Let’s Play Don’t Starve Shipwrecked ★ The Journey – Part 10 (DLC Gameplay)

Let’s Play Don’t Starve Shipwrecked ★ The Journey – Part 10 (DLC Gameplay)

the sea shells we don’t need as well we
got his place over here with random stuff and in the world has happened here
all I freaking out welcome back everybody to Falcon plays
don’t starve shipwrecked let’s go onwards over here I’m gonna make the
Sandcastle before we leave just because I hope you’re a little quick boost my
standard here from 152 is going up to the arrows going up here a lot of a good
I want to get this up here a little bit more before we do exit on out of the
premise how far to be glad to be literally on it ok so I think last time around we need
to get the benefit from it because I build a member of the way so if you
wanna get the benefit from it put it down hang out here for a while to do it stank
gotcha hunger is the think not too great for you might actually want to do leave
my trip for today is to the left hand side is island however days are becoming
shorter now so I’m gonna make that happen to more than likely oh you know
where is the light for the boat I know there’s one around here I just have no
idea nautical ago we the torch and we need to its ok you know what that’s
actually quite easy to make sure we don’t hear operations as well for the future so
tortuous it said and one else come on come on sanity but see nautical twigs and torch ok our trades over here
are done ski toward she we have to have grass into it so we definitely do need
to examine its any good now come on dog racing here when 8221 to do for now
there’s got to be some progress here two weeks so let’s take a look down here grass is up here and there’s a bit
moratorium there as long as I think so yeah let’s go up then we’ll go up we
will grab a few more you know are you here it is easy for now I don’t need the
poop going forward story here with that stuff and jungles
sure whatever girl in there now seashells you don’t need anymore cuz we
just meet we took him out to make that same gas grass and twigs will make d the
little town little light things for the boat but I’m looking for year I’m
actually leg I was you know didn’t think the game was too tough on his whenever
certainly not the first few episodes telling you know you like you get into
issues on occasion but not too bad but now that the game is saying you know
what you have less time to do stuff in the daytime which is it safe now it’s
when I’m really really worried so let me go ahead and cut down his here for some
cocoa Philip and some food before we leave us well for next time more likely we’re stuck here for today I
could as we notice because of the night I can travel at night I’m worried about giving it a try but we
might travel at night big man I still am considering killing
they’re gonna lie to you we do need his scanner for I forgot what it was for the
antivenom or football helmet was for some equipment so I’m still considering
killing that guy is my sanity is staying upwards and going up now it’s going down
so you’re sending it goes down in the evening roses which I wonder if you
build a sandcastle night dan it’s when it’s a lot more better for you should
also be using my real chevalier for the stump the real shuttle goes down only
one time every time you actually read more twigs more likely our attitudes
here a little bit apparently up here is a bit more to build one more none of
that was just the the leftovers you know what then let’s go ahead and digs out in
the moving closer to my base so do the same seats there remain a pic of this
easiest to the flight we have 200 becoming a little bit of an issue boris I think that the EU the investment
in gold tools is probably be working just have to worry about them breaking
all the time so it’s all right at the very least snakes are leaving her
territory get back to your house again you don’t belong out here don’t belong
out here in all ok should be heading home here pretty soon as in a grand
final round butts in seats in their plant those and got the moment it does
go up by CAA nighttime is perfect the perfect time to put on a sand castle ok
so we places down tonight oh my god is she matter of fact but to him now on I will
hang out here pretty soon my friend let me just go ahead longs to many logs on me and now I said
I’m in the process of doing so in a comment the sandy sandy is not going up
this time Mary’s down the hatch alright and
coconuts you know what I wanted to eat these but I’m gonna actually planning
down plans you down over here with the cocoa plant over here and plant over
here and eat me some energy ok so we are should be prepared now for this rate we
have enough to make the torch and then we’ll be left over one twig and then we
need afterwards that is what three Twix so we were twins before anything else
happens ok so twigs indeed we have to find a bit more before we actually had
on out hammer when taking you along samplings
let me go ahead and plant you guys down here down here if not too bad this will be a
new area for them ok tom leaf area for you here nor let me
go ahead and fertilize my buddy here so for poops will make the corn grow
immediately it does seem like a watermelon this time that’s intriguing
so it changes over time it’s random good stuff alright so we have that garland -ism
over here shooting over time as well logs we do want to carry lungs which is
probably not 2020 might be too much to take up the whole slaughter after a
while so the twenty will carry that the reason the seashells we don’t need as
well we could his place over here with the random stuff and in the world has happened here my
freaking out what’s happening yo yo what’s happening where’s everybody yeah
ok I know everybody’s gone but everybody’s gone now we need twigs as
well you know I’m gonna get my boat I’m leaving there there’s a snag after I’m
here what about it ok nevermind I’m not sure what the hell
is happening economics or something Equinox was that
we needed we can make the torch go down there that we get right to left over and
