Is Bacon Good For You? – How Healthy Is Bacon – Health Benefits of Bacon

Is Bacon Good For You? – How Healthy Is Bacon – Health Benefits of Bacon

on base then we talking about other
through Z we everyday im kinda the good and the bad
par evolve on arm isn’t about you I liked it Kevin
know when I eating sometimes I really don’t care you know
I’m just gonna you what I like anyway but on happy to come to share what I’ve
learned with you guys know I’m not a up certified nutritionist ur you know
this that or the other um but I have done the research these
are things that on people have requested these are
things that UT every single day the you know I’ve done the research for
on and basically I come up with some reasons why they can be bad for your
good for you why they should be included in your diet why you should never touch
certain foods and again for everybody this is going to be different because
everybody has different diet needs and things like that but today we’re going
to talk about bacon is bacon good for you right they can some other things it
everybody loves like I love a Canadian all the time um and once I decide to do research on
bacon I I really had no bad feelings about me
now a lot of people do I for some reason everybody thinks that
bacon this is unhealthy, nasty fatty disgusting really comes from bigamy absolutely comes from Pitt um but who cares it’s good yeah I had taste
great um so again I’m gonna talk about some
different things why bacon is healthy can be good for you for someone tell you
about some that participate now courses can be fat they can
sometimes the contents gonna be a little high but about 50 percent I’ll the that bacon is gonna be mono-unsaturated fat right
now that’s the same facts and halal right everybody’s gone to our good for good
for you is a heart-healthy it really is so and
what’s the deal there there’s not really an issue on now about forty percent a fat bacon good for you is a saturated that on you know and it’s it’s interesting the the others being a few years ago
saturated fat ass is so bad don’t be too much of it other studies
now have actually shown it’s really not that you know just like anything else you did
moderation I the other downside if they can as a its
high in cholesterol now other cool things come out recently
here we figured out as a human race or whatever on is a class reversal actually like Ian cholesterol doesn’t affect high
cholesterol levels as an adult so few the makin and sausage
in all things everybody says have high cholesterol on it’s not really
gonna make it affect on you as an adult like know here
a lot better when I was a kid I have high cholesterol thats marva a gene thing as more of a something that you get pass down the line that’s
just no few people have it some don’t whatever competition we ought to say I
cholesterol actually not no its not in effect your high
cholesterol in the future on to thats again that’s something you
really don’t have to worry about com now the one downside is is this bacon is healthy contains what’s called
poly unsaturated fats which like basically dozer your Omega fast you know your Omega 30 banker
whatever on think they can is it contains omega 6 that Witcher like the bad fast for you you know they’re not basically all want
too much fat in your diet so again everything comes in moderation now the khobar is everybody he sees most Hwy food with omega-6 naked you
know who knows how much for really is it can
affect you no nah not really are mostly studies have
shown that you know the Malo mega six fast you get
during day matter which you use on has really no
effect on you so I wouldn’t worry about it too much now the cool part is if you go to her
story cheese bacon from like pasteurized K our pastor they
whatever on there was a pace that you to natural
diet those appeaser Pharm Res people feed
them certain things on any you don’t worry about that stuff and
a lot they can you buy in the store is from those kinda pics on his last
turkey bacon your turkey bacon is healthy is a little healthier a little bit
healthier on the normal bacon personally I like the
taste the turkey bacon better maybe that’s just me on but anyway I again you get that the the pastor TX on you have to worry about
those omega-6 at passes everybody’s about you
know again don t worry about the cholesterol in the
in the no saturated fat because you know do your research is way
overdone way overdone alright so I’m now women talk about his
art is basically wide big can actually be good for you
now the cool part is a everybody thinks it beijing’s like
this terrible discussing things we like I
said in the beginning on but they can’t actually be good for
you in several ways one of them is actually
you know if your child please wait you’re trying to go on a diet everybody lightened chicken vision lean
ground beef Bacon’s right there with it actually is
bacon good for you, it has on a higher protein content than most
chicken I and beef-based products and a a lower
amount a carbohydrates you know so you know deal with the way chicken works
the way everybody wants GATT the reason why everybody watching the
chicken his taste a more energy for your body digest it
takes more calories more pars I’m free by to digest chicken than it
actually brings injured by see I’m sayin bacon does the
same thing out a way actually has a higher level dan most chicken and beef products I am which is pretty cool right down now
again all along the same line I am CaRMS too many cars too many
carbohydrates are a is the main reason for gaining that undesirable areas areas you don’t want
that to be ball buster for men and women again they can has
less than most beef and chicken fries and more protein now approaching its in
bacon is actually more energizing it’s a
little bit the and what would you call it on beefed-up
protein I guess it’s very energizing hell should build
strong lean muscle on and so you know I say absolutely with baking diet you know if you want
this fitness freezes for his period I’m trying to get caught I’m trying to get you know this way on against the
research on they can you find it actually is a that
if you’re trying to lose weight I from so again I baking can actually be really good for you now on one of the
things I found is a typical 100 gram a portion a pro-beijing taste
37 grams approaching to get high quality animal protein on you know that this is good for you 100
gram serving right which I sing a lot but whatever i loveeee the
all-time arms I’m gonna get that 37 grams protein
right now it again for you guys that are trying to build mass with bacon whatever on you know typically wanna get a like you take your way protein immediately
one-and-a-half times that amount you know like me for instance when I was
trying to hold up a while back I was doing now weighed about 180 so for me I was trying
to get about 200 grams approaching I as I he spread out throughout the day
a good are the chest you don’t want your body digested all so fast like this um so now one other downside the bacon is good for you
it very high in sodium right at something
again i think is way overdone way overblown a I would worry about I really wouldn’t
worry about on now if you have a high blood pressure already that so you
have some you gotta try to avoid again wash which he is all
proportion you know is bacon healthy for you debated say something
else out have is yeah I think everybody loves
bacon does right I’m so why the other benefits we have here on is a basically hybrid few studies actually
say on the baking actually lower blood
pressure on and fleischer levels I’m so basically what that does is her best
things like heart attacks strokes diabetes stuff like that all the good stuff as just me I pray he
stays about it everything anything it’s contradictory
that answer yet the research but I’m is here to tell you what I’ve learned that research again everybody loves
bacon I’d love to tell you about why you
should use my usual pretty dot I I now I defy one study that
was really interesting to me and said that they can can actually help you on help elevate your mood hell you know take the stress levels down um have you ever seen anybody even bake in
it not happy I mean you tell me if you’ve ever seen
someone eating bacon and they’re not enjoying it or not in a
good mood eating bacon a maybe I’m wrong but I’ve
never seen personally okay I me makin I’m in love I I’m the
happiest guy in the world right so again this is for study I saw on so thanks for watching on K those are the ups and downs obey right
there again I think the benefits bacon way out extremely outweigh the wrist picket right against the research
figured out herself one and is here to tell you what I found
out that a research on this is something I meant so because
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my research I’ll give you the facts ups and downs
and no share with you so thank you for watching

