Jacksepticeye Animated | Don’t Starve Together w/ Robin

Jacksepticeye Animated | Don’t Starve Together w/ Robin

(Whoopsh~) Top Of The Morning To You Laddies! My Name is Jacksepticeye and welcome back to Don’t Starve But this time it’s Don’t Starve Together And I got a little freindo *awkward silence* J: ON WE GO
*both laugh* R: Im just gonna get grass cuz that seems like a manageable task for me
J: Yea R: Hey I found Flint!! Is that good??
J: Yes, flint let’s you craft your weapons – and your – R: Hey there’s a suspicious marble here J: You’re on your own with that one, I’ve never found a suspicious marble R: *gets attacked by marble* Oh! It’s on my back R: HELP *runs in circles*
J: WHaaat R: WHAT DO I DO J: I DONT KNOW – I’VE NEVER SEEN THIS BEFORE R: Don’t go near that – it’s bees
J: I know it’s bees!! R: Im gonna examine it
*carries away his baby Robin* J: Uh oh………STICK with me R: How did you do that?? J: I made fire on the left
*Robin is confused* J: CLICK THE FIRE ICON ON THE LEFT J: See?
R: Oh WOW J: BEEFALO!! J: Okay, this is a good place for base camp R: Do we kill one of these and eat them??
J: NOOOO R: *is sad*
J: They’re really really valuable R: ..okay…Can I pick up his poo?? J: Yea – We – That’s actually like one of the most valuable assets in the game R: *lights shit on fire* NO I PUT IT ON FIRE J: DID YOU LIGHT THE POO ON FIRE R: …maybe… J: WE NEED THE POO
R: …okay.. J: Now I *shakes Robin* EWW NASTY R: Woah, that was a short night
J: Yea, the nights are pretty short J: I needa make a fire so I need to go get some logs
R: Mkay, so what do I do?? J: Ahh, keep getting – gathering grass and twigs J: There’s a lotta fuckin rizzity rabbits over here
R: Can I get em?? J: You can try *Robin tries and fails at trying to get a rabbit* J: You’re not gettin it – I can tell already that it’s not workin. You just needa stay home and make yourself a nice cocktail, Okay? R: Okay – I’ll make a bunny and poo cocktail cuz that’s all I have R: Hey what is this?? It’s a little pond…and a frog
J: Ponds good, we can fish there *Robin gets attacked by yet another thing* Ow – Gee – WHATNO R: FROG!! There’s a frog and the frog is licking me
J: Ah, get away from em – frogs are bad R: Okay *smacks frog with poor innocent rabbit* J: I’m building a science machine
R: Sure, I’m gonna inspect this suspicious dirt pile J: SCIENCE…….ACTIVATE R: *is scared* It’s really dark now. What’s flowers for?? Other than.. R: BEING PRETTY J: You can craft a hat out of them – a garland J: LIKE A TUMBLR FLOWER CROWN R: Woah *get’s bit by something* R: Something bit me… J: Was it the dancing fever of the night?? R: *is more scared* …i don’t know..i don’t have…ow *Gravestone drops from the heavens* J: *reading* Pixl was killed by the darkness
R: Darkness kills you?? J: YEAH!! Probably should’ve mentioned that that’s why you need a light during nighttime R: Oh, I thought that that was just to see shit
J: Ah, now you’re a ghost
R: Yea R: I’m gonna come haunt you
J: NO DON’T DO THAT R: BOOOOOO *so spoopy*
R: *Creepy but cute laugh* R: It’s fine, I’ll walk it off J: It wasn’t the – it wasn’t the starvation that killed you at least, you lived up to the name of the game R: I didn’t starve………and now I’m roasting..
J: BURN FASTER, GHOST BITCH R: THANKS Outro song – I’m Everywhere by TeknoAXE
Captions: AlphaWolfBre

100 Replies to “Jacksepticeye Animated | Don’t Starve Together w/ Robin

  1. this is literally me and my friend playing dont starve lmao. I go around poking @ everything i shouldn't poke, and they rescue me everytime

  2. I love the creative liberties taken with this. Absolutely hilarious and adorable at the same time.

    Kinda wish there was a sequel, but what can you do.

  3. I want both Jacks and Robins designs in this video as skins in Don’t Starve Together. That be awesome!

  4. “Beefalo Poo is one of the most valuable ASSets in the game”

    I guarantee a lot of other people thought of that joke

    If not, you’re welcome

  5. How did u do dat amazed face I clicked the icon on the left wha click the fire icon on the left clicks left wow amazed

  6. I know this video came out two years ago, but this video makes me laugh!! The animation is fantastic and hilarious!!!

  7. quotes from jacksepticeye in this video .BURN FASTER GHOST BITCH,The poo is valuable,idk anymore and imma not watch it back.

  8. This reminds me of playing video games with my sister. I'd be Jack and she'd be Robin, never really knowing what to do and wan'ts to see everything (but not do any of the fun parts of the game)

  9. Hows Robin do it? Editing jacks videos and still have time for editing his?

    Fyi i’m not talking about this video. I mean all the videos jack makes daily.

  10. This animation is what's introduced me to Don't Starve, and after many years of playing it, the feel is so different from what Sean and Robin seemed to have been playing… I'm not complaining though, the game's great. I guess it's just different and kind of worn out.

  11. Jack needs to play don’t starve together again with all of the reworks, dlc characters, and the return of them updates.

  12. Jack: Just stand over there and make a cocktail or something.
    Robin: I made a poo and rabbit cocktail. Because it is all I have.

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