Keto Diet Explained For Beginners Simply

Keto Diet Explained For Beginners Simply

keto ketogenic ketosis what does that
all mean is it just a fad or is it something good and natural that we can
do long term stay tuned and I’ll explain the basics hey I’m Dr. Sten Ekberg with
wellness for life and by subscribing to our channel you will learn everything
that you need to know to master true health. keto ketogenic ketosis there’s
nothing strange about it your body has a few basic resources for fuel and one is
carbohydrate which results in blood sugar and another is fat that it can
burn for fuel proteins can be used for fuel but they’re primarily building
blocks so fat or carbohydrate that’s what we have to burn for fuel
so the problem today is the people eat way way way way way too much
carbohydrate which creates insulin responses and insulin resistance and
diabetes and inflammation and obesity so to counteract that we have energy from
fats and now we can use different amounts of fat versus carbohydrate if we
use very very low amount of carbohydrates the body gets more
dependent on fat it gets better at burning the fat now the brain uses
primarily glucose which comes from carbohydrate also known as blood sugar
but if the blood sugar and starts running a little bit low then the brain
learns to depend on what’s called ketone bodies and ketone bodies are a byproduct
of fat metabolism so if you eat a lot of carbohydrates then your body doesn’t
have to rely on fat so much so it kind of forgets how to use the fat and the
reason that the carbs the blood sugar gets burned first is that blood sugar
needs to be maintained within a very very narrow band a little bit too much
is toxic a little bit too low is also detrimental so the brain the
body has all these defense mechanisms to keep it within a very or narrow range
that’s why carbs get burned first but if we start cutting back on the carbs now
the brain has to start depending on fat and it up regulates it changes the
receptors it changes the metabolic pathways it changes the enzymes so it
can utilize the fat more efficiently and this can be very very effective
if you are having trouble with insulin resistance or stubborn weight this idea
has been around for a very long time because before they had all these drugs
for everything and people saw natural solutions one of the main problems that
they started addressing with diet was kids with epilepsy and they found that
they had about a 95 percent recovery were remission or dramatic improvement
if they put these kids on an extremely high fat diet so why are you cutting
down the carbohydrates way way way down to less than 5 percent of of calories
and having almost all the rest of it from fat these kids brains did
remarkably better so sugar is very toxic for the brain so it’s not just about the
weight and and weight loss and so forth it’s about your overall health ketosis
is a natural response from the body during starvation and historically
presumably during thousands or millions of years there has been periods of
starvation and during that time there’s very very little blood sugar available
and for probably months at a time the body has relied on fat and it has
produced ketones and during those times the brain relies primarily on ketone
bodies for energy so ketosis is a very natural thing and during starvation
something else happens also that it’s very beneficial there’s something
called a toff adji which means that the body gets better at cleaning up it gets
better because it start kind of cannibalizing itself to get resources
for energy it starts breaking down fat which most people would think is good
and it starts breaking down protein which most people think is not so good
but at the same time it improves not just the breakdown but it improves the
cleanup it improves the ability to recycle and clean out waste products so
it’s an excellent detoxification method and also what starvation does is it
increases dramatically your amount of human growth hormone which is a
rejuvenating rebuilding hormone so the body has these different mechanisms it
gets better at cleaning up when it has to break things down but it also
produces more growth hormone so it can rebuild cells better and get more
economical with the body’s resources so there’s some debate whether this is a
good thing for long-term or if it’s damaging overall what some people are
afraid of is what medical doctors talk about called diabetic ketoacidosis
that’s a pathological state in diabetes when you have absolutely no ability to
use your blood sugar your blood sugar goes really high but there’s no way to
get it out of the blood and into the cells now you are at the most extreme
level of starvation because there’s nothing coming into the cells and in
these situations the acidity from the ketosis goes up dramatically but we’re
talking about something that can’t happen in a healthy person if you have
any insulin and any ability to use that blood sugar at all then your ketones are
never going to get to that level so diabetic that has gotten to that point
it has he has hundreds or thousands of times the ketones that a normal healthy
person could ever get to no matter how hard they tried
and if we look at populations like maybe the Eskimos they are relying for very
long periods of time throughout the year on primarily protein and fat and those
people those populations will probably run six months at a time on ketone
metabolism and they have no ill effects so what’s more important is to
understand we’re gonna cover more in a series on nutrition it’s the quality of
the food it’s not just that you want to look at how much fat and how much carbs
we want to look at do the fats have are they are they whole food are they come
from a healthy animal because then they have plenty of nutrition for your body
to support it and some people think oh well I have to go low carbs so they
start putting in a bunch of artificial sweeteners like aspartame and acesulfame
and all that now you’re poisoning your body there’s
nothing good about that at all so we have to keep understanding that even
though we’re making these changes it’s still about eating whole natural healthy
food that comes from nature in a as unspoiled as unprocessed state as
possible so is this for everybody I think everyone can benefit from doing
it from time to time does everyone need to do it
probably not I certainly advocate low carbs for most people because as a
population 99% of us eat way way way too many carbs but it doesn’t mean that
everyone has to go into ketosis it’s not gonna hurt you but I don’t think you
need to so the people who really really could benefit from this are people who
have trouble losing weight who know that their insulin resistance who are
diabetic or borderline diabetic these people need to dramatically transform
their metabolism they need to get a little bit more extreme to get those
those desired results if you have any experience with this if you have any
questions if you have any challenges let me know and I’ll be
more than happy to try to address those don’t forget to hit that subscribe
button and leave your comments below thank you

