Keto Diet Helped Woman Lose 135 Pounds | TODAY

Keto Diet Helped Woman Lose 135 Pounds | TODAY

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  1. Pork is not a healthy fat. Pork has parasites and contains a resistant strain of bacteria called yersinia pestis. The pork fat clogs your arteries, but people will eat anything and just follow the crowd. Their is no such thing as a organic kosher pig. it eats the filth of the earth. Wake uo

  2. Keto, has been the best lifestyle change I’ve ever made, I’ve been doing it since July of last year. I’ve lost 35 pounds, and I have 15 more pounds to my goal. Nothing else has worked

  3. and it gives them all the keto crotch. Nasty. worse then the old fish smell. you get skinny but your Va Jay Jay smells so bad. wow

  4. Diets really are not the answer. exercise and effective measures of communicative receptors . FOOD Choses matter.

  5. That’s wonderful she has inspired me to lose this lil 40lbs I’ve being trying to lose forever 🤦🏽‍♀️ keto diet here I come 🏃🏾‍♀️

  6. That woman is gorgeous no matter what weight she is. The year of Katrina when we lost everything I weighted 283. Within 18 months I was down to 143. I have fluctuated since then between 119 and 173 lb. No weight today is 139. I yo-yo as you can see between the weights but for the most part I've kept it off

  7. The thing I need to work on is the Atkins snacks, I've lost 11.8 pounds in 3 weeks, but it should have been more but no, I decided to go and buy Atkins snacks just to curb my sweet tooth and sugar free candy and it's really slowing me down. The shakes are alright, they have a bit of a nasty after taste to them, so I won't drink too many lol. I just need to leave the bars and candy alone to see results like I did in 2016 when I did keto. I lost 70 pounds or so in like 5 months.

  8. Just realized I follow her on Instagram she is soooooo beautiful omg. Always has been that's why I'm confused when people say you can't be pretty fat. Her face was always beautiful.

  9. Every body is different. What works for you might not work for others. Keto works for me because my body will not burn fat as long as there are carbs there. Do what works for you.

  10. Keto is good for those who need to lose wt. I can't do pork bacon tho makes my head hurt, drives my blood pressure up immediately hince the instant headache. Smh. Turkey bacon is the best.

  11. LMAO why the makeup artist contour her nose like that, got her looking like a pointy shiney nose DUMMY DOLL!😨

  12. I really love her personality, too. That other lady was so negative but if it works, then be quiet! Lol Beautiful woman inside and out. God bless y'all!

  13. Keto diet is the only answer I went from size 16 to 6. I do 16 to 18 hours intermitent fasting I do not crave sugar at all and I do have lots of energy Nutritionist always tell you eat fruit..and thats the problem…Sugar!! Cut sugar and will see the results. I am also vegan so I eat tofu,avocado,organic peanut butter,seeds,nuts,coconut oil etc. I am super healthy first time I do not have vitamins deficiency, anemia I do feel and look great!! I told my daughter don't eat fruit for a month and she lots 6 kg!! And not a single day at the gym. Anyone can do it!! If someone said this diet is not good is definitely someone who is making money prescribing meds for diabetics, high cholesterol etc.


  15. Why are u recommending for me. why don't the recommender donate me one of their 50pd and stop hating on me for being very very small

  16. I've been doing Keto for a year and 1/2, and I lost around 30 LB(which was my goal). I 'm in maintenance mode now.

  17. It definitely works but know your body! When I gained 10lbs in my 30's, I started eating low carb (Atkins). When I neared 50, I decided to try Keto and my hair started falling out! Know your body. Everything isn't for everybody. Keto focuses on high fat vs protein. I need little fat and high protein. Anything that consists of decreasing sugar, will work. Eating right and exercising, go hand in hand. It's not a diet, it's a lifestyle.

  18. "That's a lot of meat" 👀 literally 🥓🥓 two pieces of bacon,and that was for the whole day. What plate was she looking at🤔

  19. I dont ever understand, why dont they show both before meals n wish I could go on her plan I'm still confused!!!!!! But she looks awesome from one nurse to another.

  20. Okay sis , you looking soooooo good. You was pretty as a BBW but skinny too just flawless. #motivated

  21. wow this is the worst advise for anyone that is  looking for a HEALTHY LIFESTYLE!.    PLEASE DO NOT FOLLOW THIS EATING HABIT!!!!!  your HEART WILL THANK YOU

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  24. She is like “that’s a lot of meat”. Most normal diets have more meat in a day than what she is showing in this clip.

  25. Keto isn't just a diet is literally is a lifestyle change. My body has completely transformed because of it. I feel motivated to go the gym because I have so much energy. Check me out on IG @Carbiebarbie2ketoqueen

  26. I too lost 130 lbs and managed to lose over 100 lbs in one year… I've posted my story on my page. Congrats to the lady in this video and all those who are overcoming weight challenges!

  27. Keto is so freaking restrictive and causes mucus in my body. You lose weight but dont eat 1 slice of bread because the next day you'll be 1 pound heavier. Literally. Very discouraging but it can work.

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