LET’S TRY THIS AGAIN | Dont Starve Together #2 w/Robin

LET’S TRY THIS AGAIN | Dont Starve Together #2 w/Robin

Top of the mornin’ to ye, laddies! My name is Jacksepticeye and welcome back to “Don’t starve together”. Where hopefully, this time,
we’re gonna be a bit better at this. Robin: Yeah.
Jack: Uh, I still didn’t prep you on anything. Jack: I didn’t- Dude, there’s beefalo right here already!
R: Nope, no, you didn’t. Robin: Aw sweet, we did it, we didn’t starve.
And I didn’t die. Jack: But why- They’re not in, like, the plains. Jack: I guess the plains are right here. Robin: Don’t judge him. He can be
wherever he wants to be. Jack: He can be whatever he wanna do! Robin: Yeah. Jack: Okay, that’s good.
Robin: Well, hopefully this time though. Jack: Yeah, okay. Darkness kills you.
Robin: *laughs* Good. I got that now. Jack: Get that into your head this time. Jack: Darkness and food kills you. And if you stay in the dark-
Robin: Food doesn’t kill me, lack of food does. Jack: That’s true. Very good point. Robin: *laughter* Hey, mushroom! Jack: Wait, it’s fucking night time already? Robin: Oh shit! How do I… What? I don’t have a light! Robin: I’m gonna die… Jack: Okay, where are you? Robin: Help!
Jack: There you are, there you are – stand next to me. Jack: God! Why did it get dark so quick? Robin: I dunno, were we in the menu? Robin: Wait… It’s.. Robin: It’s day four? Jack: What is happening!? Robin: Well, it says it’s Day Four,
but it’s also saying “survived one day”. Robin: Maybe the days started counting
when you started the server. Jack: Maybe… Jack: That’s weird, it feels like that was pretty fucking quick though..
Robin: Weird… *laughter* Jack: I dunno, that’s strange. Jack: Ummm and..? Jack: Daytime! Robin: Night Time!
Jack: Night Time.. Daytime! Jack: Okay, so.. I guess we could just set up
our base right here, then. Robin: Sure, go for it. Robin: I’m gonna… uh, get stuck. Robin: Um, I’m good..
Jack: I don’t have any stuff though *laugh* Jack: Normally, normally you look around
for ages before you get things. Robin: Well… I have flint. Robin: Did we need that- you needed that last time. Jack: Yeah, you need flint to get, like.. Jack: your pickaxe and your axe to hit rocks.
Robin: Oh yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Robin: Okay, this time I’m actually gonna make stuff. Jack: Ooh, and there’s a cobblestone path here. Jack: Ooh, dude, there’s a whole fucking thing of carrots!
Robin: Whoa, pick ’em! Robin: Make a snowman!
Jack: …and a big juicy berry bush! Jack: And there’s pigs! Robin: Wha- Why do you get to have all the fun! Robin: I just get shit. Literally, there’s manure. Both: *laughs* Jack: Dude, there’s like, 7 billion carrots up here! Robin: Eat them, eat them all- Jack: Uh oh turkey. Turkey steals your berry bushes! But we don’t have any berry bushes right now.
Robin: We’ll save him for Thanksgiving. Jack: *turkey noises*. Fuck off. Jack: You can get a shovel too, and if you get a shovel,
then you can dig up the plants… Jack: so like you know the way you pick grass now and the plant
stays there and regrows. Robin: Yeah yeah yeah. Jack: You can get a shovel that digs it up and
then you plant it near the base… so you can fertilize it yourself and get a continuous supply. (Great Jack, great)
Robin: Ohhh. That sounds helpful. Jack: So… Jack: If you dig it up, you still get the actual grass from it
but you also get, like the seed- Robin: Can you eat those seeds? Jack: No, it’s not
an actual seed, it’s like the pinecone or something like that. Robin: Aww. Jack: Or like the twig equivalent
of pinecone. I have never seen juicy berry bushes… in this entire game, ever. I found a beehive, but
I’m not gonna attack it ’cause that’s gonna kill me. Robin: No, attack it, do it. Jack: Noooo.
Robin: It would be fun! Jack: We’re gonna survive this time. The last episode was
just kind of like “Ok, brand new adventure and oh, you’re dead.” Robin: I found a gigantic beehive.
Jack: Ohhh. Is it the killer bees? Robin: I don’t know. Should I exam- I’m examining it.
