All right! So 2nd episode of Tea Time Tuesday today and instead of tea this time we’re gonna be enjoying a coffee together, as promised! Now I just wanted to take a quick second to say that your comments and your support in the last Tea Time Tuesday video meant more than you could possibly know, so thank you. and I thought today would be rather fitting if we chatted a little bit about coffee I’m a really inconsistent coffee drinker. I go without it for weeks sometimes. I think more often I might enjoy a cup a day, maybe two but back in my university days, man I used to have like 4 to 6 cups easily, sometimes to get myself through exam weeks It’s always been really intriguing for me to read the mixed messages that are out there about coffee You know. Is it healthy? Or is it unhealthy? And generally I just feel like any time that there’s controversy with anything nutrition related It’s probably because there’s some truth to both sides of the story So on the one hand coffee does have some disadvantages So for example it can increase blood pressure, It’s been linked with insomnia which might not be a surprise It can decrease our body’s ability to absorb certain nutrients like zinc and iron, so if you’re someone who’s taking supplements, you might want to avoid taking it with your coffee And I think that sometimes coffee just gets a really bad rap because of the amount of sugar and cream people can add to it sometimes But on the flip side there are also benefits to coffee Aside from it just being comforting for a lot of people, it also can help us be more alert when we need it and it’s also been linked with decreasing the risk of certain kinds of diseases and some major cancers as well So if you want to make sure that you’re getting some of the potential health benefits while decreasing the risk of some of those disadvantages you just want to make sure that you’re limiting your coffee intake to about 2 to 3 cups per day But what does that mean? Because coffee cups come in all different shapes and sizes? So when looking at these cups, which cup size do you think I’m talking about? So I’m talking about a cup size that looks like this – like the one you’re enjoying so about two hundred and fifty milliliters Not like the cup sizes you can get at Starbucks, which the largest one, which looks something like this That’s about two cups right there already Now if you’re someone who feels like you maybe drink a little bit too much coffee and you’re looking to decrease your intake we have some tips for you in the coffee article on a blog so we’ll leave that link below There’s also a lot more information about caffeine in general in that post So feel free to check it out if you want to learn more Now I have a question for you Do you think that coffee is dehydrating? Contrary to popular belief, it’s actually not. Cause when you drink coffee, it doesn’t cause you to lose more water than the amount of water that was in that coffee that you drink so it’s not dehydrating, but it’s not necessarily as hydrating as something like water So I think we now know why there’s so many arguments for and against coffee right? It’s a really hot topic But generally speaking, coffee is not bad for us so long as it’s consumed in moderation But now I’m curious to know are you somebody who even enjoys coffee, or are you a tea person? Or do you like both? Or neither? Let me know by sharing in the comments if you enjoyed our quality time together Be sure to hit that thumbs up button It always means a lot when you do and thank you! For enjoying this here cup of coffee with me or whatever it is you chose to enjoy today And until next time, hope you have an awesome week!

100 Replies to “IS COFFEE UNHEALTHY… or healthy?

  1. Hola. No soy de ni de café ni de té. Soy de chocolate. ¿ Has hablado alguna vez del chocolate ? Gracias.

  2. Not what I expected but happy about it! Haha I’ve went from being a tea conneseur to being a regular coffee drinker since moving to Europe – and having a child 🙂

  3. Coffee, Coffee, Coffee. Did I mention coffer? 🙂 I only drink one cup a day, though…and I hate Starbucks!

  4. Wow! I was just thinking about your thoughts about coffee, because I always see you drinking tea. I am happy to know that coffee is alright. I drink about 7 oz a day, and I do add two small teaspoons of unrefined sugar. What I have changed is that coffee is not the first thing I have in the instead, I go for the water with oranges slices and oats with fruits, then coffee 🙂

  5. I love your videos…. very informative and yet fun to watch . I love coffee ….. but I try and restrict my coffee intake to 2 cups

  6. i your your videos and watch them all the time. and am the only 12 year old i know that loves to be healthy. i am a tea person all the way.

  7. You are talking about black coffee, will it be equally healthy if added milk n sugar? I can't have black coffee, any substitute??

  8. I am a coffee lover, I love this video it is very informative, as the rest of your videos. Please keep it up.

  9. i agree with viewer (w0nderlay) here your voice is soothing PodCast is good idea. Videos are effectively made to provide more information in less time. Thanks for keeping short and informative

  10. Hey Sadia,
    Your videos have changed my lifestyle a lot. I am always keen to adapt healthy habits in my lifestyle. Your channel has helped me to stay motivated. Thank you so much for inspiring us so much.

    I am very enthusiastic about mental health too. I follow Sister Shivani and she is another woman who has helped me become more calm, peaceful in life. If you feel like, you can listen to some of her lectures when you are free. Let me add a link for reference.

    Thank you again for creating a difference in othres' life 🙂

  11. This may seem creepy, but Sadia… your voice is so relaxing. I sometimes just turn on your videos and continue doing my everyday work. 😅
    Also, I LOVE tea. Indian masala chai. 😊

  12. Yah i love coffee with my best friend… I usually don't have tea… I have it on family gatherings… Specially in rainy weather or winter in India…

  13. I'm never really enticed by the smell of tea. I've tried really hard to be a tea drinker because I know how healthy it is, but honestly… meh. I just bought a nice Chai one, which may be a little bolder so we'll see how that goes. But man, if I smell coffee I want it!! I normally drink organic/fair trade decaf at home, with plenty of nut milk and some stevia. That's my favorite way to enjoy it. I only have regular coffee if I'm out (before noon) and then it feels like a treat, and keeps me energized for the day. Like you, though, I can go without it for days or even weeks.

