Let’s Play Don’t Starve Shipwrecked ★ Part 17, S2 – Wendy The Bereaved (Gameplay)

Let’s Play Don’t Starve Shipwrecked ★ Part 17, S2 – Wendy The Bereaved (Gameplay)

how do you like then ok we have a little
bit of a safety net already and mind you oh ok all and this is what we were
looking for indeed we were looking oh no no you to shut off watch me welcome back
everybody to Falcon plays don’t starve shipwreck we have to start all over
unfortunately last episode we finally finally died I find it man I i went down
fighting kicking screaming I tried everything my best but you know what I
just wasn’t gonna do it at a point in the game considering how far and I was
starting off the line as a new player with no sign of prep work for the late
game part really really bad however the start over she be great because now I
know what you aim for I have learned a lot from your comments I’ve learned a
lot from off-camera play and let me as a matter of actually this is my off camera
when right here this 131 that’s already told you guys about that so good to
start fresh instead of just jumping over to this one’s let’s find today we start
fresh with new characters you see in your character is part of the reason why
only to certain over as well as opposed to just jumping over to the other safe
I’ll so will you ship rank will go into character since we died we picked up a
few characters here we have the fire started it seems kind of cool because no
fire damage disagreed as a sweet letter to the only problem is lights fire when
nervous so whenever you’re insane is getting low she has a possibility of
setting stuff on fire which might be even my own stuff so no strongmen seems
really really bad as afraid of the dark in monsters in I’m gonna be fighting a
lot of these dudes because we need monster me to make our surf and turf this one is the less I know the lesson
but lesser of evils from the we have available here because the other ones
are still locked and fortunately but with this woman here this kid whatever
the pre-med Abigail come back another time playing with you she’s haunted by her twin sister which
sounds kind of terrifying but she’s comfortable with darkness and doesn’t
hit very hard so it’ll take me a bit longer to kill something but as long as
I evaded which I kinda know do I should be able to make it happen so let’s go to
breathe now my concern right now is the fact that I’m now playing would you care
to which have never played with before Wilson is really vanilla cookie cutter
nothing bad about him nothing good about him but there’s nothing to worry about
with new people and this is going to be a problem now because now I’m not sure
what their little nicks and knacks might be late would you know make some new
stuff like this whole want to be your twin sister about that kind of scares me
is what you and i also am not crazy about her not hitting as hard because it
might require like what may be an extra 2 hitter 2 against enemies which could
be pretty bad so I’m not sure i mean but considering I mean compared to fire
starting when you’re nervous and also being scared of the dark in mantras it
sounds like the lesser of evils anyway I know there’s a spider kid or something
like that who apparently is actually pretty decent start dropping early so
you know what imma pick up flowers into a garden up and running so we have to
worry about going forward we’re looking for it now is actually just one more
piece of slim which is easy right now will get the ax happening or not the
acts but the pick ax and then we’ll be able to make ourselves more weapons to
that will make this bad boy here Garcia shells rain now as well take advantage
of me is that and I think that one of the early on is other in 20 collecting
every single thing I’m doing now and by the way I’m to do a lot of collecting
right now so I apologize if you’re not too crazy but farming but the way I have survived sell off
camera is farming just touching down focusing you know what even though it’s
boring a picture like 70 pieces of grass all that grass and be really really
important down the line but other than that I do believe that finding the ideal
biome is even more important than anything else like if you could find
yourself a nice bonus relatively safe to give you an idea on the off-camera when
they have going on I found a biome run kind of I made a camp in the area but it
is completely surrounded by barnacles and it is completely surrounded by a
monkey island down below to come down there get pooped on at me and then click
an ordinary need to resort to a few spider dents in the bottom so I could
always go down to a few extra no silk and monster me whenever needed there’s also why should I collected
barry bush’s military planes and I planted them right next to my sandy area
because the area is actually very cool some crops so essentially to give you a
long story short rendition here in this island that I have off-camera I have
everything that I need to survive long-term around me without having to go
to another island pick it up meeting the point is finding the item do
you need a release money to buy a home that has everything you kind of need it’s really really important see these
not travel time be my big concern about finding the
proper by on early on we need some flinty see some here is there any more
like you know breakable rocks that’s my barnacles and leave those alone doesn’t
have any Flinders just straight-up rock so how are we doing with the strings and I could bring down his bad boy
coconut here for some koko’s I mean early on is not bad to have these shows
as well we do want to aim for armored boat and I’m gonna skip the seashore
