Improving on the Mediterranean Diet

Improving on the Mediterranean Diet

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  1. Can you please make a video commenting on Sam Simon recent death to cancer? I feel like some people might exploit his condition, just like they did with Steve Jobs, to justify their belief that vegan diets aren't any better/healthier than the SAD. Thanks!

  2. This is really weird. Why is there no talk of Dr. Greger's absence over the last few weeks? Does anyone know what's going on? It seems like something is being hidden because zero explanation has been given.

    I trust this community less and less all the time. #sigh

  3. I can totally assure you that if you stop using oil and stop using added salt, you WILL get used to the taste!  I stopped using oil years ago when I learned from Dr. John & Mary McDougall that you can "saute" in plain-old water.  And because my husband has high blood pressure, I cut way back in my salt usage when I cook.  My taste has been "retrained" and eating something cooked in oil tastes nasty to me and the "normal" amount of salt in food is way to much for my liking.  (I have LOW blood pressure, so it's not like I really thought I needed to give up salt.)

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