Laxatives & Diet Pills – Eating Disorder Video #32 | Kati Morton

Laxatives & Diet Pills – Eating Disorder Video #32 | Kati Morton

Hi, there. It’s Kati, again, obviously Thanks for checking back, now before I get started today into my topic. I want to just thank you all so much for Retweeting for sharing my videos because I’m only one person and I put out my video each week Hoping to reach more people who Need help and need the support That I’m trying to offer and getting the information out there and all of your valuable comments in this community that we’re creating I want to thank you for helping spread the word and if you’ve been a little reluctant because I know sometimes We’re a little fearful to share The information because you think that people will then judge you based on that But just think that if we post this on our tumblr on our Twitter We retweet the video when we share on YouTube and Facebook when we do all of that think about how many more people we could reach because I’m only one voice but together we have a lot of Ability to move this and share this with more people. How many voices can we have? You know what I mean? So I’d encourage you to take that step this week to to post it on something that maybe you’ve been a little reluctant to share And ask your friends to share it, so when you share it on Facebook say hey, this is a you know great video Please share as well I have them put it up too because then we think about how many people we can reach that would be amazing so Work with me as we try to spread the word okay? Now today’s topic is something that comes from a question. I got on YouTube From one of my subscribers and she wanted to know How harmful our diet pills and laxatives and things like that because I know a lot many of us take them and a lot of times we even take them as Almost like a last resort if some of our other eating disorder behaviors couldn’t be acted out in a timely Manner We you know fall back on these kinds of supplements now I Did a lot of research on this because I wanted to make sure I’m giving you enough information But I also want to let you know that every website Everything I read about says something different But the things that they did have in common is what I’m going to share with you today because I feel like that’s the most Data supported answer now as far as diet pills go Obviously, I don’t really support their use, but I understand that a lot of us use them and the main problems in my main worry, I guess with using diet pills is if they have a lot of caffeine which most of them do and If they are what they call like fat blocker ones there are certain kinds out there that they call fat blockers now the ones that are fat blockers also block out certain vitamins, so when you’re [actually] eating You’re not getting the nutrients that your body needs because this pill is stopping your body from absorbing everything So yes, that’s probably why they say it works although the studies weren’t very Impressive to me but you’re also Losing all that other good stuff like maybe we need some vitamin a and Vitamin D And we’re getting some vitamin C. But we’re not getting any of that because [that] Diet pill is like blah stopping everything and we’re just flushing it through our systems so that’s one of the main concerns The second concern is because of the caffeine in them our heart rate goes up our blood pressure goes up and that can be really difficult especially for those of you who are bulimic and struggle with purging because when we vomit a lot our Potassium levels go down our electrolytes get imbalanced [and] our heart rate becomes irregular sometimes and that’s the biggest danger with any eating disorder to be honest is death from Heart attack and so when we’re pairing dangerous behavior with a diet pill that has a dangerous side effect the intense amounts of caffeine we’re We’re kind of making things a little bit worse. We’re like doubling our side effect If that makes sense, so those are my two biggest concerns when it comes to diet pills others are Just the regular side effects as far as dry mouth constipation even diarrhea horrible stomach cramps a lot of times on if anybody else notices this but when I take my womans once daily vitamin in the morning I always take it on a full stomach because if I take it on an empty stomach, I’m like oh Your stomach is killing all and I hate it right and even when I eat afterwards I’m like I should have that breakfast first. It’s like the worst stomach ache of your life Right everybody else really understand right? It’s horrible, so The cramping and all those issues it really causes your stomach and your intestines it’s really difficult for them to break it down. So they’re working extra hard and Especially if we’re taking the other diet pills, and then we don’t even get those nutrients poof. They’re just gone It’s blocking them or just peeing them out or whatever so that’s another kind of issue is just the actual like uncomfortability of it and the other thing that I will talk about now is laxatives because I know a lot of us will take diet pills with laxatives and Laxatives to me are also pretty scary because we’re already Possibly purging so we’re getting rid of fluids that way a lot of us drink a lot of diet soda and coffee to keep our bodies awake, and alert because we’re not giving it the energy that it needs through food and so when we take laxatives we’re just flushing out that much more fluid and electrolytes and potassium and everything and to be honest laxatives aren’t calorically, they’re not really getting rid of anything is just water weight, right and we need that water because we’re already very dehydrated and Laxative abuse can also lead to a lot of irritation of the stomach lining Your lower intestine as well as issues with your colon. I know a lot of us don’t want to talk about the stuff That’s kind of embarrassing and gross a little bit, but if we’re using laxatives And we’re abusing laxatives your colon slowly becomes eroded Now I’m sure there’s some fancy pantsy medical term that they use for that, but what this really means is that After I don’t even know how much abuse but after abusing laxatives for a long period of time you can lose the ability to control When when you poop and when you don’t poop? So what that really means is you could have to wear a diaper and I know I’m not using a scare tactic I know this is freaking you out, but just so you know I’ve had three patients that I’ve seen Maybe four I forget, but three or four I don’t know if the other one actually had to wear diapers, but she would have to go to the bathroom like Immediately, but that they’d lost the ability because of laxative abuse and a lot of times you have to go in for surgery to get part of your colon removed because it’s so damaged so be careful because There’s nothing more horrible and horrifying and being like thirty years old and having to wear an adult diaper Right that’s that is horrible And I don’t wish on anyone so those I know this is like a really downer of a video, but I’m sorry But it’s just information that you requested and I would encourage you if you’re going to start using something We are on it all the time Check it out read about what can happen. It’s like any medication if my doctor gives me something because my back is hurting I want to read about what it does to my body, right? we worry so much about the food that we put in our mouths but We’ll take some diet pills because oh it says slimmer waistline in three days and blah blah right so think about it and read about it and Let me know if there’s other information that you know and again obviously my community what I’m trying to create is positive And we’re pro recovery, but I would like you to leave information if you know like hey I use this and it made me so sick And this is why and that’s what my doctor said if you have any of the information I would love for you to share because I’m doing my research and doing as much as I can but you have information that Can be really beneficial to everybody else and like I said, I’m only one voice but together we can really move this along, right? so Continue to comment and let me know if there’s other topics or if you want me to address this in more detail and don’t forget to subscribe to my channel because then when I post a Video you’ll know about it. If there’s something you request it you’re hoping they’ll come out on Monday You’ll get the email letting you know that I post it then don’t forget to check out my website As well as I’m on Twitter I’m on Tumblr and again please share because I’m only one person but together we can really make a difference So let’s continue working towards a healthy mind and a healthy body

