Is It Illegal To Be Overweight In Japan?

did you know that it is illegal to be
overweight japan no it is illegal now all ka in japan enforces uh… a standard that week in japan and i didn’t know about this until i came across a block right i read
the blog i might know superficially not believing it so i looked it up and the new york times publish an
article about this the l_a_ times publish an article about this in the
past several other smaller publications uh… wrote about this right and this is
a lot of passing two thousand eight and i have to share with our audience
’cause i thought it was incredible now what i believe and as if the story i
don’t know what what i saw predicting here are probable i’ll believe that they
sell right now if you’re over that way there’s certain things kick and then you
can prior to him of the socialist healthcare they’re or
this for that but they’re not gonna put you in jail
for no no no they’re not going to change a little bit i will be consequences by uh… by the government even adult uh… meet certain great weight requires
okay so that’s very interesting what are the consequences so all tell you the
consequences are but let me tell you what the standards of the sort of you
what is considered healthy weight for men and women altogether and would who uh… my senses i would be a legal
in japan okay um… seldom baseline for males needs to
be thirty three point five inches thirty during that engines thirty three
point five inches for male i have been very great adventure since junior high and except the pot couple on
bed united’s was a pretty good shape ready i was thirty four on uh… waistline for females even a little more leeway thirty five
point four inches why did you just need to be better i don’t know i’m guessing you know carry
more weight having babies uh… already because the
report prior to women are they not mercy this is crazy i know it’s insane it
thank enactment racist white house that uh… thirty five percent of americans are last five percent japanese people
repeats i well maybe if we made illegal not as many would be a bit think about it right that’s your no it’s not you’ll
ever forget that i would never passes other
appropriate they double was that we would go i sort of one of the got
scrapped so i’m going to pass health care coverage companies administer
checkups to employees once again those who failed to meet the waistline
requirement must undergo counseling if companies do not reduce the number of
overweight employees by ten percent by twenty twelve and twenty five percent point twenty
fifteen it could be required to pay more money
into the health care program for the elderly an estimated fifty six million
japanese will have to wait thanks measured all right now uh… look then saying
it’s illegal is a little search right because their consequences bad financial
consequences for your employer and even pass that onto you so that’s really and it can wait everybody and that’s a
real and in the air so now you know to disfigure mapping and i would hate if somebody came to me
and sorry callously me i i run four five times of the week right an electoral
came at my watch have a need to reduce your hand and if you have any fried
chicken this we have good but i think that capsules that that
would not go well break but it was it up with the region no
exactly what the democratic but you know some people feel it’s really bad speak
as you know they have to as they’re getting alleged to have to lift up their
shared aria and um… and you know until they get it states
that this is the senate look you know the funny thing is
republican description of our government in your best known of the house man
right our government and getting their business uh… all compared to other
governments throughout the country every word so center right on the political
spectrum if you ask me if you look at the rest of the dot world uh… but this is again in this this was
way too much it’s way too much and standard is ridiculous and it these are
unrealistic expectations that’s too skinny format now of course japanese are different the uh… admire rioted ever build an
america build a center center but still rate thirty three and a half tsp of pc average waistline from male in the
united states is thirty nine inches approx but don’t bet event engendered
made every scummy pulls into american they required american company would
ever like no revenue a lot of way like elsewhere going on here watch allies showed twenty four seven at the altar of circle

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