Kristen Bell & Dax Shepard Play an Unforgettable Round of ‘Taste Buds’

Kristen Bell & Dax Shepard Play an Unforgettable Round of ‘Taste Buds’

The two of you are going to be
blindfolded, and when I say go, one of you will bend
over to taste the food on the plate in front of you. Then you’ll describe what you’re
eating to the other person. You know how to work a
blindfold, don’t you? All right. You cannot use the name of
the food, or use your hands. Once your teammate guesses
what you’re eating, you’ll hear this– [BELL] And then it’ll be their turn. For every item that you
guys guessed correctly, our friends at Shutterfly
will donate $1,000 to Prostate Cancer Foundation. [APPLAUSE] Put your blindfolds on. All right. What if in fact I didn’t
know how to operate it. Put them real tight so
you can’t see nothing. I can’t see nothing. After all that showing off. Who is starting? All right, Kristen
you are starting. Hands behind your back. Behind my back. And– What about hair? I’ll hold your hair. OK. All right, and then you will
taste this and describe it, and tell him what it is. Where is it? It’s down here. Oh. Ew. We’re on a clock. We’re on a clock,
let’s raise money. A lentil loaf of some sort. No, it’s oatmeal. It’s dry, dry oatmeal. Oh hold on, hold on, honey,
honey, I’m supposed to guess. You could say, we eat it in
the morning, Bob’s Red Mill. Yeah. And then I say oatmeal. The whole point is that you
don’t say it, he says it. OK. All right. It is your turn. You know how to play the game. I can’t work under
these conditions! All right. I’m so sorry! Lean down. I’m so sorry. OK, you put it in a hot dog, and
a hamburger and french fries. Mustard! No! Oh my god! Who puts mustard
on a– french fry? Ketchup. Is not right. I like mustard. Oh, ketchup. OK good. You said it. Don’t say the food. All right, don’t say the food. You describe it. Oh, man. All right. Oh. Take your time Um, it’s crunchy,
after dinner snack, and it’s shaped like a big worm. And it has– when you leave
milk out, it turns into– An Oreo. No, oh cheese. Yeah, and it’s on something
like that is in the name, too. Macaroni and cheese. No, it’s a crunchy– crunchy after dinner. Oh, Cheez-its! A crunchy after dinner
snack with cheese? Nobody eats an
after dinner cheese. It’s what we take to the
sand dunes to snack on! It’s just because she
said after dinner snack. Forget that. That’s out. It’s what we take
to the sand dunes. See, when we eat crappy food. Chips. Yeah, but what kind
are the best kind? Of Ruffles Sour Cream. [INTERPOSING VOICES] Sour cream and cheddar. They look like fingers. Cheez-its. I said Cheez-its. They’re not Cheez-its. I’m taking this off. They look like fingers. Fingers, and they’re
made of cheese? String cheese. They’re crunchy, and
they look like a finger, and they have a
curve like a cashew, but they’re not a cashew. There’s no– They’re bright
orange, and there’s a big tiger that sells them. There’s a big what? Tiger. Oh. No. No, he’s not a tiger. He’s a cheetah! Oh, Cheetos! There’s a million things I
would have described that as. All right. Chester the– What, what, what? Oh. I get this every time
we go to [INAUDIBLE],, one squirt of butter. What? Oh, popcorn! Yes! He’s good at this. All right. Oh, it’s rabbit food. It’s what I eat in the garden. Oh my goodness. And it’s the– it has the most
happy antioxidants of any type of– Spinach. Spinach, spinach. No, it’s the kind that you
put with blue cheese on it. I put blue cheese on it? Blue cheese! And bacon, and– Oh, wedge. Iceberg. Yes, yes. No, we’re not
stopping this game. I’ll put this all here. What the hell– oh my god. Oh. Chimpanzees eat it. It grows on a tree, it’s yellow. Eucalyptus. Oh my god. Bananas! Yes. [BELL] Do you see a pattern emerging? Ooh. Ooh. Mm. It’s, um– It makes you take a nap? No, it’s very good. It’s like– kids
like after dinner. Oh my god. And you make– Time of day is not
relevant, honey. I’m going to pee my pants. OK. Kids like it. Great. Can I say what flavor it is? Yeah. OK, it’s chocolate flavor. OK. And it’s mushy and it’s– Pudding. Yes! [BELL] All right. Oh. Oh. OK. It’s got seeds in it. It’s huge and green on
the inside it’s pink. It’s a fruit. Watermelon. Yes. He’s so good at this. Come on. Oh. Oh, you put these in a martini. Olives! Yes! All right. That is the game. We’re going to round
it up to $10,000. Shutterfly cares about
supporting Prostate Cancer Foundation. Oh my god, that was hilarious. Kristen and Dax’s new baby
line, it’s called Hello Bello. It’s available starting
today exclusively at Walmart. as well. We’ll be right back.

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    Kristen: Takes off wedding ring

  2. I'm LOLLLLLing at how Ellen keeps feeding Kristen nonchalantly while Kristen's already giving off clues, because she already got what the food was! Hilllaaaarious! 😂😂😂 3:30

  3. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 I cannttt ….they look like fingers…. Cheese sticks….. A big tiger sells them

  4. Haha the cheetos one had me dying and kristen wearing that blindfold didn't help lol I just kept dying bc it looked like those were actually her eyes lol omg that had ne dying they are the cutest couple

  5. I wonder what J. S. Bach would think if he could have seen this — with his Brandenburg Concerto #3 playing in the background.

  6. Honest to God if these two ever break up EVERY SINGLE ONE of us will have to be their marriage counselors to get them back together 🤷🏻‍♀️🙏💕

  7. The cutest couple in Hollywood. This is what it's like when your spouse is also your best friend and tormentor. Love them and their video to the song Africa by Toto is the bomb.

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