Lectins: The New Diet Enemy?

Lectins: The New Diet Enemy?

some people are saying hey move over gluten there’s a new diet craze in town and this diet craze claims certain foods we almost always consider them healthy might actually cause disease check it out when it comes to our diets America is obsessed with what we put in and don’t put in our bodies just look at what’s behind the doors of the past four decades shake fever shook us hard in the eighties with people reaching for a straw instead of a fork then we found ourselves at the height of a fat-free frenzy in the early 90s we cleared our cupboards of carbs in the later part of the decade and in most recent years we’ve doubled the juice and given up gluten for good but did all this pave the way for the newest diet craze the lectin free movement lectins are small proteins and plants that one doctor argues cause a whole buffet of health problems including inflammation digestive issues and autoimmune diseases so should we be aware of lurking lectins in our food and give our diets yet another makeover so should we clear our plates of lectins dr. Steven gunnery the author of the plant paradox believe so but cardiologist dr. Joel Cohn says not so fast they’re both joining us now in a diet debate and dr. gunther i’m going to start with you tell us why you claim lectins are the enemy well quite frankly plants don’t like us they were here first they don’t want to be eaten they don’t want their babies eaten and they defend themselves by lectins now unfortunately most animals get the point very quickly but as most of us know humans are very stupid and so what I found is that when we have pain or arthritis or depression or autoimmune diseases we keep eating these things and then we try to fix the problem with pharmaceutical drugs instead of finding the source of the problem in eliminating that one of the nice things we found is that not only can we get rid of autoimmune diseases but there’s a huge side benefit most people lose weight on this program nice how did this you know come about when I was chairman Malinda University of surgery I met a man who with this diet reverse 50% of all the inoperable blockages in his heart in six months time and he also lost 45 pounds and I was so impressed that actually my research is an undergraduate Yale like got out and found out that what he was doing was eliminating primarily large lectin load in his diet and that’s how he reversed our disease is there anyone who should avoid this diet I haven’t met one yet and I want to ask you because you suggest avoiding things like tomatoes peppers legumes almost all grains what can we eat yeah I mean you’re eliminating a lot of things that we talked about on the show all the time as being the things that we want to eat exactly and that are good for us so I want to hear this answer yeah and I believe this too and I was 70 pounds overweight had arthritis even though I ran 30 miles a week and went to the gym one hour a day and when I took these foods away from my diet I was a healthy you know vegetarian following Adventists at Loma Linda but what I want people to do is eat and party like it’s 9999 years ago we didn’t have grains then we didn’t have beans then and what’s shocking is none of us in America are from America we’re from Europe Asia and Africa so that none of us were ever exposed to a healthy American plant like tomatoes like peppers like peanuts like cashews like potatoes and we shouldn’t beetles because in evolution 500 years is speed dating and we have not had an opportunity to get used to these plants you

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  1. "plants don't like us..they don't want to be eaten, they don't want their babies to be eaten"…guess what douchebag..ANIMALS DON'T LIKE TO BE EATEN NEITHER THEIR BABIES

  2. They said milk and meat was good for us that was a lie …we are not suppose to eat meat or drink milk ..when someone says
    plants aren't good for u boy he must of been paid off good to say that😂😂😂

  3. Yeah let's party like it's over 9000 years ago, so we could die of heart desease, clogged pores and diabetes faster than we would die since everyone dies in the end. Not to mention that plants don't have a central nervous system and you are just going to poop out the lectins out anyways. Eating plants is like cutting off hair, they grow back so no you're not eating someones baby.

  4. So we should all starve because we can't eat the poor innocent animals. Now we can't eat plants..to be alive means you will cause suffering. You being alive causes suffering. It is unfortunate but true. And I tend to avoid meat myself…

  5. What crap. The FDA should examine what is going into foods that are not real foods. That’s what is making us sick.

  6. None of us are from America. Yeah tell that to the Native Americans that spent thousands of years on this continent

  7. I am vegan, so a lot of the things that I eat he says that I shouldn't. I will keep eating what I do because I feel great.

  8. I am a patient of Dr. Gundry's.  He is a very reputable cardiologist who has done a lot of research on the subject of lectins and our health..  I personally had inflammation throughout my body and pain daily until I took high lectins out of my diet. I have an autoimmune disease and this way of eating has kept my thyroid at normal levels for the first time in two decades.  There is something to it.  I found this interview to be extremely condescending.  Many cardiologists push statins on many of their patients (some who actually need them) and I have seen firsthand how their memory fades and their inflammation soars.  Maybe a diet change is worth the effort…..it was for me! I invite you to read his book and then judge for yourself!

  9. Great segment! Awesome to see Dr.Gundry on the show! He has turned my health around for the better. No more aches and pains! Inflammation is down to a normal range and feeling much better now that I follow this lifestyle!