we need three ok this is Ryan 1 I’m a bit concerned about leaving with so
little food I’m really hungry I have no back of food in my backpack really like
that especially taking out to stay we’ll see how this plays out I’m quite
concerned now again been concerned but now I’m using
any more concerned I need to kill you guys some fishing fishing rod you could
probably make me in survival you need to take a closer look at this should be a
pretty soon because I’m not like him a chance right now we’re seeing here in
little tad bit I’m gonna try to survive a seaweed I guess I tomorrow he’ll and
we have to you as a lot of see me coming up here in the movie headline will
probably put up a fire and just in former soviet the old CBA here but we need to find another land
something new something safe something for it’ll be be found in a peaceful
thousands right now I’m paranoid message was not a falcon you want to be in touch
with I personally don’t seem to get up alright still no lands they may be a
compass or something help you find some lands that I know I was glad that we ran
into by sheer luck and no mistake and I use it up there is an internal thing is
a one-time use item stop there even the jellyfish change
color because it is weird lighting effects happening here let me tell you
something and I finally lands either I’m not finding any land no roll across the
Argus around the world if you don’t mind so don’t mind me there some corals can’t
pick you up at all but if I use this hammer machetes beer and I’m just over
here using whatever comes to mind get yourself into a fishy and apparently
fish if I wanted to it’s always about to be evening to quite hungry as well yeah
I know I know I actually predicted my friend I’m gonna find land for you to
actually see you know hang out in sort of fire and food are you kidding me
right now map lage this message in a bottle here hey you know what read them now maybe
I’ll give you ideas to do something around here all the way down there
that’s well yeah well you know what I’m not around there at all as an effect not
around their dog this is becoming like really crazy way via is I don’t think
I’m supposed to be here at all what did I do this is what I get for you know having a
seafaring nature you know I mean venture by hard and here comes to bite me in the
ass no Islands among game done to me this way to be something let me know if
you see anything I know this way afterwards probably be dead by then it
comes down to this raid tonight I’m seeing it only imagine a deer hunter
doesn’t kill me with another goddamn coral reef hey you know what it be survival is
kinda mapping out a few of these coral reefs that means anything I get the
feeling you know that’s my bad I’m just in a rush now I get the feeling that I
really don’t exist anymore I was out here and I kind of just after myself you
know you want it to be more Islands do I mean like I’m sure we haven’t explored
everything out just yet but you should be something in between like these giant
patches of stuff you know it feels a little bit devoid of someone in that
spending a little bit ok I don’t know guys I think we are going to be lighter
here that means anything it means anything I say oh my god land oh my god
they’re yo yo can I can make something year old walled up camper needs to
happen now ok not sure where I met and of course
being the jeans I was there was a guy who needs to bring on his lunch lunch
now it seems it’s only evening yet mind you I’m not sure what happened here in
this island in nineteen which is now have no I’m hungry go ahead and eat I
hear like snakes I want to say all these goddamn snakes and god damn Island ok
for now filled up thanks to the series so that’s not a concern now is a concern
is the fire and ice anything going down let’s start off by where is my to break
my acts before he left no trigger it something positive staining its ok we
were just combat it doesn’t come down to a rather not fight right now good good I want the type of run where it seems
like I’m gonna die every single episode is rate and somehow the Falcon luck
persevere settings on flyer there had to be my doing it helped me out with the
lighting there for awhile you know what I’m going to be playing these guys use
them for fuel I want every single run at this point every single day to be like
you know thousands in a diner somehow does persevere the last out and about you’re not part of the dog you’re not
part of the equation ok let me have you attack and we will come out you do
attack 123 you know i think im gonna keep this
hunger service I know is that it is a problem I’m perfectly aware but we end
can you like please relax here for a second year you’re fucking with my fire
now cook tagged ok hunger is under control now for effect so now I feel
more comfortable just running around here in doing some fancy stuff there’s
another sneak over there at the regular season to be concerned I do things 123 I do I have enough to make another
batch of spear minding never really paid attention to tools we
drove which we need grass for I do believe we should be able to make
another thing so I think we probably make this now does have been ready as my
mother making something happen here for today I will catch you next time please
leave now I’m freaking out my days are becoming shorter my nights and he’s
becoming a longer everything is blue I’m not sure what the color of the stream I
don’t know I’m a wreck no MMS settings going up now it’s ok we’ll see
everything i dont sure she may be concerning my son would explain more
lies in a fine summer golden you know really tough to find or should be
focusing on my homeland and just building a base for what’s happening
right now let me know about the exam really confused about that at the moment record one more episode here today dude
wanna say so if your comments can mean realize that they’ll show up in a future
episode because of my bad recording and whatnot anyway comes up I will catch you
next time