Jack: The Killer Bees sounds like, a sick album or a sick like, band name. Robin: *laughing* It does.
Jack: WE ARE THE KILLER BEES! Robin: I bet there’s a band called The Killer Bees.
Jack: I hope they pronounce it “Kil-lurb-es”. Robin: Awww. Jack: We are The Kill-urbees.
Robin: *laughing* and they get super mad every time someone… …says The Killer Bees.
Both: *laughing* Jack: No, it’s Killurbees, dad, damn. Robin: Um. There’s a head on a spike. Jack: Aye, it’s a little frog head. Oh, this’ll be good here
’cause there’s a lot of rabbit holes. Robin: Where the hell are you? Jack: Okay, I’mma set up a fire
and then maybe you’ll see. Jack: Okay. Robin: Oh, yeah.
Jack: Oh wait, I need rock. Jack: I forgot. I need Dwayne Johnson here. Jack: Did you set up a trap? Robin: No.
Jack: There’s a trap on the map. Robin: A trap on the map? Jack: *singing* There’s a trap on the map
*whispering* a trap on the map? A trap on the map! Robin: *laughing* Jack: Over this way.
Robin: A map on the trap. Jack: See this! Robin: Hello! Jack: This dude is dead and he has a lot of rope
and there’s a trap up there. Robin: Oh! Jack: Hello, dead man. Jack: Ok, maybe we’ll actually build our thing here
because there’s lots of rabbit holes around. Robin: Is that me from last time?
Both: *laughing* Robin: ‘Examine’. Robin: Better you than me. Oh yeah, that will never
happen to me. What is this? Jack: *laughs* Jack: It’s…I can’t– Robin: I stole your night–your nitre.
J: Yeah I don’t know how to pronounce it, it’s ‘nighter’ or… …’nitra’ or something like that. Robin: ‘Neetray’!
Jack: ‘Neetray’! I need 12 rocks. Jack: It makes endothermic fires, I think. R: I’m stealing your rocks.
J: No! I need them. R: Wait, wait, woah, woah,
I forget how you make fire. J: See-
R: Ooh, I can make a campfire. J: Don’t- Robin: Do we have a campfire?
J: No, don’t make build a campfire. J: I need to make the rock one. R: But it’s gonna get dark soon.
J: No it’s not, we have ages. R: Ok, fine.
J: Dude, STOP FREAKIN’ OUT! R: No! It’s fun for the whole family.
J: *laughs* J: Dude, give me your rock. I need the fuckin’ rock. R: No… J: Give it to me!
R: Ok fine, here you go. J: Thanks buddy. J: Okay I’m going to build a fire right here. J: BOOM! R: That’s also a good kind of thing.
J: Probably a little close to the beefalo. J: But you know what, we’re in it, we’re in it now
and we’re just gonna have to survive that. R: To win it?
J: Yeah. R: Ooh, can I cook shit?
J: Yeah, also darkness makes you crazy. R: Of course it does- Shit, I ate it. J: Oh, shit. I uh, uh, can I have my berries back? *laughs* R: Oh, look at this, 18 juicy berries. J: *Laughing* Nooo! I want them, they’re mine! R: Here you go, I’m putting them on the ground. J: Thanks, I meant to cook them, and then it was like,
’cause I can force feed them to you if I want. R: *laughs* R: Hey, get out of there. I’m going to try to cook.
J: No fuck you, I’mma cook. J: You can’t cook while I’m here! Oh yeah, oh yeah,
there we go I’m full. Ok, here. J: Can I not force feed them to you? ‘Feed’. There you go.
*both laughing* J: Eat my berries, bitch! R: No, I didn’t consent to this.
J: Ok, I’m going to pick up this trap and put it down. J: Kyop.
R: Look, there’s green mushrooms. R: Gives you extra lifes. J: Yeah, I can’t remember
which ones are edible and which aren’t. R: well, I ate a red one and it didn’t make me bigger,
uh, but it did bring down my sanity. J: Oh yeah, you need that.
Darkness makes you crazy as well… J: …and if your sanity goes down,
you start seeing monsters that can kill you. R: Great…
J: See, I told you a thing this time. R: That’s nice, yeah, I like it, I appreciate it.
J: *laughs* R: Anyway, I’m going out into the darkness
just at the brink of night. R: You know what, I’m not gonna do that.
*both laugh* J: WHOOSH!
R: Whoosh! *laughs* J: Nice. J: Dude, I like the ‘whoosh’ you got going on. R: Thanks, I’ve been practicing. R: W-What do we do with nitre? ‘Neeter’? ‘Nitra’? J: You- you’ll keep it and then, finally figure out
how to actually pronounce it. R: Oh, I see. ok. J: That’s the plan of the game. It’s called
