Jillian Michaels and Intermittent Fasting: Why She’s Wrong – Healthy Ketogenic Diet

Jillian Michaels and Intermittent Fasting: Why She’s Wrong – Healthy Ketogenic Diet

so recently I was online and I came
across a video from Jillian Michaels talking about intermittent fasting so
apparently some of her followers ask some questions about intermittent
fasting and she explained what it was today I want to talk about why what she
explained was actually incorrect and misleading hello everyone welcome to
Mind Blowing Health and Wellness wtih Violet I’m Violet I’m a psychologist
the reason I make these videos is because I want to make sure that you
understand that your mental health and physical health come together to create
that overall sense of well-being if you find this kind of video helpful please
consider subscribing so the first thing I want to point out is that miss
Michaels starts off the video by saying by contradicting herself first thing we
have to address is what is fasting actually mean so a lot of people make
the mistake of thinking fasting is synonymous with not eating or
dramatically reducing your calories which it is fasting is simply a period
of time where you’re not eating it doesn’t mean you’re eating less so
adding and restricting calories was just a way of trying to say that what
everybody says is not what it is but nobody says that intermittent fasting is
restricting calories we’re quite aware that intermittent fasting is fasting but
I really do believe that that first statement sets the tone for everything
else she says in the video because she goes on to say that intermittent fasting
is simply breakfast intermittent fasting has been around for thousands and
thousands of years it’s actually called breakfast otherwise known as breaking
the fast and what she meant by that is that if you get up in the morning eat
three to four times a day go to sleep at night and repeat you’re doing
intermittent fasting that’s not accurate are you fasting overnight I absolutely
agree we are all fasting overnight because we don’t eat overnight and
overnight is a long enough period of time
that we could technically consider that a fast however when I say your
intermittent fasting well no because you’re doing it daily that’s the typical
way that every American Canadian European African like the world eats
that way intermittent fasting is about specifically allowing yourself periods
of time where you would have been eating that you don’t and you’re doing this for
a purpose and she’s correct when she said the reasons that we’re doing it for
a tapa G and apoptosis yes and so I’m not disagreeing with that but
what I’m trying to help everyone to understand is that right away miss
Michaels starts off by saying whatever you’re doing just keep doing it you’re
already doing intermittent fasting and that’s not reality if we look right away
at the fact that miss Michaels continues to encourage us to eat four times a day
and we know that in order to get benefit from intermittent fasting the fasting
period that you are going to engage should be approximately 16 to 18 hours
long the math of what she says to do breakfast snack lunch dinner with three
to four hours apart doesn’t give you enough time to get to sixteen hours
again starting there miss Michaels in this video although she’s claiming to be
telling you how to appropriately do intermittent fasting is encouraging you
to continue to eat the way you’ve been eating and calling that intermittent
fasting I don’t think that there’s anyone who’s gonna disagree that that’s
misleading people what’s frustrating here is that I believe Miss Michaels is
trying to rather than teach us what intermittent fasting is keep us doing
typical behavior and why would she want that you know a lot of people are gonna
say oh it’s because if she keeps us doing typical behavior then she can sell
his products I don’t know is that what she’s doing I’m leaving that to you guys
to the side all I know is that if we eat four times a day with three to four hour
intervals between we do not allow ourselves to get into an intermittent
fasting situation or even at our restricted eating situation because
we’re eating over the course of 12 hours so that’s the typical what everybody
does miss Michaels also presents that eating
four times a day is healthy and you know it depends on who you are whether even
four times a day is going to be healthy enough for you I still don’t think it’s
a healthy thing for people to do long term but here’s the thing
if I’m insulin sensitive then when I eat a meal my body is going to be able to do
with those carbohydrates what they’re supposed to do with them so my insulin
is gonna work appropriately what that means is that it’s gonna burn it’s gonna
help my body to burn whatever carbs it can and then it’s gonna put away what
needs to be put away but if I’m insulin sensitive and if I’m relatively eating a
moderate amount of carbohydrates so I’m not even talking about keto numbers now
I’m just talking about you know anything close to low-carb
I will see that my body weight will remain stable here’s a question I have
for everyone does it mean that because my body weight becomes remain stable
that the carbohydrates are not doing things in my body that are damaging and
the answer to that question is actually not so do I agree that if your insulin
sensitive you can eat a normal four times a day for a period of years and
not gain weight or not gain excessive weight I do agree with that do I think
that you can do that indefinitely I don’t agree with that do I feel like
while you’re doing it it’s not affecting your body I do not agree with that you
know one of the things that dr. Seif has said to me when when I was speaking to
him was that it doesn’t matter if I burn off the calories if I’ve eaten the sugar
I’ve eaten the sugar so whatever is gonna do to my arteries my liver my
pancreas like whatever it’s doing to my internals it’s doing to them whether I
was able to burn off the energy that would have been sort of fat or not and
he was very clear with me that what I need to understand is that eating
excessive carbohydrates which is more than 20 grams of carbs per day will in
the long term back to my health he didn’t care if I
was working out or not so I say this because I want people to understand that
it’s not only about being overweight there are a lot of people who are at the
correct weight and they have diabetes or heart issues or stroke issues or
Alzheimers or right it’s not only about being overweight the other thing that
Julia Michael says is that the quality of the calories don’t matter and I’m I’m
not gonna spend a lot of time on this guy spoken about a lot of times before
but I just want to remind people that when you eat any food your insulin rises
and the more insulin you have floating around in your body the more for the for
it and for longer periods of time the more that you are pushing yourself
towards insulin resistance the same way that when we drink alcohol the more
often we drink alcohol and the more we have in our system for any period of
time pushes us towards alcoholism right so it’s a resistance issue that we’re
trying to solve here so since we have to eat every day we don’t have to eat every
day but since we generally eat every day then if we were eating every day and
we’re allowing ourselves to eat whatever kind of calories we want so that means