soon I’m gonna try to go straight up for the limestone one because I know how to
me down a lot easier now that I know how to pick up the coral reefs which is
another big issue it might our first few episodes here we had no idea how to get
those reasons I call you know what never thought about quitting an axe nixon’s of
rock and you know hitting space maybe you know how could be facetious with
myself now that I know what I’m doing but back to him a four-star two series I
was kinda like oh my god and I was quite scared about it look how nice it is to
have so much daylight to collection licenses and this is why the reason I’ve
mentioned to you that my big problem under Indiana being completely on
knowledgeable what to do and it reserves the series was also the fact that
whenever nighttime here or even evening I would just stop working and the fire
and do nothing cuz I’m so scared I have no idea what early on Tuesday night actually go out
and find some because all you need is a fire little torch and its ok so we have
a lot of these good things good things here let’s go ahead and make yourselves
machete and will work on something else here pretty soon you’ll see some bamboo
going forward so there is no palm trees here actually there’s a few doubt I
forgot that we do need a little momentary backpack for awhile so
unfortunately treats Coco variety I’m gonna bring down some
of the coke or maybe just blind I probably going blind being blind some
more of a possibility heading out soon and see it so the problem is talking
about what can we say goodbye to the seeds you know what we’re gonna be
planning anytime soon so we’ll leave you alone anymore coconut ones I prefer to
get the code will get a little food get some palm leaves for the backpack and
we’ll get some decent amount of wood which we might require going so other
than finding a bomber on getting our first piece of goals and be really
important as well as the evening again when I first saw the series of the time
I’m like ok we’re done work in the specifics of the fire into the daytime not good ok let’s find out exactly how
weak this woman is so I just need one snake here for example so you get dinner
for a machete as well which doesn’t sound too bad honestly now mind you we
don’t eat them on some time soon to get the crowd still fighting these guys is
not really something I really want to but are kind of impeding my progress now
it is annoying you know what Dublin this could be really important
world neither the only problem is I have Abigail’s want Abigail’s magic flower at
the house in North them for a bit easier how do we get our little hatchback 2004
market it’s actually easy it’s almost nine times out consulates try to make
this really really fast lane is like you morally it’s rain and we should have
enough for a fire yes that’s not a problem that enough no one else are you
ready for me but it’s ok to see that fire displaces bad boy snake man out
fuck me stop place I could get stuck really really good start a lot of bare
essentials of your needed let’s go ahead and make a little backpack your first
it’s tough let’s go Adam Cooper items over here there are tools so I know
where they’re at all times in a year like somebody montana find him and his
on trade deadline as well Hungary and will probably just go ahead
and eat some of these old berry berries here larry Baer hold onto those pedals
so we can make that garland soon as possible seeds you know what you’re not really
important to me later on you will be but for now let’s go ahead and have a nice
little meal which you can add and let’s go ahead and get on with the coca one
more time as well right and now has only control with here
as we can make there is absolutely as 123 and that’s how she was hitless but
whatever so far so good still revere we’re just looking for more bamboo ride
more bamboo something the right idea because we don’t make the first draft to
get on a team here this island is a nice little starting island but this is
something like where you would not want to definitely state around too long with
because the agency doesn’t really not much happening here as a snake there
will hold off on that for a second so we need only three of those things we can
do it but it is basically taking time away of something to do right now we
need more medals indeed and bamboo is something I really think elect too much
as well and you know what you need them before the clothing to make the sandbags
which is something I really haven’t messed around with too much so that’s
something I do have to learn sandbags to keep your eye area from being over
flooded whenever the types of coming in especially for something like making
bases around D i guess im sandy type of area so this should be enough for our do
it right and yeah we just take an extra one just in case and now we leave
there’s another flower which will take up the world are ready to get on it here
if I had a hammer I could basically breakdown be stuff over there that we
I’m crash-landed win but we don’t think we can bring it down right now without
the hammer so that’s fine let’s see a little teeny tiny bit adding ready to go
now the problem is where do we want to go what would be the ideal place here
with son équipe are machete ok we’ll pick of the sapling here really low on
an assembly line twigs so something we should keep our eye on so we’re here we’re going to go north I
mean relative to around saoud east-west I am gonna go I normally thing nor
that’s good but it’s out already was just goes out so rested up here my
friend excuse me raft working here alrighty now we go to
mount keep an eye on stuff get away from Julie man no need your nonsense now and