‘Don’t starve and learn out how to pronounce nitre’. J: Oh yeah. Uh, pro-tip. Raptor pro-tip. When-
R: Yeah? J: If there’s any rabbits inside the traps -you’ll know
when the trap is like, it’s flat and it’s like wiggling around- R: Oh. Yeah, yeah. J: If there’s any rabbits in it,
the rabbits take up a slot each, they don’t stack. J: But you can right-click them
in your hot bar to murder them. R: Uh-oh.
J: And then you get meat that stacks. J: So, just to free up space. J: Ooo, lots of flowers, I can make a garland!
R: So that’s better to do. J: Yeah. J: And then- R: Do I need to do anything
if I empty a trap or will it like, escape on me? J: As long as you don’t drop the rabbit again. R: Ok. J: The rabbit and the trap will go into your hot-bar… J: …and then you can kill the rabbit
and you can just put the trap back down over a hole. R: Ok.
J: We got this this time though. I believe in us. R: Yeah yeah, yeah for sure. This time-I mean
we’ve done the dying, now let’s do the living J: *laughs* J: Oooh, I found an altar. J: ‘Examine marble sculpture’. J: Oooh, maybe that’s what the head goes on. R: The sculpture? J: Yeah. R: What are you doing?
J: I’m way north. R: Wai-What? R: I’m way south. J: And together we’ll make polar opposites. R: *laughs* Together we’ll made middle-We’ll just cancel out.
J: That’s a sitcom right there, “North and South” and that’ll be our names. R: Oh yeah… J: Or no, we can call it like,
“Opposites Attract” or something like that. *laughs* R: And the banner. The lower third banner will be us
back-to-back with crossed arms. J: Yeah. *both laugh* J: Just like looking at each other over the shoulder as well-
R: Yeah. J: …just like “Oh you”. J: Ok, I found gold and flint and rocks.
R: I found a headstone is that good? I found a grave. R: There is very much fog. J: Oh god.
All of this gold is in the middle of like, spider territory. R: That’s good though. J: Spider’s are bad, they come out
and- oh I broke my thing. R: Follow the spiders. J: Noooo. You… see-
R: Can I do anything with graves? J: Fuck. J: You saw what happened. They followed the spiders
and Aragog wanted to get them eaten. J: Right. Cool. I wonder if I can burn some trees
while I’m here. R: Do it. How do you-oh yeah. W-What’s the point
of burning trees? Charcoal. J: Yeah. R: And what’s the point of charcoal?
J: Science machine. R: Science machine.
J: Oh wait, I can just build a science machine- R: And what’s the point of science machine?
J: No it’s not. Science machine I can build already, I need a crock pot. J: Aww man, I have spoiled roasted juicy berries. R: Uhh I- Oh jesus, I am really hungry.
Where is the… there is the fire, ok. J: *singing a carol* Burning down the trees
on a one hourse open sleigh, killing all the bees… J: …Oh god, not the bees!
*both laugh* R: Hey, a trap. J: Ok, where’s base? Oh god, base camp
is fucking miles away. Oh god. I’m coming. J: I’m like, super north right now. I’m almost like,
tickling a polar bear’s testicles. R: Wow, that’s pretty north. J: I almost meant ‘norm’. R: Norm?
J: “Norm of the North”. J: That really bad animated movie. R: *sighs* J: Well, I say it’s bad based on trailers.
R: *laughs* J: But I’ve- J: I have it on good authority that it’s probably like… J: …fecal matter in animated form.
R: Yeah. J: And we already have “The Emoji Movie”
coming out for that. *laughs* R: Oh no. Did you know Patrick Stewart is in that?
J: What?! R: Yeah, he plays Poop! J: Ok, actually that makes me more interested
in the movie now. *both laugh* J: *singing* It’s raining science. J: Ooo, there’s a rabbit dead in that. Boom. R: Does it matter if I set the trap on holes that have
already had a bunny gotten trapped- J: No, it shouldn’t matter. I think they respawn. R: Ok. R: I figured maybe they were vacated holes or something.
J: Eat. J: Eat.
R: Wh-what the… B-but I’m good, Jesus. J: No, you’re not, you looked weak. R: *laughs* Thanks.
J: *laughs* ‘Thanks, Mom.’ J: Ok um, do you have any sticks?
R: Like coming back- R: Like coming back home, *mimicking Mom*
“You look a little thin”. J: “Have you been eatin’? It looks like you,
