Intermittent Fasting Diet Plan Review

Intermittent Fasting Diet Plan Review

Hey, guys, Sean Nalewanyj, of
And in this video by very popular demand, I’m going to be doing a review of intermittent
fasting. So, I’ll be answering the question of what is intermittent fasting? Does the
IF approach work for fat loss? Is it superior to a standard four to six-meal per day cutting
diet? And do I recommend using it? Now, keep in mind that there is a ton of potential research
to take into consideration here. And this topic could be made extremely complicated
if we wanted it to be. So, I’m just going to answer these questions as concisely and
to the point as I can. So, let’s get started. So, what is intermittent fasting? Well, to
put it simply, the IF protocol is a dietary structure that alternates between an extended
period where no food is consumed at all, usually 16 hours or more, followed by a feeding window
where all of your daily calories are consumed. So, there’s no one single intermittent fasting
structure, and the fasting and non-fasting periods can vary quite a bit depending on
which program you’re using. One of the more popular intermittent fasting diets out there
uses a 16-hour fast, followed by an 8-hour feeding window, while another utilizes a 20-hour
fast, followed by a 4-hour feeding window. And on the more extreme end are the people
who actually consume all of their daily nutrition in a single sitting. So, secondly, does intermittent
fasting work? Well, the quick answer is yes. Intermittent fasting is certainly a viable
nutritional approach for fat loss for a few reasons. First of all, it allows you to maintain
a calorie deficit. A calorie deficit, which is a state where the number of calories burned
exceeds the number of calories consumed, is the ultimate bottom line for fat loss. And
any diet that creates and sustains a proper calorie deficit is going to produce fat burning
results. Secondly, the available research is fairly conclusive in demonstrating that
a high meal frequency does not raise resting metabolic rate nor does it increase the thermic
effect of food. So, consuming two or three meals a day, which is the number where most
intermittent fasting protocols will land you, is completely acceptable from a fat burning
standpoint. And finally, as long as overall 24-hour protein, carbohydrate and fat needs
are being met, there is no threat of excessive muscle loss as long as the diet is combined
with a proper resistance training program. So yes, as long as your overall macronutrient
intake is nailed down, then consuming those macro nutrients in an intermittent fasting
style interval is going to produce perfectly good results. Next opt, is intermittent fasting
superior to a standard cutting diet? Now, this is the real important question. Obviously
intermittent fasting diets work. But do they work any better than a regular diet that evenly
spaces four to six meals or more throughout the day? Well, the research here is mixed,
and it’s — it’s inconclusive at best. At this point, I can’t really see any real reason
to suspect that an identical macronutrient intake consumed using an IF protocol is superior
to a standard dieting approach when it comes to overall fat loss. There is research indicating
that intermittent fasting can improve certain aspects of overall health. But in this review,
we’re obviously focusing specifically on fat loss. So, why do so many people who failed
on previous diets swear by the results that they’ve got using an intermittent fasting
approach? Well, the answer here is also pretty simple. And that is that for many people,
an intermittent fasting approach is an easier to follow method for maintaining a calorie
deficit over time. Again, long term fat loss is ultimately a product of placing your body
into a prolonged calorie deficit. And any dieting approach that accomplishes this effectively
is going to produce great results. Many people find that employing a fasting period followed
by a shorter eating window, leads to greater control in terms of hunger, energy levels,
mode and overall adherence to the diet. And as a result, they feel better and they end
up with greater fat burning results. But the only issue of diet adherence, two identical
individuals consuming identical macronutrients would likely not experience any real difference
in fat loss whether they consume two, or four, or seven, or nine or more meals per day. So,
the last question is should you use intermittent fasting? Well, all things equal, the meal
structure that maximizes your mood, your energy levels, your motivation and that controls
your appetite most effectively is going to lead to the greatest long-term fat burning
results. So, if you find that an intermittent fasting style approach accomplishes that for
you, then that is certainly the approach that you should use. However, if you do prefer
spacing your meals evenly throughout the day, don’t make the mistake of believing that you
should switch to an intermittent fasting approach despite this in order to super charge your
fat burning results. It all really just comes down to personal preference and what works
best for you. So, 16 hours fasted, and followed by 8 hours of eating, or three evenly spaced
meals, or 6 meals or 10 meals. If you’re aiming to maximize fat loss, all you really need
to focus on is hitting your macronutrients for the day, and doing so using whatever structure
you personally prefer. So, I hope you found this information here useful today. If you
did enjoy the video, as always please make sure to hit the like button, leave a comment
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61 Replies to “Intermittent Fasting Diet Plan Review

  1. Hey bro, thanks for reviewing the IF method. I never heard of this, I'm really learning loads from you. Keep it up.

  2. So what if I don't alter my food intake at all but instead I increase my cardio vascular activity instead? would this enable me to burn fat.

  3. Yup. You can either decrease calories, increase activity or both. The only issue is that excessive cardio stimulates appetite which can sometimes backfire. Just find a balance that works for you.

  4. What are your thoughts on 1 24h fast per week (on a non-workout day) when it comes to muscle maintenance? I currently consume ~4000 calories a day (3 days in the gym, one day short cardio, one day heavy backpacking, one day ball hockey) and am looking at fasting from Saturday morning (after breakfast) to Sunday morning. Would this plan hinder my strength/muscle gains?

    As an aside, my breakfast meal on saturday would include whey, creatine, beta alanine, omegas and a multi.


  5. From a pure body composition standpoint I don't see any need for it. Ultimately body composition comes down to overall net P/C/F intake so as long as the week averages out to the right amounts then the one fasted day shouldn't be an issue.

