Is recovery a choice? Twitter Thursday! #KatiFAQ | Kati Morton

Is recovery a choice? Twitter Thursday! #KatiFAQ | Kati Morton

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  1. Question 1:  It might be depression but she might be trying to control the relationship… That is my take.. She wants control and possibly to drag him down to her level of depression.    Misery loves company is a true statement.

  2. "This is some good shit right here." ….OMG I AM CRACKING UP. THANK YOU, Kati! Seriously…I sincerely needed that laugh. 

  3. To the person who asked about recovery being a process, here's how I kinda see it.
    Think of it like a line graph. A lot of the time we expect things to be linear, maybe a few downs, but as the line progresses the further up it generally goes. What we really have to learn is that or line graph in life may be all over the place. It may go back and forth and up and down with very little logic or reason. So instead of looking like a line it looks like a toddler's scribble, or a squiggle. Sometimes it's just about learning to “embrace the squiggle" and recognizing it as a normal part of the process. Because when we can do that it can make the setbacks and relapses a little easier.

  4. I really dig these questions and answers. 
    The 3rd question/answer makes me think of things like mood disorders or personality disorders. Like, I absolutely had to choose to work on my borderline stuff and work my ass off to make improvements (and still continue to try), but I always feel like there are some things I "can't help", you know? As in, things I don't feel I have full control over/things I wouldn't choose to do. Does that make sense? I mean, I am fully aware that I am responsible for my own words and actions, but if I didn't have this thing in my brain "making" me do these things I would never choose to do them…
     I feel like I'm making zero sense lol. I know this wasn't exactly what you were talking about in this video, but these are just things I've thought about for a long time and apparently I'm in the mood to write novella-length comments. Anyway, yet another great video. I'm glad you're feeling better! <3

  5. I paused the video to write my novella-length comment and I just got to the "Just keep swimming" part and I just want to say that I FREAKING LOVE DORY AKA ELLEN. 

  6. I like the recovery question, and your answer. And though of your facebook question yesterday about topics for mondayvideos. A video when you speak more about the choice to recover but it still being a process would be a really good one to be able to share with people around you. And also that it sometimes isn't just enough to just want to recover, you might actually need support and treatment. For some reason I've heard from so many people they think that treatment for mental illness will somehow just make you worse, or that it's just the treatment that makes you think your ill if you just get out of it you will see that it's just your imagination and the treatment that has made you this way etc.. There are just so many that think that mental illness is just problems that will go away if you just "get your act together".. It just makes me so frustrated.

    Also how to deal with diagnosis that you can not recover from would be nice. What you still can do even though recovery really isn't an option. For me it's asd/adhd, but I guess it goes for all chironic conditions, both physical and mental..

  7. Can anxiety GAD cause pins and needle pain in hands? I feel like I'm getting stabbed with needles in both hands. My doctors are telling me it's anxiety.

  8. What if you have been to like 20 sessions of therapy and still feel the same does this mean I'm forcing recovery on myself ? Does this mean I'm not ready for therapy? (ED) I only have 2 sessions left and I don't think those sessions would help.

  9. Hi Kati. I really liked the final question today: "is recovery a choice?". youre right, it is hard to call it a choice because then if you haven't done it already it feels like its a 'yes/no' thing that you haven't done so 'clearly your not putting in the effort'.
    However, I like to see it like a marriage, you are with it 'through sickness and in health'. Its on going and you've got to commit to it. Sometimes it will suck and other times it wont, but you are still choosing to stay in that relationship.
    "I have made the choice to be in a relationship with Recovery!"
    I find that sometimes helps so just thought Id just share that with you and fellow followers. Don't know if that'd help, hope it was okay that I mentioned it. Thank you xxx 🙂

  10. Thank you so much! This is just what I needed right now. This year, moving to college, has been very hard on my "recovery." I've really been feeling, as I get closer to the end of the year, that I'm not where I want to be or where I expected to be at this point. It's difficult to rationalise just how debilitating these thoughts can be. But there were a lot of setbacks this year (I've had to go on Zoloft, which is something I wouldn't have considered in the past, but desperate times…) and I've kept swimming. And I'll keep swimming 

  11. Love this whole video. So upbeat. it just made my day. As a person recovering from depression question 1 was very insightful. It helped me see what i have been putting my loved ones through. I will try hard to work on this. So glad you are feeling better:)