56 Replies to “Keto Diet Explained For Beginners Simply

  1. I have been on Keto lifestyle for the past 9 months and I feel great. I started learning about it and how to do it and what to eat and then I went on it. I lost about 20 pounds weight and I am loosing weight as I continue. My goal wasn't only to lose weight but to live a healthy life. I am going to post a video (on Monday) about Ketogenic diet for dogs a s well. It is a great diet not only for prevention of development of diseases but also to expand the life of our pets and ours as well. Great video. One thing is for sure, that you need to eat clean food and not just proteins. Some proteins, lots of healthy fats and lots and lots of potassium are the key. Thank you for sharing this video with us.

  2. New subscriber here. This is one of the best explanations of the keto diet that I've seen. You are an awesome speaker. Keep up the good work, and I look forward to seeing more of your videos!

  3. Ive been Keto for just over a year now, got my mum into it and we even were (mainly) keto over Christmas. It is so the best way to eat. Thank you for sharing this, well explained

  4. Check out this video to learn the top mistake people do with Keto and other low carb diets.

  5. This is my first week on this keto diet and iam going threw hell with this I feel weak cranky pain in my body what should I do

  6. Mamma mia… Man, I am very hypercritical person. I am satisfied of that explanation so it means most of the people will be… but I don't understand why your wiews is not that much. your deserve better.

  7. This is a superb video!  Can you recommend a book to get started, especially since I have had my gallbladder removed.Thank you!!

  8. I hear so often to eat protein and fat. Mostly fat. How does one do that? I can't just eat fat. I do eat steak with fat or some butter on a hamburger but is that enough? How do I increase my fat intake. I am trying the carnivore diet for a few months, so no vegetables. I was on keto before.

  9. Thank you for excellent delivery of helpful information. I am 88, have tried to feed my family healthily all my life, grown my own veggies, avoided processed junk food, made all wholewheat bread, provided lots of fruit. Only since learning about the Keto diet have I realized that it was not very healthy!
    I have struggled to keep my weight down, and fought with a sugar craving. I also suffered from reflux and a cough caused by this. For a while I had medication for this ,but stopped taking it because I read of its dangers. I was also prescribed medication for high blood pressure, but then had low blood pressure, so no longer take it.
    I was impressed by what I learned on the internet, and started the keto diet last October. I followed Dr Annette Bosworth’s advice, and used keto- testing strips. I don’t go as far as using a gadget to test my blood sugar.
    Living alone, I moved easily into the diet, although it was hard to give up fruit. It was so wonderful to eat butter and cream, which I had denied myself for years
    (I didn’t have margarine instead), that I enjoyed the luxury. As I do not eat meat, I have tended to eat too much of these dairy