carbohydrate calories then we need to be conscious of the fact that the insulin
response that we get from carbohydrates is the maximum response versus the
insulin response we get from facts is the minimum response and the insulin
response we get from protein is in between the two why is that important
because yes the quality of the calorie you eat does impact whether or not your
body will store that energy away as fat but it also impacts what your body is
able to do with what you’ve eaten again we have to keep in mind that
carbohydrates cause inflammation carbohydrates are actually quite
damaging within the body fats are not damaging within the body protein is a
building block that we need to build her body so the idea that
if I have a choice between eating a building block or eating carbs I
shouldn’t care which one I choose or the idea that I have a choice between eating
fat a clean energy source versus carbs not so clean energy source I shouldn’t
care which one I choose is a fault as a false idea I need to know that though in
order to understand what she’s actually telling me to do I want to take this
idea of what the actual calorie source does in the body a step further since I
know that calories from carbohydrates also affect my insulin levels and if and
since I know that having high insulin levels over a period of time makes me
more resistant to the effects of insulin in my body and since I know that if I
have hyperinsulinemia then my body is much more likely to store any energy
that comes in alongside carbohydrates away as fat so carbs and they hate with
the carbs then what’s important to me to recognize here is that the calories in
calories out idea doesn’t actually work the way that she’s saying because her
statement was the only thing that works for weight loss is calories in calories
out doesn’t matter how healthy the food is
here’s my problem with that what my body does with the food that I eat if I’m
insulin sensitive or if I’m insulin resistant so hyperinsulinemia
makes a difference you see when I have insulin resistance and you eat
carbohydrates your body is much more likely to be in storage mode and so even
if you are exercising because you are insulin resistant and you have so much
insulin in your body at all times when carbohydrates come in there quickly
shuffled into storage because the insulin response that your body does
when you eat any carbohydrates is much more intense because of the level of
insulin in your body to begin with you’re not allow your body
is not going like back to baseline the way that an insulin sensitive person’s
body will go back to baseline in terms of insulin in the body and this idea
that calories in equals calories out and that this is something that you can do
over time doesn’t take into consideration that when we lower our
calorie intake and we do that for an extended period of time our metabolism
changes to match the calories that we’re eating which slows down our body which
solute means that our body isn’t expending as much energy so we feel
fatigued and like a bunch of processes happen the we are not a closed system
and this is the mistake that nutritionists and fitness people make
all the time energy in energy out only works in a closed system we’re not a
closed system because we have other processes that can impact whether or not
the energy that we intake will be used in the same way every time and this is
something we’re all aware of when you’re ill the amount of energy that you need
to take in is not the same as when you’re healthy
right so it’s not as easy as calories and calories out I find this a very
frustrating video only because I feel like the video was created to keep
people doing what they’re already doing and I’m making the big guests here that
the people that reached out to Jillian Michaels to understand intermittent
fasting are not people who are at the weight they want to be at or are not
people who have zero medical issues I have the feeling that people who are
gonna reach out to her to understand how to do this properly are people who have
medical issues to solve and wait to lose and if I have medical issues to solve
and wait to lose and in your explanation to me of what intermittent fasting is
you tell me to just keep doing what I’m already doing but what I’m already doing
is eating a normal day going to sleep waking up and repeat then you’re not
actually helping me to solve any medical issue that I might have I feel like that
is not only irresponsible but there what’s
the agenda behind doing something like that how difficult would it have been to
explain that intermittent fasting is not eating for periods of time on if every
third day kind of basis to shake things up so that your body doesn’t know when
it’s not going to get food versus time restricted eating is not eating let’s
say sixteen out of the twenty-four hours anywhere up to eating once a day
that’s time restricted eating how hard would it have been for her to just say
that that’s what it is right does she need to endorse it no but at least if
you’re going to explain it explain what pro is what it is for what it is
intermittent fasting is giving yourself a purposeful period of time where you’re
not eating and having it be intermittent means that your body can you’re trying
your best not to let your body get used to anything right because that’s what
helps us right if our body doesn’t know what’s coming it can’t it can’t adjust
our metabolism to match what we’re doing if some days I’m eating a normal day and
then other days I’m only getting one meal or I’m not even getting a meal my
body is confused by that and be confusing my body keeps the energy level
so the metabolism rate high versus time restricted eating what I do every every
24 hours my body knows is gonna get a meal I’m not keeping I’m not keep giving
my body any confusion right when I eat one meal a day everyday I’m not giving
my body any confusion that’s why sporadically I do do longer facts of two
to three days and every six months I do a seven-day fast because that’s the way
that I keep my body not knowing what’s coming in and I also on top of that half
days where I overeat so I will purposefully eat you know an extra like
I would eat a 10 ounce piece of meat or I would eat well actually is usually the
meat I play with or or I add extra fat to my coffee and like really a ramped up
the amount of energy my he’s bringing in I never go over my
carbs but I will either ramp up the fat or a ramp up the meat and like so
basically I’m giving my body so much extra that is like whoa where did that
come from right it’s on purpose because it helps
your body to keep your metabolism at a higher rate and therefore you’re still
able to eat and fuel yourself and and not slow down in weight loss or even
regain the weight I don’t understand why Julian didn’t just explain what it was
even if she said at the end I don’t endorse it right simple just explain
what it was so I made this video because I wanted to point out the discrepancies
that I saw in what she said and explain what it was right I hope that was been
helpful I hope it helps you to understand the difference between
regular eating time restricted feeding and intermittent fasting for everybody
who is new here I want to thank you for stopping by maybe consider subscribing
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and I really can’t wait to talk to you guys next time thank you and have a
great day