  12. Thankyou @Kati Morton I thought this was a great video, good questions. I can relate to the feeling like your faking it? Like my negative voice tells me I'm not ill, there's nothing wrong with me & I don't need help nothing is wrong & everyone has these thoughts/feelings. Then I feel bad for trying to get help and it's like I need reassurance from my GP & psychiatrist etc that I'm not well and I do need & deserve help.
    With regards to the last question about recovery I have too keep reminding myself that it's ok to be struggling and I am trying really hard but things don't always happen when you want them to, it's a process. It's really annoying for me cos I feel I have multiple voices/personalities/thoughts. Like right now I'm talking logically/ normally / positively and "the right thoughts" thoughts that will help me, but so many times during the day (or from hour to hour) I don't think this way and my thoughts are so detrimental to my recovery and my health. I can be my worst nightmare. This voice tells me I'm better of dead, I don't deserve recovery/help. I don't know if it my thoughts or not??
    I find it impossible to think this positive way all the time tho.
    But anyways, thanks for another brilliant video and I proper laughed when u were like *sniff… "Some good shit right there" loooool xxx

  13. I have a really hard time dealing with the fact that recovery is a choice. People tell me that if I don't want help, nothing is going to help me. But what if I'm never going to want to get help? Am I just screwed then? And that makes the thoughts of suicide even worse. I am stuck.

  14. i am so far behind in youtubeland thx for this awesomely ha bisky vid but i have been extremely busy so that is kind of good

  15. Wow, to be honest, your answer to question two made me really relieved. I just checked whether I would actually fake anything for the attention and put in that time and I guess I wouldn't, like, I would just want to be normal really. Also I thought, what is the actual reason for my dysthymia and ptsd and because I know that reason I believe it is actually real and needs to be tackled. I actually talked about it with my psychologist the other day and then you mentioned it in this video.

  16. I'm a determinist and as such I don't believe anything is a choice. At all. Hypothetically speaking, I believe that if a civilization was advanced enough and could measure every atom's position and momentum in the universe and had absolute knowledge of every process physically possible, they'd be able to predict whether I decide to eat at McD's or Subway tomorrow. However, due to the uncertainty principle this is impossible.

    There is a reason for every choice we make. Always. I feel it's important to attempt to positively influence others and be the reason others choose to recover. But there's a reason I feel that.

  17. "Some good shit right here." Hehe. Most things we do in life are indeed a choice of ours, or a choice of the people around us. Choosing to work on an issue and it being a path to choose is a good way to think of it.

  18. I'm sorry, but no. Being a therapist and professing that recovery is a choice is too easy. It gives you an easy out when assessing the viability of your work as you can always place the blame on the victim. I think you need to seriously reconsider your viewpoint.

  19. i think this kind of goes along with what you said but i feel like for ME i have to realize that yes it IS a choice. however, at times recovery or doing the right thing is not an EASY choice. sometimes it is so hard and i struggle and i dont know how I'm going to get through it. recognizing that its a choice but not always an easy one helps me alot. Validate the struggle.

  20. I will agree life is like a bicycle but if you keep moving when you come to an intersection you might get hit by a cement truck. So that is why you need life insurance and make sure you have a balance in the bank so you can go to the emergency room. So you can have the choice of recovery or be an organ donor.

  21. My boyfriend left me and I'm sure it was due to my mood swings and irrevitability which were caused by depression. I tried so hard to be sweet and show that I loved him and I know he knew I did but the dark moments were too much for him. It makes me sad to have lost him but I think it's for the best. When you're hurting someone with your toxicity, it isn't fair.

  22. It's a huge wall to climb over, you can choose to climb over it or not, but maybe without someone to show you the footholds you won't be able to start, maybe you won't be strong enough, maybe you'll slip and fall a few times.

    so is it a choice to climb over the wall?

  23. Similarly, I believe happiness is a choice. That doesn’t mean you can just say “I’m going to be happy” and suddenly you are, all the time. It means you choose to work on positive thought and behavioural patterns, to focus on what brings you happiness, and to acknowledge that it’s healthy to have other emotions. Whether or not you struggle with mental illness, to not believe this is to believe you have no control over your life. It’s a profound sentiment; don’t just take it at face value.

  24. Sounds like your second question that person probably has a thyroid condition that has gone undiagnosed. Thyroid and mental health go hand in hand. Faking depression is not something I've heard of sounds like someone in your life is critical of you and putting ideas in your head.

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