video about mental health on natural disasters, in my country we are all trying to be strong and helpful but we also feel so vulnerable and scared

  44. There are always going to be trolls on the internet that enjoy stirring people up on purpose, be it through direct insults or more subtle means ("Trolling is a art"). But, you really shouldn't have to spend so much of your time policing comments that could be spend towards other stuff that would help us all out even more than you already do.

  45. On the comments thing: I haven't seen the system or options your given as the channel creator, but I remember Thomas 'Tomska' Ridgewell once said he had filters on the comments to block specific words or phrases. You could try having that as a first pass. I think Tom said he used them both for specific kinds of language, specific people's names and addresses (i.e. his personal life) so people think they can cleverly put this vile comments out there without realising no one will ever see it. Glad both the channel and your speaking appearences have increased. Keep it up.

  46. Kati just please don't stop communicating with people even in the future when your channel may get bigger."Cutepolish" for example,has put people to work for her now and is not present herself that often anymore.And that was the reason I unsubscribed from her channel.I had subscribed for her,cause I liked what she did.Not for her to take proffesionals to do the job and her just be "the boss" and only getting the money.I know as a community grows it becomes harder to interact with everyone,but pls don't just leave as well and have people work for you.We understand we can't all get our questions and comments answered and that's ok.Just the fact that YOU are replying and YOU read the messages is enough.You are doing an amazing job.Many kisses!I love your channel and I admire you a lot!❤

  47. I use to be so shy and afraid to talk with my health care team..then I got it health care and realized it's importance. So it made it much easier for me to start opening up..still have certain things that are easier than others to bring up of course. But like you mentioned…practice saying it helps..kind of empowers you in a way.

  48. Are you still seeing clients, Kati or youtube is your only job now? You must be spending so much time creating content, doing live videos, answering questions, taking care of the behind the scenes (website, marketing etc – or even if you have staff for it, working with them on it?) and going to conferences/events that I have NO idea how you would even have time maintaining a therapy practice. If you are not seeing clients anymore or only a very few, very limited time or whatever, I would love to hear more about your transition, how you feel about that, do you miss being a therapist primarly, do you think you will ever do more therapy in the future? If you are still a pracicing therapist along with your youtube channel, I don't know how you do it, you are a superwoman! 🙂

  49. Hey Kati! I'm fairly new to the channel and I've browsed through all your videos and can't seem to find anything dealing with fantasies of murder or just general thoughs of killing. Obviously it's something that would be hard to bring up to someone as it could have serious repercussions. So if someone was dealing with periodic phases of intense agitation in which they fantasize about mass murder, how could they treat themselves without telling anyone? I hope you are able to answer this question in the near future. I love your channel keep up the good work!

  50. You should consider making a video on this free texting service and website. Its had a positive impact on my life. They text advice based on different areas of life that a person can choose:

    I got a text today about the importance of saying what you feel, and it reminded me of a story I read about someone with extreme avoidance and unhappiness for most of his life in The Harvard Grant Study which studied the lives of a bunch of men from Harvard and found positive and deep relationships were associated with more money, more happiness, and a longer life. I'm an avoidant person and I'm interested in trying to uncover ways of reversing avoidance and anxiety that haven't been found yet. The idea of regularly lying when someone asks the question "How are you?" struck a chord with me when I read it in the shine text I got, because I thought about how massively unhappy that could keep someone based on the findings of the Grant Study, like the man in the study, who was portrayed as smoking a cigarette, looking out the window, and not making eye contact while in conversation. And "How are you?" is a question I almost always answer with a lie, so it put things into a grim perspective for me. But the positive side of it was that the man in the Grant study more empathy than normal from suffering, even though he barely acted on the beliefs he had formed; which suggests that consistent altruism like volunteering might be part of the mystery of what it takes to cure anxiety and avoidance.

  51. Hi Kati, I have a question about EMDR. Do you know if it is less effective if you are currently restricting/not nutritionally stable? My therapist recommended it but a friend said that if my brain isn't functioning properly due to lack of food it won't work and I'll be wasting money! Also if you do EMDR is it recommended to continue 'talk' therapy as well? Thank you for all you do, I love your channel so much!

  52. Thanks to your videos I finally told my psychiatrist I'd like to see a psychologist along side her appointments. I felt like I needed something more than just pills you know, maybe ways to unravel those thought processes and patterns that cause the anxiety in the first place. I was nervous as first because I thought my doc will think I'm implying she's not doing enough/ a good job, but then I realized that I am the one that's in treatment and should get my needs met as you've said before. Will be seen a psychologist in about to weeks, hope all goes well! Thanks for all you do x

  53. Kati, do you have any resources on PTSD due to earthquakes (or other natural disasters)? I live in Mexico City, and since the earthquake of September 19th I've been feeling both physically and mentally awful: can't sleep, don't want to eat, I'm angry and scared all the time, my asthma went to the roof.

  54. Good idea regarding the change. Please take care of yourself, you are so important to so many of us, we would never want to see you in a position where you're compromising your health.

  55. could you make a video about how to deal with something that you can't get treatment for right away? i have depersonalization and i cant get treatment for it for a little while, but it's getting really bad and i dont know how to deal with it

  56. Hi, I'm a day late to this, but I have a question.
    I feel that someone close to me is being emotionally abusive and rude towards me. It's making me feel unsafe and i want to leave the relationship but I also know that they are going through a tough time. I'm not sure what to do about it, I know I can't stay in the relationship but I don't want to be unsupportive.

  57. What do you do when you know the therapist or doctor is listening to you but are fairly sure they aren't hearing you? On this end it is frustrating to the extreme.

  58. Oh I thought of a question. On youtube do you get financial help from us clicking the like button? Do you get more if we watch the commercial all the way through and not click the skip button? Is there any buttons you would like us to click that would help you out? Do you get points for the number of people commenting? I can go and look up every single one of your videos and click the buttons if that helps you out. You have more buttons than a Joann's Fabrics sale on Black Friday.

  59. Sounds like you do need a break … Traveling can be a pain the butt anyways great seeing you and greetings! 😋 Thanks for keeping up w us in this section side of the road .

  60. Hey Kati do you happen to have or could you make a video on gender identity and some of the things that come with it? I've come to realize I'm non-binary and have told my parter and a couple close online friends, as well as had my teachers use a different name and changed some of my appearance but now I'm stuck. And uncomfortable with myself. And idk what else to do.

  61. Hey Katie I've been a "lurker" subscriber that loves to watch your videos. I had a question that's hard to ask: Can you talk about hypersexuality when it relates to BPII? I think it's not often explained well or talked about. It can also show up in other conditions as well. Thanks! Love ya!

  62. who else thought the changes are turning the channel to a full on ASMR channel? 😛 hihihi

    (couldn't help myself XD ).

  63. How do you, professionals, distinguish between hypomanic episodes and , "holy crap, I need to get something done"/"i feel better and need to be productive" feelings after or in between depressions. Would that be a healthy response to coming out of a depressive episode, would that be a hypomanic episode itself, or would that be more related to persistent depressive disorder?

  64. i might be getting my family tree i am so happy and my life is changing so much and i am so happy i love my cuzcuz being in my life

    thx for this awesomely ha bisky vid i am fine with your channel changes as well

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