looks you’re a little hungry sweetie.” R: I have 3 twigs. Do you want them?
J: Yes, I need them to make our crock pot. J: BOOM BABY. R: Here ya go.
J: Thanks. R: I’ll add some more fuel. J: ‘Kay. Build crock pot! J: BOOM! R: Woah, that’s nice! J: And then you-
R: So what do we put in this, then? J: You can put 4 types of food. J: And then you can cook, and then it does this! *bubble SFX by Jack* J: So it just cooks. J: So I- I just-
R: So, do I put more shit in it now? J: I put 4 carrots into it. J: Which should give us-
R: I have a- I have a rabbit. R: Can I put that in? J: Don’t put the rabbit in, you have to murder him! R: Yeah, well I have-
Okay, I have rabbit meat. Do I put the meat in? J: Yeah! Jack: And then it makes different things. Jack: If you put meat in, you get meat balls.
If you put this in, you get ratatouille. Jack: Now these are SUPER foods! Jack: So they give you all the food ‘n health.
Robin: Ohh… Robin: Okay, I’m gonna make.. some-
I’m gonna make some carrot and rabbit stew. Jack: You need four, by the way. Robin: That’s fine, it’s fine, it’s fine, it’s fine Jack: Do you ha- do you have four? Robin: Yeah. Jack: (reading) “The fire is doing its thing”.
Good job, Willow! Robin: I’m making a crock pot
out of rabbit, and the rabbit’s food. *Jack & Robin laugh* Jack: There’s some sorta joke there. Robin: No.
Jack: Righty! Jack: *chuckles* “No”. *Robin laughs*
Jack: “Fuck you, there’s no jokes”. Robin: Oh, I made meatballs! Jack: Yeah.
Robin: Aww, that’s nice! Jack: That’ll give you like, 20 health, or 20 food, I think? Jack: It’ll give you a lot. It’ll actually probably give you
like, 80, or somethin’. I can’t remember. Robin: Can you check that? Like, how much it gives you? Jack: No, you’re just gonna have to eat it and then
be like, “Oh, it gives me this! I’ll remember that”. Robin: Oh, okay. Yeah, I’ll remember, yeah sure. *Jack laughs* Robin: Can we have any-
Can we get any insurance against dying, at all? Jack: Yeah, we need to find like, resurrection stones. Jack: And then when you die, you get your ghost
to go back to it or… Something like that! Jack: I think there’s like a–a do-over- a like, alter thing.
It’s like a flat rock. Robin: Okay. Robin: Okay. Robin: It’s really scary venturing out. Jack: Yeah, far away from your base. Robin: Yeah. Jack: You can build walls and shit as well,
and you can build, like… J: …drying racks to make beef jerky and shit. Jack: Like, thi- this game is really deep. Jack: There’s a lot to this game. Robin: Yeah, yeah.
Jack: And I’ve barely explored any of it, because I suck. Robin: *chuckles*
Because you’d die. Jack: Yeah.
Robin: *sighs* Jack: And it’s never the starvation that kills me either,
it’s like, the cold or something. Jack: Yeah.
Robin: Yeah, yeah. Jack: Change the name of your game,
“Don’t starve and get freezy.” Robin: *chuckles* That’s way catchier, why had- Jack: *laughs*
Robin: Why hadn’t they done that already? Jack: “Don’t- don’t get freezy.” Jack: Just like, somebody doing like,
the west side symbol on the cover. Robin: *laughs*
Jack: Don’t get freezy, my neezy. Robin: Oh, wait, do we need gold anymore? Jack: Uh, yeah gold is always helpful. Robin: Ok, good. Robin: We just gotta-
Jack: We can- we can make a lightning rod if we want. Robin: Oooh. Wait, what’s the point of that? Jack: Because sometimes lightning strikes your base
and sets everything on fire. Robin: Oh! *chuckles* Robin: And we don’t want that? Jack: That’s the bad, that’s the bad one.
Robin: Ok. Robin: Uh, did you- did you make a chest? Jack: No, I’m coming back to-
I have like, wood ready to make some boards. Jack: You have to refine some boards-
Robin: Nice. Jack: …in the science machine to make the thing. And if you ref-
Robin: Ok. Jack: If you do it once with the science machine,
you can do it everywhere. Robin: Oh, ’cause it unlocks it in the thingy. Jack: Yeah. It’s like building a prototype.
Robin: I see. Robin: And if you does it- Robin: If you do it, does it unlock for me? Jack: “If you does it.”
Robin: *laughs* Jack: I think so? I’m not sure, actually.