79 Replies to “Laxatives & Diet Pills – Eating Disorder Video #32 | Kati Morton

  1. lax and diet pills and diuretics are evil. first they seem like a good way to lose weight… BUT in the long run there are consequences, and once u got into the cycle, it is SUPER HARD to get out,… no matter what, and it doesnt matter if u hear all those gross facts… u will try to forget about them and not see it…. so if u are no taking them, dont start! its not doing much, just destryinmg your body!

  2. When you say that taking diet pills and purging is dangerous because of the caffeine content of the pills, do those dangers also apply to drinking caffeinated beverages?

  3. D: That's kind of horrifying. The diaper thing. That's scary.

    If you take lax you'll have to start using more and more, even just to go potty normal too.

    My mom used to use diet pills when I was a kid. I'd steal them when I could, I don't remember feeling weird especially. I remember her mentioning to others the diet pills she'd take would make her heart like freak out in her chest.

  4. A lot of ED girls tend to forget the risks, or like think it's not going to happen to them. It's easy to forget and when it becomes like a regular occurrence it's easier to just keep going with it ya know? I totally will read the ED risks and 'Do you want this to happen to you omg' things and roll my eyes and think they're just overreacting for like you said, scare tactics. Uhh not this time.

    The diaper thing is really scary I can't get over it.

  5. i know we talked about it before… and i did a response video… did u get it… or did it not post? i actually talk about this cut back by one lax pill…. let me know about the video 🙂

  6. yes, but its all about the amount u drink. Idk, if u are a coffee drinker, but when u drink too much, you will feel super anxious and you heart starts raising. Same thing!