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    But human satiation is different from different foodgroups. Everybody knows that there is always room for dessert. Evolution has permitted a high allotment of carbs particularly sugars and simple starches, to be eaten because very little metabolic machinery is required to absorb, process and store them. They are a desired input.
    Up to 20% of input calories can be required to process proteins and fats. If ten calories a day less adds up to one pound less per year, the roughly; then one can of soda per day is 12 pounds a year.
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  50. Dr. Cywes has a point. If you eat (or drink) sugar, or carbohydrates that turn into sugar upon digestion, your glucose spikes and insulin has to deal with that. The number of times you ingest something that causes the glucose spike, and the size of the spike, is relevant to insulin resistance. The spike is gone within 4 or 5 hours, but those who consume a diet like that generate a fresh spike every time they eat. Stretching the period of fasting to 16 or 18 hours spreads out the spikes but doesn't address the problem of the spikes. There may be some benefit in the body having a bit of rest between spikes but the spikes are still there. Of course, there is a diet that does not generate any spikes, but the consensus advice is to not follow that diet.
    I have listened to Jillian Michaels talk. I think what she is saying about calories has been misinterpreted by some. I think her point is that some foods are better than others but calories are still calories. If you burn 2000 calories but consistently eat 3000 calories, you are going to get fat. It doesn't matter if you eat Twinkies or salmon. That is separate from the statement that if you eat fatty meat you will reach satiety earlier, probably before you consume too many calories, or satiety will last longer preventing your craving another snack or meal that raises your total caloric intake for the day. It is also clear the Twinkies will give you a glucose spike and the salmon will not, so from that perspective calories are not created equal. But, my interpretation of what Jillian said was that junk food calories are still calories that count toward your daily total, but are not good for you.
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  51. My guess is that Jillian doesn't know what she is talking about and, thinks that because she was on that torture show The Biggest Loser that what she believes trumps facts. Her condescending, smirking way is so off putting.

  52. Oh please shut up with all the i know it all attitude this and know it all that jillian michaels is doing her thing and so are countless others i hate when people like you do this shit mind you i am no jillian michael fan

  53. I've read that extra protein in the diet will be processed like extra sugar/carb. Has anyone found information to either confirm or deny the previous statement? If the statement is confirmed then it would be better to only adjust our fat percentage in a meal. SMH some things are not so simple. lol

  54. Jillian is an airhead. The intermittent fasting that is referred in the current context is 16 hours without eating. During the 8 hours you can eat, you can't pig out on junk, even though you can find videos claiming you can. I'm in the process, but not quite doing keto with the intermittent fasting. Trying to eat twice a day, no simple carbs, only good fats … no corn oil, Canola oil, etc

  55. Hello Violet. Thanks for shinning some light on the subject, much appreciated. I have a question though. Nothing complicated, just wanted to clarify what constitutes carbohydrates when we speaking about that 20 grams a day limit. Is it only sugars or would complex carbs and whole grains fall into that category as well? Thanks in advance.

  56. The problem with Youtube is that anyone can offer advice. Girl sits on counter, so she must be qualified to give health advice..
    Youtube makes people stupid……

  57. so rambling, I understand what you say is anecdotal, but hell you keep rambling and not giving any clarification to your audience as to where your thoughts are coming from. saying things that definitively end All debate. that's irresponsible. please give anecdotal advice and not try to pass it off as if it were fact. your hubris is showing.

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