Let’s Play Minecraft – Episode 23 – Hunger Games | Rooster Teeth

Let’s Play Minecraft – Episode 23 – Hunger Games | Rooster Teeth

Hunger Games with Friends! rules on the minecraft server best time!!! explaining what to do! Poo!! Poo!! Poo!! Poo!! Poo!! Poo!! Poo!! Poo!! Poo!! Painting was Disturbing Player Sleeping !!! zzzzzzz.. Priority!! :’O Good Morning Everyone!! 😀 Let’s Play Every One!! playing outside And the battle begins running awy found a chest! OMG i killed a sheep! lol! lol I died i found another one! oh zombie! omg i dont like heights tooo dark for me oh i found a cave fight!!!! just die! finally welcome to my intro!!! just wow i dont want to fall TIME to eat OMG!! help, i need to kill this spider. nice waterfall RUN!! hopefully i kill him oh yes !!! where did he go!!! lets fight FIGHT!! OMG yes, i win wait, did you say im going to win the tower OMG im happy WAIT THERE IS ONLY TWO LEFT IN THE GAME WOW u try kill me bye 2v1, oh ok but i win creeper alart OMG I WON lol well done gavin i win the tower i need to run fast how many is even there tooo many for me so i need to fun thanks for watching BYE everyone like and subscribe for more!!!

100 Replies to “Let’s Play Minecraft – Episode 23 – Hunger Games | Rooster Teeth

  1. Hurricane Sandy hit my area when this first came out so I had my parents ask the neighbors to borrow their generator just so I can watch this

  2. from least to most favorite
    ( note I don't hate any of them)
    7. Caleb
    6. Ryan
    5. Jack
    this conclusion makes me smile

  3. Im getting into this series five years late and i am too invested at this point to stop Help Me Please how do i watch 289 episodes at the same time

  4. I hate at the start of the game Gavin could have killed Geoff but if he did then Geoff would have started hitting him irl. Subtle cheating on Geoff’s behalf

  5. They should still do the desk tower of pimps, and release like a two hour video of them catching up

  6. 13:03 Michael: "When are we NOT playing for the tower of pimps?"
    Little did he know that 6 years later, not only would he still be playing Minecraft but also not playing for the Tower of Pimps.

  7. So I'm watching and it's at Geoff and Gav and I sang to myself "it's the final countdown" then they said "its the final showdown" and I haven't watch this ep in years

  8. Wow, those subtitles were useless. What's the point of editing subtitles if you're only going to put your own mini-commentary alongside it? I use subtitles to watch the video, not hear your opinions.

  9. When I watch new lets plays I miss ray. When I watch old lets plays I miss Jeremy. (And Ryan depending on exactly how old and which one) There’s no middle ground because Jeremy was on build team and didn’t get to officially play until Ray was gone 😔


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