That’s a good question. Jack: That’s a good question there, bub.
Robin: I think I- I can make a compass. Jack: And by “bub”, I’m not saying
that I’m mixing you up with my other friend. Jack: I’m just saying-
Robin: Yeah, you are. Jack: That’s what I’d call you as like a basename.
Robin: Do you think- Robin: Do you think that all of your friends are named “Bob”? Jack: *chuckles* Yes?
Robin: *laughs* Jack: What are you talking about, Talking Bob?
Robin: *laughs* Robin: Bob One, Bob Two…
Jack: Bob, that’s a crazy thing to assume! Robin: *laughs* Jack: I got a thermal measurer that I can make? Jack: A potter’s wheel? Cartographer’s desk? Robin: What do we need all this shit for?
Jack: I don’t know! Jack: Ok. Where- where was it? Instructions, chest. Jack: Ok. I’mma keep it away from the fire a little. Jack: Oh yeah, that’s a thing you can do as well, is when… Jack: …winter comes, you can actually put rocks near the fire? Jack: And it’ll heat them up, and then you get thermal stones. Robin: Oh!
Jack: It’s pretty cool. Robin: Which you then keep in your inventory to keep you warm? Jack: Yeah, so you can venture out with them. Robin: Aww, nice.
Jack: It’s pretty cool. Robin: That’s nice, I like that. Robin: Can I split a stack or like, not do all of them? Jack: I think you can. Jack: I don’t know.
Robin: Ok, good, thanks! *laughs* Jack: I act- I actually don’t know that! Jack: Wait, what did you put in the chest? Robin: Just some shit.
Jack: *chukles* Literally. Jack: Did our science machine just break?
Robin: Did it? No, it’s just right here. Jack: But it’s electrical!
Robin: Oh, what’s this? Robin: Whoa, whoa, whoa! I got a present!
Jack: Ooh! Robin: What’s happening?
Jack: Ooh! Jack: (reading) “Pixl got a-” You got hand covers? Robin: Yeah.
Jack: You fucking bitch. Robin: “Basic farm, mushroom, bee box?” Jack: Heh, b-box!
*beatboxing with Robin, both laugh* Robin: Wait, do we wanna focus on making an improved farm?
Jack: Yeah. Robin: Ok. Robin: Ok, ok, ok, ok-
Both: Ok, ok, ok, ok. Jack: Ok, ok.
Robin: Fine. Robin: How much poo do we have? Jack: 12?
Robin: Oh, 19. Jack: Oh, Jesus. I was “We might have 12-
*shouting* 104?” Robin: *laughs* Jack: Oh, you got a beard now! Robin: Oh! Is that good?
Jack: You can actually- you can actually shave your beard. Robin: I don’t wanna shave my beard!
Jack: I wouldn’t. Robin: Why would I shave my beard?
Jack: It’ll keep you warm. Jack: It’ll keep you nice at snugglers.
Robin: Yeah. Robin: Plus, I- I can’t grow one in real life… Robin: …so I might as well do it in-game.
Jack: *chuckles* Jack: I’m sure you could, it’ll just take a long time. Robin: Maybe.
Jack: Have you ever tried? Robin: Well… Robin: The point- the problem is I have the Johnny Depp beard… Robin: …where it just- there’s just no growth-
Jack: *laughs* Robin: …in some spots. Jack: Well, that- that’s what mine was for the longest time. Jack: And I just forced it.
Robin: *laughs* Robin: You just… concentrated really hard.
Jack: I was like, (grunting) “Uhh, grow!” Robin: *also grunting*
Jack: *mouth fart* Robin: Yeah, I did that then I got a hernia. Jack: Ha ha, *grunts and smol mouth farts* BEARD!
Robin: *chuckles* Robin: Apparently, my dad was unable to grow a beard
until he was like thirty as well, so… Robin: …maybe I am my dad’s son. Jack: Well… you’re close to it. *chuckles* Robin: That’s true… Aww.
Jack: We’re both very close to being 30. Robin: That’s true. Jack: Oh, that-
Robin: Yeah, you’re- Jack: That sucks.
Robin: You’ve caught up now, as well. Jack: Yeah. Jack: For a- for anyone who doesn’t know,
Robin’s older than me. Robin: Like-
Jack: Which I really weird. I don’t know why I found it weird. Jack: I don’t know why I just assume
that everyone’s younger than me. Robin: Do you? Jack: Well, I think it’s ’cause, when I went to college for like, Hotel Management that… Jack: …I was the older one there among all my friends.
Robin: Oooh. Jack: I mean, there were older students there in like,
their 30s and 40s of course, long back to college, but… Robin: Yeah, yeah. Jack: I was like, the older one of my friends.