  10. I work at a national auto parts store, the other morning a guy comes in says his battery was dead at the Safeway behind our store and asked if he could get a jump, I loaned him our jump box providing he left his ID, I looked at his picture and then at him and said "is this someone else's ID", the pic was of a guy very overweight, and this guy was trim and in shape, he told me he lost a ton of weight on the KETO Diet, well I have heard about this KETO diet but thought it was just another scam, till I saw this guy, so I went online to find out more and I found your site, and you explained it quite well, thank you, I am 59 yrs old and I have a huge weight problem and fighting Edema constantly, causing leg and foot pain, among other aches and pains, so now I want to try this and hopefully I will loose some of this weight, I just hit 310 lbs, I've never been this heavy ever, its killing me, and I don't eat a ton of food. I recently went through a series of tests with my Doctor trying to figure out the Edema problem, they ran all kinds of tests, Blood tests, Heart and Liver Ultra sound etc etc, only to tell me they couldn't find anything wrong and that I was healthy… HA!!! I don't feel healthy. If I can get some of this weight off I know I will feel and look much better. Wish me luck!!! By the way both my Father and Mother were Chiropractors as well as my Uncle and Cousin. Thanks again Dr. Ekberg, looking forward to learning more and loosing weight.

  11. I reversed my high blood sugar with out drug or insulin
    The only way to reversed my blood sugar is high fat and protein and low carb and also islamic fasting 2 days a week
    My blood sugar before two week 325 after two week my blood sugar is before meal 75g after meal 97 some time 85 ,,,masha alh ,,,,, thanks doctor

  12. Great explanation. Im very skinny and worrying about my weight a little. I dont want to lose more weight, can I still go keto? Thank you

  13. I'm driving my weight and blood glucose down sharply on a keto diet. I was on my way to severe diabetes and was obese. It is working for me.

  14. I want to start on Keto and then go to OMAD ,do you recomend it for a sixty year old thst is on depressin and pain pills ? May i eat double thick yogurt for fat ?And what do i eat with it ?

  15. DOCTOR , My wife is diabete. I AM NOT A DIABETES still i am fasting every week from afternoon of saturday(no breakfast only a small lunch with veg and yogurt ) and upto night of sunday. only water and lime juice are the liquids twice on saturday and thrice on sunday & one spoon of castor oil in the early morning of monday and the same will clear all the impurities & wastes in the stomach and intestine. I feel very cool and fine from monday to saturday with out break fast. No breakfast for all seven days of the week. No ailment except very rare occasional headaches. I hope i am doing correct thing for healthy living. i hope you may suggest these to your patients whether they r dabetes or not. I am from india. I am used to this (since in our culture fasting plays important role) along with a spoon of castor oil.

  16. I am your new subscriber from India.I have high cholesterol and high triglycerides is it safe for me to do this diet as its more on fat.

  17. hi there, I just saw your video and is new to this station and Keto. I started about 3 weeks ago and lost about 5 lbs now something has changed because about 3 days ago I started putting on weight again but I have not changed any of the foods and from the Keto food lists. not sure if it's water but I'm getting discourage. Can you help me.. I'm do the coffee with MCT oil and 2 tabls coconut cream and eating one meal when I get hungry with the right about of protein and fats and veg… Can someone help me or tell me what I'm I doing wrong>>>

  18. I have a friend whose niece is young about five and she has been diagnosed with Doose Syndrome. Do you have a location or book reference of kid friendly keto recipes for her to try. She used to bake often with the little girl and now she's having a hard time getting her to just eat her new diet and to find things she can still "bake" with her that will help her still have that activity for fun as well as providing yummy food to the child that is still within her keto/modified Atkins diet plan. I looked up sugar and epilepsy and found you and thought you might have some good referrals. Thanks! (child is in Tacoma/Seattle area)

  19. I am confused, upset, depressed and disapointed, I want to go low carb, but I like my tea sweet, my coffee with cream, I don't know if I can do it

