Keto Diet Shrimp Stir Fry – best shrimp low carb keto recipes

Keto Diet Shrimp Stir Fry – best shrimp low carb keto recipes

hello guys welcome back to the channel
I’m going to be making some shrimp today with some mixed veggies like in a
stir-fry there’s a keto friendly recipe I’m going to be putting in some of these
pork and beef sausages that are nitrate free and we’ll be cooking it in
Kerrygold butter so basically we got about 2 pounds actually we have two
pounds of jumbo shrimp right here and we’ll be cooking that with some veggies
that I have left over from a previous recipe and these are some portobello
mushrooms about two cups of portobello mushrooms about two cups of asparagus
and half a red onion now if you’re doing the keto diet you kind of want to watch
the red onions because they’re they’re high in carbs then than other other
vegetables so basically really really simple
we’ll be seasoning it with garlic and pepper salt and a little bit of black
pepper and we’ll be cooking it in the Kerrygold
so we’ll get started I’m going to start cooking our vegetables first so we’re
going to set our heat on high and I’m going to be using two to three
tablespoons of Kerrygold remember that you want to have high fats
and your keto diet so your body goes into using ketones since shrimp has no
fat in it we’re going to have to kind of make up for that with adding enough
Kerrygold butter to make it to make it taste taste good but at the same time
make sure that it’s a good macro ratio of fats to protein so it’s beneficial
for our keto diet so I’m using about three tablespoons Kerrygold took the veggie then I’m going to set that down to medium and
burn all my butter you there’s gonna give it an amazing rich
flavor to our vegetables and shrimp the vegetables in first going to cook
them on medium-high for a little bit so it’ll soften up let me come over here
cut our sausage and I’m going to use about three of these sausages in the
recipe cut them in about quarter-inch
handles for adding quarters the more haha
the guys can tell that I’m go buy any recipes I visually just wing everything
so bear with me here kind of reminds me of a jambalaya recipe
you know it’s easy with in the sausage only we’re not using any rice or tomato sauce go ahead and press
oxygen match so once you see your your vegetables are
starting to soften up and your mushrooms start turning from from that for me look
into what it looks like now then you guys are ready to add your shrimp you
only want to cook your shrimp about five minutes because if you overcook them
then they become kind of like tough and they shrink up a lot so want to add them
last and they don’t need a lot of time cooking awesome on a little bit and now we’re
going to add about one or two teaspoons of garlic and pepper and some black
pepper about one teaspoon of black pepper just to season so once we add the garlic pepper and the
pepper and give it a couple of those tosses get the ingredients mixed in
there as you can see our shrimp starting to turn pink this meal will probably
make about eight servings so you know you got a good amount of food there if
you look at the price that I actually paid for the two pounds of shrimp which
is $15 and you’re getting eight servings out of this meal you’re actually only
paying like a little bit over $2 per meal which is really cheap considering
that it’s really good quality jumbo shrimp here it is finished recipe the shrimp
are cooked through but not overdone the vegetables are perfect and basically
we’re going to serve it as you can see those are two really really big servings
and we still have a lot left over for another few meals so out of those two
pounds of shrimp and that sausage we got quite a lot of food and as kedo friendly
so I hope you guys enjoy the recipe and stay tuned for more in the next upcoming
days I’m going to be putting up two videos per week and I’ll see you soon in
the next one

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  1. This recipe turned out really good.  Even my teenager ate it and came back for seconds!! only difference is I cooked shrimp separately so I could cook them a little longer and put it all together in the end.  Thanks!!

  2. I am excited about trying some of the Keto diet recipes, looking forward to start eating healthier.  I think will help with my diabetes. Thanks for sharing.☺

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