  7. if u keep taking them your body will get used to them and you will have to increase the number of pills u take because the amount u take now is not gonna be working anymore… people in real trouble take a lot. believe me. i dont want to mention a number, but a lot. u dont wanna get there…. ! 🙂

  8. my lax abuse was so extreme I've done permanent damage to my bowel. I was banned from the pharmacies in my area and would have to pharmacy hop around london everyday to buy them. In treatment the Drs looked at my xray and said I had the bowel of an 90 year old. My diet pill abuse started herbal age 15… by 19 I had a full blown drug addiction. I had major heart problems (eventually heart attack). Starting laxatives and pills was the dumbest idea ever.

  9. I wish i had never done it. I got the idea from a Dr to mix certain laxatives and i wont put it here or ever tell anyone cos it caused so many problems. Just please, anyone taking them start weaning yourself! out of the whole of my ED issues… Laxs was my worst idea i regret the most.

  10. Could you maybe make a video for the guys because I kind of feel like we get put in the shadow when it comes to anorexia I know from experience most doctors never look for anorexia in guys

  11. Well I take magnesium, peppermint oil, Fish oil and pro biotics to help me. If I dont take these I won't go to the toilet at all. Sometimes I need a suppository but I'm really careful with those as I can become dependant. The magnesium it turns out I don't absorb from my diet at all. So I need help anyway. My bowel is completely lazy and just gets stuck. My heart still has trouble to.

  12. This video just 'screams' trust. 🙂 The intro, your voice, you caring so much and the background… I would definitely trust you and talk to you about my problems.

  13. Thanks! I'm glad you feel that way. Well, I would love you to cover how to slowly start stop hiding self harm scars and face people and their (maybe) rude comments.

  14. Thanks so much for really caring about mine (and other viewers' video idea's). I can't believe you're going to cover my idea! I feel special now. 🙂

  15. i got IBS from abusing diet pills and laxatives and may also have a stomach ulcer ive had to ave scans and need surgery its tough cos now i havent urged or took pills but my body is still very damaged i also have underactive thyroid and have to take pills for tha for life

  16. thank you for posting this. i think its important to be honest and frank about the dangers of laxatives and diet pills. its one thing to read about these things, but it sinks in a bit more when you hear someone talk about it.

  17. im still on the list for treatment the physical problems are being trreated one at a time , i also have geneti problems ive had from brth that makes the oter stuff harder to treat cos my body is super sensitive to certain drug treatments

  18. Thank you! Your videos give me so much input. When I have questions, if you ask someone you usually get their opinion. And everyone is different, you won't get the same answers. But you give the facts, the truth, and what can happen. It gives factual information needed. I have an eating disorder/anorexia and I have always had IBS but not with my improper eating, it's worse. Is it possible to fix once I get through recovery? (that I am starting)

  19. Oh my god this freaked me out so much! I don't have an eating disorder but I do indeed abuse laxatives and I have for quite some time.. I'm scared ):

  20. Thanks for posting this Kati.
    I used to abuse laxatives and diet pills.There was this particular diet pill that I took, and it had a lot of caffeine in it, and it gave me really bad tremors and I felt like my heart was going to explode out of my chest because my heart rate was so high.
    It was really scary, but after that experience, and watching this video, I think I am going to try and steer clear from them from now on.

  21. Taking too many laxatives can actually make you pass out. After a binge one day I wasn't satisfied with the purge so I took literally a handful of dulcolax (its always those, I don't know why) and actually passed out in the bathroom. Unfortunately it hasn't stopped me abusing them and have since had the same feeling like I was going to pass out at least 4 times. I also abuse soluble fibre for the same effect. My brain says it'll speed up digestion and stop some stuff being absorbed.

  22. Hi, im 16 years old and im recoverying from serious anorexia, i have fallen into this trap of taking laxatives (ducolax) mostly every other day. If i dont take them, i probably wouldnt pass anything through my bowels for over a week. I take the pills because i feel very uncomfortable if i havent and i like the feeling of my body being 'empty. Am i overdosing. No one knows i take them so i would say it is very secretive. I dont really know what to do. sometimes i do get bad stomach pains

  23. Sometimes I vomit after taking my vitamins on an empty stomach but I tend not t eat my breakfast/brunch until I get to school.