  20. A couple of questions.
    1. Being in keto always means being in starvation mode? Even with excessive calories? Thus, the body starts eating itself after a while (especially muscle)?
    2. If the Eskimos are being in keto most of the time, why is it that – as far as I know – most of them are pretty fat? Shouldn't they be totally shredded?
    3. Is it possible to gain muscle mass on a ketogenic diet (I lose weight – being lean already – and get obviously fatter)? There is much contradictory information out there. Some say eat more protein and you are okay. Some say if you eat too much protein, the body will burn that (and the protein stored in muscle) instead of fat. Related question: Can you train hard and heavy (anaerobically) being on keto? Since there is only ATP and fat for burning where does the body get its energy from (if not from broken down muscle)?
    4. You seem reluctant to recommend the keto diet for long-term use. I probably don't have a choice. Since an infection last year I have IBS and can't digest carbs (starches, FODMAPs) anymore. Your prognosis?
    5 What's your view on a vegan ketogenic diet? For environmental reasons it seems detrimental to rely completely on animal products.

  21. I'm on keto diet. Checking my blood ketones everyday and the meter always show 0.5 and no more. Is anyone know why I don't get higher level ?

  22. DR.Sten Ekberg , im healthy im 31 years old im slightly overweight nothing serious , but i just want life longetivity , do you think Keto diet will help with that ? or i don't need to ? thanks !

  23. There you go …
    Another very good video. At this rate I may learn how to do things right I'm still at the very confused state but I'm trying my darndest.

  24. I am diabetic and I have lost like 20 lb but I always felt that I was eating the wrong food or I couldn't figure out what was the right food. So now I'm starting to get a handle on some of it.
    I keep wishing someone will come along and cook this food for me.
    But it's not working that way.
    I just found out that the veins going to the front part of my brain are only functioning at 50%.
    Doctor wants to put me on
    Cholesterol medication.

  25. Thanks for the great info Dr. Sten. When someone starts the keto diet and 16-8 Intermittent fasting, do you think they still need to take blood pressure pills and statins?

  26. Hi Doctor, I've kind of gotten out of ketosis and I want to know should I fast for a longer period of time to get back into ketosis? I eat every 20-24hrs, very low carb too, I'm 59yrs young and I'm wondering because of my age will it take a few weeks to get back into it, I am also insalin resistant blood a1c5.9, btw it took me a couple weeks to get into ketosis when I started keto

  27. I've probably watched hundreds of Keto videos and by far this was the best I've simply watched my entire life. I'm definetely subscribing to your channel! Thank you for thi helpful infirmation!

  28. Thank you so much Dr. Sten for explaining this. I'm reading the Keto Diet book by Dr. Josh Axe. Any thoughts on that book?

  29. Thank you for such valuable information. I'm diabetic, on keto since 4 months reduced 8 kg but now it's not decreasing, can u suggest whether I should continue or not. Pls suggest some esay to follow keto diet plan. Gratitude from India

  30. Hi! I am breastfeeding. What would be the best way to loose 10 lbs without harming the milk supply? I have tried so many things but seem to be stuck. Thank you!

  31. My co-worker, age 70, is type 1 diabetic. He noticed my weight loss and asked what I did. I tried to briefly describe ketogenics to him, but thought it was best to share this video. This is the best layman's explanation on the web. I also shared Dr. Berg's video and Dr. Berry's video.

  32. Hello Dr.Sten I'am Ramesh from India. Your video is very informative Thank you for the knowledge shared. I was going through this diet for past one year but recently I started consuming carbohydrates in my diet. As I reached a normal weight. Sir now my body is not in ketosis. Is that a problem shifting from keto to carbohydrates diet for some short periods of time (may be while some festival time or marriage occasion in family) and go back to ketosis after a week or a month. Please advise.

  33. I don’t have a gall bladder. How can I handle the high fat in the Keto Diet? Where can I find what foods would still be appropriate? Thanks

  34. Dr. Ekberg, Thank you for your very informative, helpful and potentially life saving videos. I am 70 years old, 6'2" and weigh 150 lbs. I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, 12 years ago. I weighed 300lbs., my A1c was 0ver 13 and my fasting glucose was around 300. I've lost 150 lbs.(in the past 12 years), have been eating a modified Keto diet for nine months (I eat no meat, just fish, cheese and vegetables), and eat OMAD. I also walk 6 miles a day. My last A1c was 6.0, my fasting BG averages 80 to 100.
    My question for you is, do you think I am in Ketosis? (I cannot afford a Ketometer at this time, I'm saving for one).

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