we want to keep an eye out for suree type of waters are seeing dark dark
water doesn’t mean we’re not gonna hit land but it’s going to be a bit more
difficult hey we found something already ok I’m curious about you for now gonna
go ahead and pick flowers who can make a garland innkeeper senna tea up early so
much about it of course it would be here this is gonna be grassland which is not
a bad thing that we find a sweet potato area is that a rock near Saigon of shit
value in giving away the fact that it’s a rock yes the fact it’s a rock gave it
away when a fight about it does go ahead and make a garland alrighty so let’s
find out what’s in this island works Lauren try to pick up some very
essential over and i dont need more flowers to me mangrove area which could
be where some of the Ox we went to office finally in the last run discovered there are out there were
better believe this is a really small island it really has not much unless we
have to get our we might have to traverse area here to get there now is
their goal is usually Golden Monkey Island because I like to make it so that
the monkeys try to lucci before you pick up the gold that there’s no gold right
now ok when you get back around and there’s
really not much happening as I know there in like no just wood and grass the
same old stuff but it does seem like there is something on the other side I’d
like to explore too much early on I really like to find my bio me as soon as
possible so I know what to wear and when I want to start building to do this
right here in dade to still kind of exploring is not something that it’s
early but I prefer not to be here at this point right now just grass
grass for the most part this is like a really really weird bio
zoom out here a little teeny tiny bit so we have trees I mean if we could finally
barnacles look at this how do you like that ok we have a little bit of a safety
net already and mind you oh ok all and this is what we’re looking
for indeed we were looking oh no no you to shuffle off watch me I forgot we the
shuttle now the shuttle could only be made with the signs machine read and
that requires gold still we need one piece of gold and if we get one piece of
gold will come back over here and make a ton of goals see what I’m saying you
know what i’m saying okay well I’m not heartbroken about Italy’s we found it we
know where to come once we get that one really important piece of gold their
first let’s hit the road then and try to find as gold needed and again Goldis
really usually situated around a lot of monkeys like to make it so let the
monkeys a loser drops does seem were probably going into
deeper waters over here for a bit longer but it’s not looking too promising a map
here let’s move down a little bit up in every just do this map will pick
something up before I do I really big problem we have a torture here to
backstop ok this may be a small pig island might be
a small pig island which is now we’re looking for it all I mean who may be
older but right now it’s now we’re looking at this as my Japanese rendition
of swapping you know what it’s not even making fun I
honestly love the way like Japanese like commercials movies whatever you want to
go wherever just jobs in general how these sailing you know just certain
things in English you’ll be like no smoking islander like no no some other
people in your life yes you know what did you make that sound so much more
important than just seem small pig island let me tell you my friend ok so you know what this is bad because
we’re getting a few barnacles however we does not work here for looking for gold
looking for gold snoops keys is that at some point here isn’t it I see a tree at
the very least you know what I really don’t want to stop here but we might
have to might have to re-establish found our our home our home away from home
cause I really want to find the gold piece for the signs that she before we
actually do make that happen so I say since we’re gonna be stuck here for
asylum for the night I’m gonna go ahead and drop down deal fire pit to camp will drop the campfire
to have her here and we’ll go ahead and just get some more coke was here for the
road and I think when we come in today time ago down and that’s a real you’re
asking oh yes that’s what gave it away easy way of saying and what about it
that’s the way I like it’s not even that I don’t know the words cause I honestly
do but the way I like to do is kind of like it’s really weird lazy way and then
people just figure I don’t know the words and you know I know the words is
difficult not over here like seeing you let you know 75 words per second he doesn’t like I’m
saying you know so they don’t really have too much of a value down the line
although I know a way to make a coconut palm tree garden around where he lives
personally but in game because it’s a good source of the occasion yes but more
importantly it’s just actually would a constant source of what nearby
are you guys were going to wrap it up here for two days next episode we go
down south and hopefully we can find a piece of gold if we do we define start
looking at a place to settle down add because once I have the first signs
machine I usually say to the BB it so we’re good we’re doing good so far we
have a bunch of the plans will be here on us whenever we do settled down we
have a lot to make a meeting right now because until I settle down and start
moving my stuff here but really good start so far hoping it’s enjoying the
times has been a lot and then stick around we’re going to continue going
forward and I assure you mood sailing ahead get it because I’m
gonna ship or a raft ok whatever it’s a it’s a pirate game ok I’m getting us
next time