And now I just kind of assume… Jack: …that we’re either all like, the- Jack… very close to each other or that I’m older.
Robin: Yeah. Robin: I always assume that everyone’s older because I started school a year early. Robin: So I was always a year younger than everyone else I ever knew. Jack: Yeah. Robin: Oh. Wait. Robin: We need an alchemy engine. Jack: Yeah. To make uh, like, golden stuff. Uhm… Robin: To make an improved farm.
Jack: Okay. We need an electrical- Do we? Robin: Yeah Robin: I just gathered the stuff to make it but I can’t do it because we need an alchemy engine Robin: Heh Jack: Aw. Dam it Robin: Heh. Heh Jack: So we need to make an electrical do-dad Robin: Sad Robin: Well should we make the other farm for now though? Robin: The basic one Jack: Yeah, do that Robin: Ok. Do you have one log? Jack: Uhh. No, all I have are boards Robin: Fine, I’ll go get a log. Then I can make it Jack: Think you can chop down trees here Robin: no Robin: there are trees they’re nice Jack: they’re nice trees, ohh Jack: If we get an alchemy engine we can we can also make like golden shovels and golden pickaxes. Robin: wait that sounds worse Jack: No, they’re made of gold so they don’t break as easily Robin: But gold is really malleable and breakable. Jack: I’m giving you my “I’m so done with you” face. Robin: Oh, I see. That’s the… That’s the hard part about this. I don’t know what face you’re pulling around us Jack: Assume that i’m always judging you Robin: Haha, yeah. Where do I put the Basic Farm down? Jack: Um, anywhere. Down here’s good. Actually yeah put it over here in the green area. Robin: Yeah, putting it here! Jack: Yeah! Robin: (*weird noises*) Jack: Do you have any seeds? Robin: One, heheh! Jack: Put it in! That’s going to grow into a big tall tree! Jack: OH OH OH. Robin: Wow I feel like I’m Matt Damon Jack: How did you get the thing? Jack: Oh, I got a gift! Robin: Why did you get a gift? Jack: ‘Cause you didn’t get here in time, bitch! Jack: OH! I got a skirt! Robin: Yeah, but you can’t use it. Haha Jack: Haha, I can use it later, ahahaha Jack: jokes on you, fuck you, ahaha. Here take my shit haha! I can literally make you take my shit! Robin: No! Okay, fine… You take this, then. Jack:Nope. Nope, Robin: Oh wait waitwaitwhoawhoawhoa, I can plant this! Jack: What is it? Robin: It’s a birch nut. Jack: Oh yeah. It makes birch trees. Put it over by the rest of our trees Jack: Yeah– no you have to RIGHT click the plant. Robin: Oh yeah, haha. Jack: plant (*poot*) Jack: Yay! “Outro Music” Robin: What are you doing? Jack: I gave you a fist full of jam. Robin: Heh, just shove it in my face Jack ya, like here “noises”

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    Me: yeah, until you actually have to survive a killer bee attack. (Yes, happened to me once)

    If this sounds rude, I don't mean it to be. I love your videos Jack. Always make me laugh.

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    Robin: And, What's the point in charcoal?
    "Jack": Science machine, or I mean–
    Robin: And what's is the point of the science machine?

  15. I don t like the solo playthroughs of don t starve but the don t starve together are most of the time very funny

  16. If the berry is blue it’s good for you
    If the berry is white it’s alright
    If the berry is black don’t eat that
    If the berry is red your dead

    And don’t eat mushrooms

  17. Who else has seen the video with the crow and the game of nighttime, daytime? XD I fuckin love it!

  18. This sounds a lot like Minecraft…
    I mean, it could just be me but, this does sound an awful lot like Minecraft.

  19. According to minecraft a gold sword has worse durability than a wooden sword Maybe Robin is right 🤔

  20. burnig all the trees, on a one-horse open sley, killing all the bees…… OH GAWD NOT THE BEES!!!!!!

  21. you said Norm of the North….. THAT WAS LITERALLY THE WORST ANIMATED KIDS MOVIE EVER!!!!! in my opinion of course… my mother bought it a few years ago and i hated it.., SERIOUSLY!!!!!

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