Kidney Disease Diet — How Sanna Reversed Stage 3 Kidney Disease

Kidney Disease Diet — How Sanna Reversed Stage 3 Kidney Disease

My stage 3 kidney disease is actually in remission. My name is Sanna, I live in Rovaniemi, Finland. I was diagnosed with type
1 diabetes in 2007, when I was 16 years old. So, I’ve been living with
diabetes for 11 years now. So, it’s been kind of hard here, the last
few years, lab work has been very, very bad. I’ve had, for example, albumin creatinine
290 in this year’s February. That’s when I ended up with you guys, Mastering
Diabetes, and I started to follow an about half raw,
half cooked version of it. And,
in ten weeks, only in ten weeks, my kidney disease biomarkers were
dropped, for example, the albumin creatinine value was 180. Which is two
and half folds lower than the one that was in February, this year. Over the summer and the fall, I had this intuitive
feeling that I needed to do more, I just have to do more, so I transitioned
to fully raw vegan food. And then it happened, the biomarker I was
talking earlier, albumin creatinine value was dropped to 37, 37. Which is amazingly low. Actually,
it’s so low that I don’t have to see my kidney doctor anymore. I’m in
remission, which is awesome, because I have had this disease almost 6
years, and there’s nothing that could have helped me. And then, Mastering
Diabetes came along and now I’m here. I’m almost cured completely. And I
believe it will go that way. When you have stage 3 kidney disease, eventually
it goes to dialysis and transplantation, and those are those are awful,
awful things. Some people
who have stage 3 kidney disease even die from it, so there has been a huge
fear in my life, as I am a mother of two little lovely girls. Your results are so good that these cannot
be caused by any medication. So, what on earth are you doing here? So, I told her about my plant-based
lifestyle, and fully raw lifestyle. And she agreed that they are the key
factor in healing me, and my kidneys. The result, the protein in my urine
it was 4.7 grams in February this year, and 1.7 grams in April this year,
and now, in September, it’s 0.5 grams. Which is amazing. I’ve had that low
number, last time in 2012, before I got pregnant with my first child. So,
feels amazing, and I feel it, I actually feel it in my in my body, in my
spirit, in my everyday life that I can do things I haven’t been able to do
in a long time. The albumin creatinine was 290 in February
this year, and now it’s 37. I
can’t stop smiling! I’m so happy that I actually have a future
with my family. I was afraid, one year ago, I was afraid that
I wouldn’t get to see my children grow, and to live my happy,
amazing life with my husband. And to not have a life, that was my biggest
fear. But now, I see the
future is there coming. And I saw this comment where someone said
that she had been living with plant-based lifestyle
for 17 years, and I thought “Oh my geez! I will be that, I will get there. I will be the person that says,
I’ve been living a plant-based lifestyle for 17 years” I’m so happy. I
cannot believe any other lifestyle I would ever want to live. My stage 3 kidney disease is actually in remission. And I don’t have to
see my kidney doctor anymore. So, from now on I actually have to see my
diabetes doctor for, once or twice a year, which is awesome. Because I had the low-carb diet as background,
I was a little confused, I felt that I was betrayed with low-carb things. Because they say it’s a
healthy diet, and I actually thought “I am eating food I should be
eating.” And so, it was kind of, a little shock to
learn that everything I had done in the past, was completely wrong. Actually I did low-carb diet
for six years, which sounds very bad. As you know how bad this kidney
disease went. But then, I was kind of plant-based, because
I had some olive oil in my diet during last fall, but when I started
your actual program in February, then I learned that I have to ditch the oils
completely, and then started to happen things that I have been dreaming. I love mango! I’m like Mangoman, Cyrus. And I love pineapples, and I love
salads, and I have even learn to love apple cider vinegar. I love all of
it. Now that I’m actually raw, I think there’s
so much more change happening to me, and me dealing with my diseases. And in my mind
everything, I think, some kind of curtain has been ripped off, of my mind,
and my eyes, in front of my eyes, and I feel mentally so alert and happy,
and excited. I have even managed to get my mother to do
this. I’m so
excited about that. So, anyone who is living with stage 3, or
any other stage kidney disease, I would say do what Mastering Diabetes, and
I recommend highly this raw version of it. Fully raw is the key that has cured me to
this point. And I
would say just stick to it. If I remember correctly, it took about 2 weeks
at the beginning to get used to everything and not to crave bad foods
anymore. And after I had finished the 2 weeks, it was
all clear, I didn’t even wanted to touch anything that was bad
for me. And this actually
happened twice, when I started raw, fully raw diet of foods, it was a
little bit smaller than the first time. But now, it’s even stronger, the
feeling, the gut, that I don’t want to consume anything that’s bad for me,
or my kidneys, or my blood sugars, or anything in me. And, yes, this food
is magical! Really!

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  1. Wow what a wonderful success story. You are such a beauty ❤️❤️ congrats girl! You did so good 😊❤️❤️❤️

  2. What an inspiring testimony!! Love this so much. A big thank you to Mastering Diabetes and all that you do to promote healing for so many!

  3. Congratulations on your success, Sanna! Thank you for sharing your story. A much deserved testimonial to the Mastering Diabetes program. Slowly but surely the message is spreading and I have hope that someday the standard medical treatment recommended by doctors for diabetes will change to reflect one that models the one you have created.

  4. Raw Raw Raw, fine but where is the list of foods to eat and not to eat? She never gives details of her diet that healed her neither there is any information about her diabetes status.

  5. Fantastic news. All of my health issues have been reversed by whole-food, plant-based, SOS-free eating. In my case it was migraines, sciatica, Periferal Artery Disease, facial puffiness, general feeling of inflammation, high cholesterol, hyper pigmentation, and low energy.

  6. Awesome story, I really need to know how to clear all the potassium through your kidneys at stage 3? I went mostly fruit and veggies and my potassium levels went to 5.0. Who can I ask?

  7. God bless you. ❤️❤️❤️ I am a medical doctor and not many patients let alone colleagues believe in the power of nutrition. The future is plant based. Thank you for sharing your story. It is ever so important. May you live to be at least 100 years old. 😃😃 I do believe you will outlive all the sceptics… 😉😉👍👍👍❤️❤️❤️🙏🙏🙏

  8. When I first saw her, I thought she was a young girl! Like maybe 14 years old at the most. Beautiful young woman and very inspiring story.

  9. Sanna, do you have any hospital medical report paper evidence about your health change in kidney.. I like to see. Thanks & God bless

  10. I don't understand…
    Albumin is sparate from the creatinine in blood labs

    Please explain? ??

    What was creatinine reading?

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