40 Replies to “Let’s Play Don’t Starve Shipwrecked ★ Part 17, S2 – Wendy The Bereaved (Gameplay)

  1. i don't know if you can get the spider kid in shiprekt… you need to bury a spider skull to unlock him. but i don't think graveyards spawn in shiprekt….

  2. try to put your tolls in left, resources in right and food in middle its the best way to organize, you can swap the tolls with 1, 2, 3 or 4

  3. seashell armour is highly recommended to have since it makes you immune to poison strikes (not poison clouds from stink rays or gas pits, you need a gas mask for that) and with monsoon season having poisonous mosquito everywhere, you'll want it badly.

  4. also some stats to take into consideration, limestone suit = +2 sanity/min 825 durability, 70% damage reduction, 25% speed reduction; log suit = 450 durability, 80% damage reduction; Seashell suit = 750 durability, 75% damage reduction, immunity to poison strikes. might also want to try to get sewing kits to see if they can repair them, doubtful but worth a try.

  5. Falcon you can use abigail to kill spiders its her specialty to kill spiders and be friends with bees you need to summon her in first make sure she gets sunlight since she is a floating flower

  6. The librarian is the chara ter I like the most, Since when playing as her I do't think you need an alchemy engine or a science machine.

  7. Falcon just wanted to let you know how flowers work incase no one said about it.  flowers don't ever grow back you have a limited supply of them and they are needed for bees to make honey faster.   the only way to get more flowers is to capture not kill a butterfly then plant it in the ground.  the big twist is butterflies only spawn near flowers and when the flowers are gone once you leave the area they leave also.  the less flowers around the less butterflies.  its fine to pick a few flowers but picking too many will hurt your bee hives late game for sure.   cause it will be harder to get butterflies which is usually how you get flowers near your bee hive near your base.   to capture butterflies you need a bug net which is made of spider silk.    also the top hat which is better then the hat made of flowers requires silk.   getting that hat makes it so you save on needing more nets later on.   either way at some point you need spider silk either later on when your low on flowers; or right away so later on you need less nets.     the top hat also doesn't spoil unlike the flower hat so you can use it as long as it lasts.

  8. Oh my, seems like your doing much better then last time, I imagine you'll survive much longer then last time, I do wonder how you'll with deal a certain season. I'll just have to wait and see. c: heheheh.

  9. FALCON!!! why did you not explore the magma field?! They usually have regular gold rocks along with the magma piles man!!! So much time wasted by not finishing exploration…

  10. Falcon! While fooling around on DS: SW I found out that if you hammer the wreckege of the ship (the one where you spawn) you get a boat repair kit! That's pretty cool! 😀

  11. Wendy's Sanity is reduced slower at night and when fighting monsters, her attacks do about 25% less damage and she can summon her dead sister to help out in combat once every 3-4 days (when Abigail's Flower in your inventory is blooming, you can summon Abigail to help out in a fight – she does particularly well with a crowd – but don't forget to pick up the flower after she disappears).
    Good to see you have more confidence now 🙂

  12. Falcon !!!! at 13:13 you let the ape take the mandrake 😀
    A Mandrake is very rare. On average, only 2-5 Mandrake will spawn per world.
    You can make a mandrake soup with 1 mandrake and 3 twigs at the crockpot restores 150 Hunger and 100 health !!! its alot, also Mandrake can be used to make the Pan Flute , when played, It puts all nearby mobs to sleep, except for those that are incapable of sleeping.

  13. I'm really enjoying this so far falcon, you are doing a great job.

    I wonder how many of the people who wanted to see you die and start a new character said so because they knew you would be unlocking new ones? The next few coming up are even better, though the spider kid you mentioned – webber – is my favorite. He essentially turns spiders into pigs, everything in the game treats him like a spider and he can bribe spiders to help him fight. You don't get the san boost you do from sleeping with pigs, or the satisfaction of having five porkers help you clearcut an entire forest, but it's a lot easier to gather a huge spider army and wreck absolutely everything. 🙂

  14. Part of me wonders if you faked dieing in the last video.

    The other part of me wonders what that ratcheting sound is out the window.

  15. the twin sister thing is actually good. place down your flower and she'll come out of it on a full moon, she helps fight with you :p also the damage with wendy is crap so you NEED abigail

  16. You should've searched the volcanic area more thoroughly. There are usually gold containing boulders as well. Also, if you see a mandrake again, DO take it. It is the, umm…. "pale" sweet potato. 😀

  17. The character descriptions don't really tell you much about their abilities. Wendy can use Abigail to farm critters from safety, she's excellent for farming spiders because there's virtually no chance of getting poisoned….
    Willow actually gains sanity from fire, her maximum sanity is only 120 but if you chill on top of your fire every night you will keep it in check without needing a garland or sandcastle

  18. Wendy's haunted twin sister aka Abigail, is actually something you can summon to attack monsters for you, she is useful when in need of resources only obtained by enemies

  19. Falcon you done it few times tho idk if anyone mettioned it or you notice . if you make something then click an invaild area for you to have it then you have it ready to get set at any time without having to hold the resources

  20. "You make it sound so much more important than just saying small pig island"                     -Yippee Ki Yay Mr Falcon 2015

  21. just f.y.i. …I'm starting to learn some Japanese ….sooooo I'll tell ya how that goes in a few weeks (ok Months) … not to promote that company that is very famous but they have a very different way a teach one a new language ( LOL they even have one in ENGLISH)

    Sy-ya-na-la …. the la sound like ra

  22. 13:19 the monkey stole the mandrake right out in front of you after it stole flint . Mandrake in this game is highly rare. Usually only 2-3 in the game.

  23. the firestarter gain sanity back will on fire and you have a eternal torch with the lighter soo if you getting nervous burn a tree and immolate yourself on it your immune to fire dommage

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