  24. hmm weird. my dad started buying them for me so I thought they must be okay. Opps numbers..sorry! Thank you for responding when I saw this video I was like "I wonder if those are bad too" never even thought about it before.

  25. hey great video, any chance u cud make a video about how u can combat sum of the damage done by laxative abuse? for about a year i was taking them regularly, i dont feel as like ive done TOO much damage but i am now suffering stomach cramps regularly. i think my digestive system has become dependent. However this is just an instinct. I find it impossible to get a clear answer online& I was advised by my dr to increase fibre intake (tho i didnt feel they really listend), any advice wud b great 🙂

  26. go glade this can on my feed i was on a 2 week binge/purge and i was abusing lax 🙁 i have been in so much pain… and it also so embarrassing for me to not make it to the bathroom so i haven't left the house out of fear… i was thinking of starting diet pill again i did like them.. but then i looked at this next and i remembered all the things i didn't like about them

  27. Im so addicted to laxitive i take way more then a recomended dose but i feel if i stop i will not be able to go to the washroom and im scared il gain wieght

  28. i'm bulimic, ended up in hospital because i overdosed on diet pills the doctors said i was in danger of a heart attack, as soon as i got home i threw everything away, even my secret stash it was terrifying!!!!! i could barely walk, my arms and legs went numb i was sweatting but was shivering. it's not worth it guys xox

  29. hey, to help anyone out thought i would let you know overdosing on diet tablets can really affect the body, i had taken 10 tablets a day for about 4 months and yesterday it finally hit me,i couldnt breathe move. or see it was frightening more so cause the ambulance had to come to my house to help me. so please get help as soon as you can 🙂 xx

  30. Hi I did all this and I also got addicted to energy pills. This is going back 20 yrs now but it still could be a problem for a lot of people. Do you have a video on that?

  31. I am a RD (and studying Psyc) that works with EDs. First of all- thank you for these great videos! I've watched quite a few now. My question-Where do you look when you are doing your research? It's always hard to find reputable sources.

  32. My psych actually told  me that if I keep taking laxatives, as he put it: "something will come down, down below" like that really scared me so I want to urge anybody who is only just starting taking them to hear me and think twice. I'm completely hooked and I cant stop myself despite knowing that this is a side affect. I dont want it to happen, so before you get hooked look at the side affects

  33. Is it dangerous to use a lot of caffeine? I drink a lot of diet coke, I drink it like 3 times a day or whatever. I know that a lot of people are like, oh the sweeteners are like really bad for you or whatever, but I'm not so worried about it. Is it dangerous?

  34. Question I abused laxatives for the first time last night I took ten after going to a party and eating my Ed voice was going crazy so I took them I was up all night in excruciating pain can I stop cold truly or do I need to step down

  35. im about to see ED team, as I used to be bulimic but conquered this on my own, but 10years down the line and its come back at full strength, of which involves me taking 3 max strength laxatives a day, as well as vomiting after every meal, and feeling guilty bout eating that I am self harming also. vicious vicious cycle!!! xxx Would like some guidance from you Kati before I see my team, also what I can expect from an assessment. Can they section me at a mental health assessment? I feel I may need to be, xx

  36. My problem about this is the endless cycle which started my using laxatives and purging nearly every bite of food. I was anorexic for a long time. Then my bids started gaining weight even if I haven't changed my eating habits a lot. So now I'm overweight and this is my biggest problem. Feeling uncomfortable in my body was always something I had to deal with, but the rapid weight gain made everything worse. So now I stuck in the cycle of eating nothing and barley drinking (I'm afraid of water weight because my ED is telling me it's an unnecessary amount of weight). So then binging starts and with it purging all the water and food my body gets and also taking laxatives. The other day I've lost a bit of weight, but I'm afraid to gain it all back through water and food which would be in my stomach so I'm b/p and taking laxatives again. If that make sense.
    It's an endless cycle and every effort I bring, doesn't pay of. I don't ever lose weight. I just gain further and further and that depresses me even more.