  14. 2-3 cups a day?! That’s excessive. Let’s talk about the hormonal imbalances regarding the over consumption of coffee.

  15. I love coffee and tea aswell. Recently I noticed everytime I drink coffee later on I would get angry! So I only drink decaf for the rich taste

  16. I love coffee and tea aswell. Recently I noticed everytime I drink coffee later on I would get angry! So I only drink decaf for the rich taste

  17. You are so positive, it's delightful to listen to you. Thank you for being part of the movement making the earth a better place.

  18. I m a coffee person and all the time i had this doubt … i wll continue having a cup of coffee .. tq so much … for sharing it with us i love ur smile … and i always learn something new from your channel never skipped or felt unhappy with time concern ..

  19. Oh I definitely am a tea person! Sometimes I just feel off and I cant figure out why, until I have a cup and suddenly all is well again!:)

  20. I stopped drinking coffee a few years ago because of acid reflux but I just started adding it back into my diet as I don’t have problems with acid reflux anymore (it was really bad and I weaned myself off of the medication and completely healed it through my diet) … I drink a cup of cold brew coffee 2-4 times a week and it has been a wonderful addition to my routine! Cold brew is less acidic for anyone struggling with that part

  21. I love both, tea and coffee.
    Peppermint tea is my go-to tea at the moment, just love it 😍 I don't need coffee because of the caffeine, I only enjoy the taste of it with some oatmilk. Very interesting video, thanks!

  22. I really love my morning coffee (and sometimes another cup in the afternoon), but in the evening it's herbal tea I'm craving, usually rooibos or lavender. Love the positivity and the soothing quality in your videos💕

  23. hey I love watching your videos, they are inspiring…although I request you to make a elaborate video on what tea to consume and how to make healthy teas, their types, tea for go to drink etc.

  24. Your channel inspires me & makes me aware about making healthy choices in life. You share great information with no clutter & a soothing voice.
    Keep inspiring & motivating people like this always 💖

  25. why do I have now your titles and description in Polish ( my mothertongue). I don't like it. How can I change it to English back???!!!

  26. Thank you. You brightened my morning! Time for coffee! But what about instant coffee? Going back to buying organic whole beans. How do you use a press? What's the best one and where can I get it?

  27. I recently began making my morning coffee weak, so I can drink more and get more hydration first thing. I add milk for a little more flavor.

  28. Your videography is always stunning! It really reminds me to slow down and appreciate the beauty in the simple things I encounter from day to day. I drink coffee in the morning, black tea in the afternoon, and herbal tea in the evening. 🙂

  29. Coffee is really refreshing, especially in the morning….in the place where i stay, south India, it is the most preferred drink…as always too much is too bad…
    Coffee is a diuretic and so its good to know our limits…

  30. Coffeeeeee.
    All the way. But unfortunately, my body does not react well to black coffee, chugged a lot in college. and you're right about the sugar. So started adding milk to it and shifted to brown sugar. Balances things out

  31. I have a heart condition so coffee isnt good for me. But I drink anyway just being careful about it becouse if I dont my heart start hurting. By the way I am a tea person.

  32. this was really good, thanks Sadia. I would love to see another video on coffee where you add some light on variety of roast with nutrients in them.

  33. I typically drink coffee every morning. I love the caffeine buzz I get and the ceremony of making and drinking coffee or sharing time with friends at a coffee shop. I never imagined I could happily go without coffee during the work week, but I have. I invested in a good blender and have been making Matcha smoothies every morning, I stay satisfied until lunch and have consistent energy all day long. I do still love coffee and plan to still enjoy it as often as I like. Its just that now I don't believe I have to have it to function

  34. It's not really how many cups you have, it's how strong is your coffee. Eg in my country we drink espresso but 2-3 250ml cups of that would be way too much.

  35. I am not addicted to coffee. 😁 its weird but coffee is like pizza for me.i crave for these things once in a week may be.😐

  36. Hi Nadia,
    I stopped drinking coffee when I was pregnant. When I had my daughter I got back to drinking 2 cups of coffee daily. It's been a year since I quit coffee for good. Because I want to go to bed early 10ish and whenever I drink coffee I couldn't fall asleep untill about 2am!! Now I make a powder of roasted coriander seeds, cumin seeds and fenugreek seeds. Boil the powder in water ,add half a cup of milk.This an ancient Indian drink. i have said my insomnia goodbye.

  37. I loooOoOOOoooOve coffee. But I have anxiety and a sometimes irregular heartbeat that are exacerbated by caffeine. So I still drink two to three homemade espresso drinks per day but I make my morning cups half decaf and any after that decaf.

  38. Thank you for this! I can now let go of some of th guilt I have with my cup of coffee each morning. I love coffee. It's been a huge part of my family and life and even career!

  39. Is coffee good for people who suffer from migraine…
    Is there some alternative to stay awake full night without a cup of coffee

  40. I’m a coffee person and used to overdo it. Now I enjoy half-caff (non-chemical) most mornings, and usually just two cups. ☕️☕️ I love your videos! We made the Thai Red Curry Noodle Soup with Tofu tonight instead of ordering takeout. Thanks for the save! 😁💛🍋

  41. I love coffee, but I feel like I become more short tempered when I drink it. I don't want to risk biting somebody's head off especially now that I have a roommate.

  42. Thanks a lot for the video! I don't drink tea because I just don't like the smell of the tea leaves. I don't know why. And I'm the only coffee consumer on my family!

  43. Hi my daughter recommended your channel to me. 🙂  For years I just drank tea, until a month ago when I started a Vegan Keto plan & tried coffee with coconut in it now I love it. So I have 2-3 cups of tea & 1-2 cups of organic coffee a day. Good info thanks

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