Is a Neutropenic Diet Necessary for Cancer Patients?

Is a Neutropenic Diet Necessary for Cancer Patients?

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  1. Interesting twist. I had no idea that no fruit was the norm for cancer patients. When will we ever learn … When will we evvvver learn?

  2. But cancer patients are often given sugar! How ironic. Sugar, yes. Immune system builders such as fruits and vegetables, no. Crazy medicine we practice in the west.

  3. How terrible.  If dr's don't have time to read studies on how to help their cancer patients then perhaps they should take on less patients, but that would mean less income and well, we can't have that.

  4. In nursing school we learned about the neutropenic diet, basically to avoid all fresh fruits and vegetables. Thank you for a more evidence-based recommendation. I will change my advice given to cancer patients on chemotherapy.

  5. It seems like we put babies through this sort of diet too.  I follow the doctor's orders.  Except I fixed my home made, organic when possible, baby food, for my children, and then later for my grandson, but it is all cooked!  Well, not the apples sauce, I used finely grated raw apples, with skin. And bananas were mashed and fed raw, too, unlike the store bought baby food applesauce and bananas.  It makes one worry to see how people just buy baby food in the jars and watching this video.

  6. 3:00 Put to the test there was no difference in infection and death rates between an all cooked diet and one that allows fruits and vegs. I would have expected a positive edge from the second. Why wasn't it so, Dr Greger, if you've gone through their extensive protocols ? These studies seem to be suffering from some kind of procedurial bias that prevent them to ever reach any kind of affirmative knowledge.

  7. Come on doctor you are giving out bad information.  Neutropenic diet is not only for cancer patients. Fruit and vegetables are included in a neutropenic diet. Thick skinned fruits can be consumed raw however, they must be washed and peeled before they are served. Cooked fruit and vegetables are allowed.

  8. Perhaps I'm becoming too cynical, but when doctors ignore research and continue harmful practices, I wonder if their goal isn't to keep us sick to preserve revenue. After all, healthy patients need less doctor services.

  9. My uncle was just diagnosed with cancer and his doctor told him when he is on chemo eat absolutely anything that he is in the mood for. He said eat ice cream, eggs, meat whatever he could stomach when he was getting his treatment done. I think doctors should be pushing cancer patients to try to eat as many fruits and vegetables as possible when going through radiation and chemo. I don't understand how doctors can promote an unhealthy diet which can lead to more disease other than of course more money for them.

  10. Everyone must keep in mind that most doctors and nurses took one nutrition course in their life. Pretty sad i know.

  11. Aren't those risks, eColi, salmonella, etc. still a risk for those with a compromised immune system? A lot of people are into raw food smoothie's these days. I tell my friends not to feed them to very young children or the elderly.

  12. My mother's oncologist could not explain why this recommendation against fresh plant foods exists.  Though my mother didn't survive her diagnosis, during her cancer journey, she did best on a diet high in fresh fruits and vegetables.  There is so much about oncology, especially, that is medically counter-intuitive, and even stupid.

  13. they don't want you to be healed, they want you sick n dumb mo money mo money mo money…. chemo just kills your cells and fries your immune system. stop going to these doctors they don't know shit bout health and well being, only go for emergency services like broken leg etc  eat plant based vegan diet and live a healthy lifestyle n never get sick again, I haven't been majorly sick in years and everyone around has and is dying of diseases including cancer. fruits n veggies all day everyday

  14. This is awesome. I work at MD Anderson Cancer Center as a Clinical Pharmacy Specialist (PharmD) in Leukemia. Many of these studies were done by my colleagues (A. Gardner, etc) and despite the evidence, there is still many here that like patients to avoid fresh fruits and veggies. As I counsel every single patient I discharge following their chemotherapy, I often get asked this question by the patient and family members. I've always maintained that cutting out fruits and veggies is the WORST thing you can do while getting chemotherapy. I always recommend a good washing of everything and try to stay away from salad bars as we can't guarantee the cleanliness of them. GREAT video and I'll be sharing this with everyone I work with!!

  15. My grandmother, who was a school teacher and kept a very clean home, used to say "Everyone eats a peck of dirt in their lifetime."  Of course, she meant by accident.  But there is a lot to be said about not living in a sterile environment.  Lately it's been shown that kids should not be raised with antibacterial everything (like soap) because they do not easily build immunity when they are not exposed to various bacteria in everyday living.  Seems the same idea would apply here — if you are sick the BEST thing you can do is eat fresh (well-washed) veggies!

  16. MIND-BLOWING, SIMPLY MIND-BLOWING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  KNEW allopathic medicine was [email protected]#ED-UP, but apparently, never knew JUST HOW MUCH (until viewing this)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  
    [THEE ONLY reason THE DEVIL has had the reigns most of the time in THIS life, has been due to God ALLOWING it, having created THIS life to be a mere TEST for THE NEXT.  He had given us all FREE WILL, as He had all the angels…but b/c LUCIFER ended up "stabbing God in the back", He created THIS life…to not only test US, but to TEACH LUCIFER/SATAN THE ULTIMATE LESSON…as you know, God (and those of us who pass His test)  W I L L  WIN in the end…]

  17. I find the same thing, they either don't know, don't care or just have no time or dont make time.


    Lean on them like corporate does to their employees.
    Tell them, look you need to stay current or your going to be replaced.

    Bottom line, these doctors have had it too easy for too long and have become fat and lazy.

    Look at all of the so called health care. It's totally obese.

    A sick system for sick people

    I advise you stay as far away as you can .

  18. Why do some people say that the ketogenic diet cures cancer and some people say that a vegetarian diet cures cancer, while a third group are promoting a fruit only diet?

  19. I have had a stem cell transplant, needed to be in isolation for about 3 weeks followed by month quarantine. There was a long list of thing I couldn't do- clean anything, handle dirty laundry, cat litter, plants, and no uncooked fruits/veggies. We get very neutropenic- low white blood cells that prevent bacterial infections. Iate lots of home-made soups to get the nutrients. Once white blood cells increase we are encouraged to eat organic and very healthy-but still avoid unwashed fresh food, salad bars. I always surprised people when I said- ,"For now a cupcake is fine, not an apple!" 3 years later due to low dose chemo I am moderately neutropenic, which causes me to become fatigued often after social settings with lots of food. Sooo, there ARE reasons for these guidelines.

  20. It's shocking to see how the medical, professional clique of the past was effectively killing patients with their stupid, charlatan "advice", putting them through more unnecessary misery they called a "cure" and shortening their lives significantly. All it needed was to do some bloody research and use a common sense! It's sickening to listen to these stories today!

  21. Corruption is written silently right into law for these criminal entities! They have us by birth already involved in prenatal care.

  22. Thank you Dr. G. Your crusade to get the best science to the people (and even to medical practitioners) will not be in vane. You have done a true service to humanity that will eventually be recognized for how significant it really is. Keep going no matter what and I recommend trying to get a Netflix special set up as well to get your literature reviews to everyone!

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