31 Replies to “Let’s Play Don’t Starve Shipwrecked ★ The Journey – Part 10 (DLC Gameplay)

  1. Oh my gawd I don't know if this happens in this dlc but in the normal game at the end of the winters comes a giant who breaks everything and is op has like 4000 hp so be ready for something like that falcon!

  2. Use the Pick-Axe on Coral to gain Limestone (which is used to create a Chimney which replaces your Campfire with a wind-proof fire).
    Stock up on Spider-Silk by kiteing the Spiders every day so you can build a net (used to catch butterflies and bees).
    Planting caught butterflies creates flowers.
    Attack a bee-hive to draw out bees (these are killer bees and only their stingers are useful – after you catch and kill them).
    Once a bee-hive is destroyed, you will be able to collect Honey (yum!) and a Honeycomb (which is used to create your own Bee-Hive which you can farm for honey – you will also need to have caught normal bees for this item).
    If you feel intimidated by the onslaught of killer-bees, you can always kit yourself out with a Bee-Keeper Hat – but this needs more Spider-Silk to create.
    Flowers are needed to help the bees create Honey – make sure you catch a few butterflies and plant new flowers near your new Bee-Hives. 🙂

  3. blue light means its winter time! I always wind up getting pwned by those dog things on day 22 because a group of like 15 of those little bastards show up.

  4. Hey Falcon islands are close to shallow water not in deep sea men if you see shallow water there is probably an island nearby.

  5. every 20 days the seasons change, that's why the color changed. I dont think there is an objective going on in shipwrecked yet but i found the ring thing and the rod that beeps and leads you to the exit so you definitely can leave. You should invest in better boats because they are faster, build sails for them aswell, exploration is what you have to do here, find those treasures advance in the tech tree and try to find the exit (you are going to need to find some items in order to open it) thats it. Also Build a cooking pot make a torch burn some trees with it(right click) chop them down get done, cooking pot lets you make better food that fills you more with less ingredients. I mean check the items out you seem to only be surviving and hoarding stuff. To break coral reefs use pickaxe. Also try to get some anti venom prepared or else you will die if you get poisoned (yellow snakes, yellow spiders, bees poisoned me aswell, swamp ponds).

  6. the spyglass isn't one use, you actually get 5 uses out of them. they have durability just like everything else and each use takes 20% durability. the reason the one you found broke after a single use is because it only had 20% durability left on it

  7. yo…

    If you aggro the monkeys, and they chuck poop at you and hit you, you lose sanity. But when you wear the garland and stand on a sand castle, you get super sanity regen?!

    DUDE. I smell a poop farm lol.

  8. When your sailing in the day you can tell there is island near by if the water is  light green. The dark blue is like the ocean. And I believe coral reefs are mutli colors.

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