  37. How much and how long does it take for your colon stomach etc. To break down/ stop working when using laxatives?

  38. what about those of us who must take daily laxatives prescribed from our physicians. I am a patient with both degenerative disc disease and fibromyalgia and I use morphine 24/7. The worst side effect is constpation and the over the counter drugs can be quite dangerous. On most all of them are warnings and statements that one should not take them for more than a week. If you are using them to lose weight it is preventing your body from absorbing certain vitamins you need to live, like vitamin b and eventually hairloss, shakiness, brittle nails and permanent effects cognitivly can occur from the loss of vitamin b. your central nervous system can and will be damaged if you play around with nature´s intentions. Due to my supervised laxative use due to health issues i am injected with b-12 and folic acid. at first DAILY, then weekly andn ow once a month plus I take a high prescribed dose of vitamin b and folic acid daily. Thin is not in. Healthy curves are natural. Naturally thin is just thst, one´s genetic discourse, but to strive to be a stick for whatever reasons will lead to serious damage to your body. If female, think about this even more as your endoxcrine system can be damaged and hormonal levels whacked way outin the left field. If you are in college, striving to be thin and popular and dating and overwhelmed with competition, remeber you could be messing up your future with a potential mate. Your fertility could be lost and who wants to go to a resteraunt with a date who powders her nose more than she shares more positive aspects of her personality. stop now. stop stop stop. eat probiotic enriched foods and drink lemon water to rehydrate and get that dose of C! best of luck. just a healthy minded person in sweden.

  39. I am real scared! I never thought I have an eating disorder, but I have a tendency to take stoll softeners when I feel I ate too much or something bad. I don't know what to do. I know this is a kind of old video, but I really want to talk to someone about this.

  40. Any type of eating disorder or laxative abuse is made a zillion times more dangerous by pre-existing medical conditions. I know from personal experience. Been type 1 diabetic for over 11 yrs now and have almost died more than once from blood sugar complications due to bulimia

  41. Ive Been using diet pills and laxitives for a whole year and i honestly just take the because ill be 5 pounds lighter even though i know i im not just seeing the water weight drop makes me happy.But im so over it now i ready to get get my health back !

  42. when you've been abusing laxatives for a long time (like a year or more) can you just stop taking them cold turkey and expect to resume normal bowel funcion?? i want to stop but i'm scared my bowels wont move naturally and i'll have a bowel obstruction or something

  43. I'm really struggling with laxative abuse today after being publicly called out for being fat for the 2nd time in a week. Thanks for bringing possible long-term effects into light for me.

  44. Just for anyone considering abusing laxatives in particular, please don't!

    I have abused laxatives for 2 years now and many doctors have said that my stomach/bowels are very nearly dead. I cannot function that way alone anymore, ever again. I have to abuse hospital grade stuff to make it even slightly work. My food choice is already very narrow and now I have 6+ meds for that alone per day. please reconsider xx

  45. what about diabetes meds like metformin? I have PCOS and I'm considering going on it because I feel like I'm losing the ability to control my weight gain/loss/stability but I also know it can make my stomach put me through hell, but should I be concerned about going on it if I don't have an issue with an ED?

  46. The last time I abused laxatives, they weren't working within the time-span they normally did for me. I had sever stomach pain throughout the day on and off. Finally when I felt the urge to go, I couldn't. I saw my stomach actively bloating and the pain was some of the worst in my life. I thought, this is it. I'm actually going to die on the toilet. I stood up to get away and try to get help, but the next thing I knew, my vision slowly bubbled black and I woke up laying on the floor shaking. After I woke up, I was finally able to go and I was sweating intensely. Do not abuse laxatives. They are so dangerous. I know have anxiety any time I have an upset stomach or constipation and the incident happened a year ago. It's not worth it.

  47. Hey Kati really liked your video thank you so much you have really helped me I've just got out of hospital from anorexia and i abuse laxatives all the time you have helped me so much by sharing this information about long term affects of what laxative abuse can do to you 🌈

  48. Do you know anything about laxative teas? Are they as bad as pills. I drink two cups everyday and I don't know the long term​ effects on the body.