15 Replies to “Is Bacon Good For You? – How Healthy Is Bacon – Health Benefits of Bacon

  1. EverydayFoodReviews, Im deeply concerned regarding the information that comes out of your mouth this very video. The real reason why people suggest alot of chicken when trying to loose weight is not because the body burns calories when trying to digest it, its because its low in fat and carbs, meanwhile bacon is packed with fats.

  2. thk man for the info 🙂 not many people realise this but I always appreciate when someone takes the time to help and inform other people (especially for free on youtube) I started to watch a bit more what I'm eating and starting to workout and to be honest I'm REALLY happy bacon isn'T that bad lollll (in moderation of course) I love bacon 🙂

  3. I also  have been researching all the food  I eat and if all I hear about fats is true  bacon can't  be bad for you .  YEE HA  

  4. you are rong about trans fats I have did personal studies on it and have found its bad but yes eating bacon eggs and tost and ornge juice every day and eating the same the rest of the day will actuly lower the bad chlestrol and help you to loose waght and this is cus the body needs food that has good fats and energy and proteen foods in the morning to get you going during the day. if you search the internet thear is a diet called the bacon diet and it dus work.

  5. buy the way to the people that do fitness you want to last longer and be healthy and have more muscle drink beet juice every day. also if you have high blood pressure you can get off the pills eating better and drinking a mic of 1 oz prune juice 1 oz red grapefruit juice and 1 oz red beet juice every day it will get you off the meds just mix them in a glass drink them down first thing in the morning on a empty stomic after drinking a 16 oz glass of water as soon as you wake up

  6. I don't eat bacon very often. I do see some benefit to it. And, like anything else, all good things in moderation. You may like my video on what I learned about bacon. The bottom line, you've got an very informative video. Thanks.

  7. Dude you Rock, it's true fat burns fat,like the video, there is so much bullshit out there about bacon, Everytime I eat bacon and eggs I get slimmer and trimmer and I stay satisfied and full all day. Thanks bro

  8. I heard from some people that bacon increases your chances of getting cancer or heart disease. Is that true? I don't believe it. I love bacon. Xtra bacon. Awesome vid btw bro 👍😄

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