  10. So im tribal half of my family line has been here for well over 1000 years and my diet that my body likes is very much different than the majority of America. I get sick from processed food and milk.

  11. I've seen plenty of Dr. Gundry's stuff.  I can see how our bodies need time to adapt to lectins from this part of the world.  If we keep more Omega 6's, our bodies will adapt someday.  It all evolution.  We are not all the same though.  Some of us hit the jackpot genetically, some of us are screwed, and most of us are somewhere in between.  I used to not be able to take raw tomatoes and maybe lectins were a reason.I think it is interesting that this interview is split up and posted that way.  In the other one, Gundry says to pressure cook the beans and he was going to add more before being cut off.  I think he was going to say soak them with a change of water and boil.  Dr. Gregger said you need to soak and boil kidney beans due to lectins, so maybe people should listen and learn and then respond.

  12. People who can't tolerate certain foods can have a lot of physical symptoms. I know this for a FACT. So Dr. Gundry is onto something (the medical people don't want you to know).

  13. I believe the doctor is right, but one thing many many many doctors and Healthcare professionals neglect is mineral deficiencies in our diet. I won't go into it here but as a warning to the good doctor personally and I hope he has someone Enlighten him on this fact; a head full of gray or white hair is a strong marker for copper deficiency in particular and zinc. Not only is copper deficiency A leading cause of white and gray hair IT IS one of the greatest contributing factors to ANEURYSMS. Check it out, do your research people and give the message to the good doctor someone!

  14. I had a boss who died at 102 and was healthy, she used to eat everything in a very small amount. Her husband died at 106 eating everything. I believe what is killing people is the amount of food they eat.

  15. The lectin controversy is ridiculous. Asian people eats rice daily and they still look healthy and slim!!!! I went to China for several months and when I returned home, I lost 10 lbs! So the reason is obvious — Asian people walks all day daily. The American people have a weight problem because they drive daily instead of walking all day!

  16. Wait a minute. Eggplant is good for you. Bell peppers have more vitamin c than oranges. Vegetables and plants help our bodies. This video is a lie. A lie from a group of folks who don't want us healthy, but rather in debt with doctor bills. And that's it…

  17. His diet is basically a keto diet with a few tweeks. That diet works. For those who don't believe his theory, keep eating lectins.

  18. gluten is a lectin hello! but the way i see it with these diets that are so abundant in our society. is that it usually pertains to only say less than 10% of people. So while the masses can eat lectins and be ok. I may not. Its called elmination diets. it should help narrow down your symptoms. but it can take a while to figure it out.

  19. 9999 years ago, there were no immunizations, plants grew in natural soil under the natural sun and when it rained, these plants got pure water because the atmosphere wasn’t contaminated. These days even the plants are grown in unnatural mediums with man made fertilizers and hence their chemistry is changed. YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT. In the Middle East cows eat sardines from the ocean shores and their milk tastes and smell like fish. Cows from India ate only green grass and vegetables and milk tasted so good and drinking milk was healthy. But now they are fed grains and animal byproducts and the taste of milk has changed along with its quality. If these plants have Lectin in them, it is from the environment they are in. God hasn’t created anything harmful for his precious creation, THE HUMANS.

  20. Thank you Dr Gundry for thinking out the box, and at least trying to help a nation who is at the mercy of corporate food manufacturers, who clearly have no scruples….

  21. There is alternative vegetables that we allowed to eat;

    1. Carrot
    2. Flat Parsley (anti-histamine)
    3. Coriander
    4. Lettuce
    5. Mushrooms
    6. Cabbage
    7. Broccoli
    8. Steam rice
    9. Leeks
    10. Olive oil (two separate for cooking and For salad dressing)
    11. Spring onions
    12. Garlic
    13. Brown and Spanish onions
    14. Mints
    15. Orange
    16. Apples
    17. All berries
    18. Cranberries
    19. Asparagus
    20. Sweet potatoes boiled and skin peeled
    21. Chickpeas ( should be boiled with cumin, peel the skin before consuming)
    22. Lamp meat
    23. All Spices, apart from chillies.
    24. Ginger tea with lemon

    No for
    1. Gluten
    2. Dairy
    3. Soya products
    4. Junk food in general

    This is what I am doing, because I have severe asthma + food allergies.

  22. I cannot tolerate lectins.
    Whever I ear soy or bean, or most other lectin-foods, I get extremely bloated and have paralysing pain.
    It's so intense I can barely breath. Can't even sit. I have to have a friend watch over me for hours (the bulk of the ordeal lasts about 4h-6h before the pain is tolerable).

    I really envy those who can eat everything.
    I am ULTRA sensitive to most allergens/antinutrients.

    Easily half of everything in a grocery store I can't eat. Not by choice sadly.

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