  6. Hi! Im thinking about doing the IF diet in 3weeks. Could you help me with how much calories, protein, carbs and fat I should consume? I weigh 80kg 🙂 I think I should intake about 2000kcal if im not completly wrong?..

  7. I hope you help me and answer my question as it means so much to my soccer career, I just need your help with starting this fasting diet, I do cardio in the morning and I do my main workout around 6-7 pm, and I play soccer whenever possible soccer, I train on sundays with my team, how should I make my 16 hours fasting, and in my 8 hours eating, what kinds of food should I eat (examples please). I'm currently 173 lb 5'11, I'm seeking Fat Loss (Slow Cut). thanks in advance!

  8. Don't worry about individual food items – focus on hitting your overall macronutrient and micronutrient needs as a whole. Check out my video "what to eat to gain muscle" as it does cover good food source (applies to fat loss as well)

  9. What about all the research which has shown an increase in Human Growth Hormone of up to 2000% in males and 1300% in women? Is the research made up or reliable?

  10. Dear Sean, what do you think of doing a 24 hours fast once a month ? I read that it's a good thing to do, and that stimulates hormones.
    Thanks for your time.

  11. If you want to burn fat fast, you should search google for "Windy Fat Loss". That can help you get the body you deserve.

  12. Why aren't you speaking from experience vs what reports you've read about general intake of macronutrients. Someone with your knowledge and background should do a few weeks of each and share your results to provide value.

  13. It's nowhere near that simple. It is extremely difficult to control every variable of one's life/program to even make that sort of comparison accurately. You can't just do "a few weeks" of a diet and then say which one is better. You'd literally have to begin from an identical starting point and then follow each diet with 100% adherence for 8 weeks with identical training and lifestyle and then perfectly measure the results.

  14. …which is why looking at meta analysis of the available studies that relate to the specific diets is far more reliable than one person's anecdotal reports.

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  17. First of all i am using IF for 3 months i have great results and btw IF is not a diet and is way more complex then you are describing it.I find a lot of your videos and advice good but still i don't think you speak the truth when discusing certain topics.You allways claim to speak from studyes you have probably read about but never show one for us to see it for example training fasted study or cardio while fasted study.You are a great Seller but not so great advice giver…

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  19. Hello Sean Nalewanyj

    Can I ask a favor? I really enjoyed your video Intermittent Fasting Diet Plan Review
    It was really informative. I wanted to find out if it was okay to repost your videos to my channel? All credit for the videos will still remain yours, and I will not edit the original video, unless you give me permission to do so. I can even keep the links in the video, as this will give you additional exposure. If this is acceptable to you, please let me know.


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  21. lol, check out KIM Kardashian's special diet plan here

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  23. I always workout in a fasted state, and break my fast with one scoop of Whey Protein shake with water (sometimes milk) and 3 grams of creatine. Then after about 60-120 mins I have a high caloric meal with rice and vegetables ( I'm a vegan ). then in the evening I'll have 3-4 egg whites and again one scoop of whey protein shake with milk. my final meal of the day I will mostly have Roti and some side-dish.

    Breaking my fast with a whey protein shake is ok or no?

    keep up ur great work.

  24. I'd give the edge to IF.  It is more compatible with modern eating habits: you could go to Outback Steakhouse, down 2000 calories and still be in caloric adherence. Eating once or twice a day is much more feasible too, especially comparing it to a 6 meal a day bodybuilder bro meal plan.

  25. Nail on the head brother… I love IF cause I'm naturally not hungry in the morning. If I eat breakfast I am so hungry all day. Just helps me stay on track, but neither is better, it's just psychological. If you can eat a lot of small meals throughout the day more power to you, doesn't fit my lifesyle. Hate the arguing for or against each, both are fine and will not effect your precious GAINZ.

  26. I'm about to start this the only question I have is if there's a difference in me eating my first meal and then working out and finishing my calories off after or is this made to work out during the fast

  27. Great video! Just to put it in a simple conclusion: it's calories in vs calories out.. U burn more than u consume then there's no doubt of not losing weight

  28. I want to believe this, but the notion of workingout in a fasted state, ”burning fat” after 16 hours as long as one can prevent reesterization of fatty acids seems real pursuasive!

  29. I just started the warrior intermittent fasting diet and was looking for some insight.

    I eat 5pm-7pm and fast for the rest. 
    My average calorie intake is about 500-700 per day.
    Nutritional breakdown: 40g unsaturated fats, 100g protein, 16-32g carbs + multi-vitamins.

    Is this too extreme? I stay hydrated during the day, and I get really full after my dinner to the point where I can't eat anymore.. (Eggs, Tuna, Chicken, Avocado, Spinach, Onions, Banannas, & a protein shake)

    I've been fasting every day (including heavy lifting days) and I seem to be fine. I don't really feel extreme bouts of hunger, and the only negative effect that i've experienced is being light headed.

    My goal is to cut as much fat as fast as I can, minimizing muscle loss. 

  30. ive been doing the six hour window for almost a week. not a fan. to hard to get my cals in. i honestly felt better on the 8 hour window (12-8)

  31. I use IF for bulking. I eat 3 meals in my 8 hour eating window, one of 1200 calories, one of 900 calories and one snack of 400 calories right before bed. Easy.

  32. hi sean, currently on 1900-2000 calories cutting.. would I keep this up or increase/decrease the amount of calories on intermittent fasting?

  33. Hey, of the many weight loss programs that I have ever tried, the only program that worked for me was Adams fat code (just google it). Absolutely the most effective diet that worked for me.

  34. I do the 16-8 it's brilliant for health and results as long as your lifting heavy in the gym and eating clean when you do eat

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