  49. And diet pills containing green tea extract can cause liver damage in some people requiring liver transplant

  50. I abused laxative for quite a while while deep into my eating disorder. The only thing that stopped me was that one day I way in the middle of a shop going about my day. And I suddenly had a completely uncontrollable bowl movement. This was so embarrassing and that was the last time I ever took a laxative

  51. My sister and I started using laxatives a few months ago, but it's always my idea to do so. I haven't used them since I went away to college. I knew that incontinence was a long-term effect, but it took me going to ED group therapy to want to stop.

  52. I use laxatives and I know, especially after this video are bad to use constantly. The thing is i space it out like maybe every three to four weeks i use them, I don't want to develop a bowl problem from my use, the question is if i space out my use (like I am) will I still develop a serious problem??

  53. I think taking diet pills for months and continuing taking some when I had the feeling I need to take some, really ruined my stomach. I don't know if it was just the pills or also my DNA but I'm not able to eat certain things anymore. since a year now I'm gluten and kasein intolerant. which means I can't eat anything with gluten like bread or anything with milk like yoghurt or cheese anymore without getting horrible cramps. I felt the stuff with the milk coming, like that I'm really felt worse after eating stuff with milk. this was in a time were I was not eating much plus taking diet pills and laxatives. so even if you don't take these pills regularly but over months, it can really destroy your stomach

  54. Bulimia also can cause water intoxication. I know it makes no sense. It's because we r so dehydrated when we purge that makes us drink too much water until the point we literally poison our body with water

  55. Thank you so much for sharing this video… Even though I might start crying for my friend. He is also falling into an eating disorder. He also has had a part of his colon taken out b4 his eating disorder behavior. This is really helpful. If he has to have any more taken out he will have to get a colostomy bag. Thank you for sharing.

  56. I'd like to add that the use of laxatives can also impact on prescription medication. I've noticed that even tho I skipped my period on the contraceptive I'm still getting my period (light though it may be) so it may be something to be cautious about.

  57. Thank you for this. Iv been anorexic for 23 years and 2 1/2 years ago I started purging everything and I do diet pills as well as laxatives and water pills (for swelling) I'm in my 30's so I feel like I'm a loss cause. Anyway thank you again! 😘

  58. i abused laxatives for 4 years and i caused myself hemorrhoids internal & external, & destroyed my GI system. my biggest regret is abusing laxatives because i was already destroying myself with anorexia. please don't abuse laxatives. it's not worth it. & i've permanently damaged my body & i have chronic constipation.

  59. Your eating disorder videos are so helpful. They’re so much better for me to watch than the triggering anorexia stories out there that I watch as self-sabotage. So yes thank you

  60. When I went to ED treatment. A girl left with a colostomy bag, because of “lazy colon” from laxative abuse. Please get help. Just terrible. She was in her early 30’s. Not a scare tactic. Just reality.

  61. I've abused laxatives and diet pills for 7'yrs, just recently I was sectioned for nearly 5'wk's due to my Anorexia and Self Harm for that time I had no laxatives and your so correct my bowel now no longer works without help! Unfortunately for me within one week of leaving one hospital and the ED Facility I was transferred too. I'm now back taking them. So for anyone considering following my path and the path of others in this Situation. Please, please, please think twice before you do, it's not pleasant, pretty, nor even glamorous and once you've made this decision to abuse thease things in particular it's hard to stop. Trust me they'll suck you in till your well and truly dependant on them.

  62. I was taking prescription duromine for a year straight and ended up with high blood pressure. Still now trying not to use laxatives daily. My whole life revolves around calorie counting and beating Fitbit PB’s. When it gets bad I kind of lose track of reality and it becomes extremely competitive, I once said to my best friend that if I eat anything at all I “lose the game” in other words I’ll be a loser if I eat. She stopped me and asked what game? Then I realised I was in one of my lower times. Sometimes it’s like I’m on autopilot, now 40kg lost (88lbs) To anyone reading this 1) i hope I haven’t triggered anyone (so sorry if I did) 2) I wish everyone the best ✌🏻❤️

  63. Never used diet pills, but Green Tea Extract (and other similar products) have caused SEVERE liver failure ad death in multiple people

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