Man on Death Row Says Too Overweight to Be Executed

Man on Death Row Says Too Overweight to Be Executed

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slash membership ronald post is a death row inmate in
ohio who weighs at least four hundred an
eighty pounds and he wants his upcoming execution to be delayed saying his weight could lead to a
torturous and lingering debts uh… the the argument being made is
when he’s had medical procedures has been very difficult to actually fit him
with the needle into find a vein and that when this happens and there is
evidence of that happening with other executions with overweight individuals
but it can become a very painful and fraud out process psychologically damaging so on and so
forth uh… i think i think waiting for her june eighty
pounds is clearly a torturous in lingering death do you think is the fact is already in
this case to delay a now let’s be clear i’m against the death penalty i’m
against the death penalty even existing for a number of reasons we talked about
on the show many many times right not really the conversation i’m looking to
have you had aside putting that aside the question is if u if you have the
death penalty is it legitimate to delay the death penalty because of someone’s
well being overweight which might cause the putting to death of them to be
different in some way than of a normal weight person uh… there is one instance in which uh… someone was going to be home uh… and the way it was a factor there that’s
right in fact i have that story here there’s an individual here who was in nineteen ninety-four
washington state mitchell group was um… convicted and he weighed more
than four hundred pounds and the judge agreed that he was too
heavy to hang because of his way to was risk of decapitation so it would be considered cruel and
unusual punishment paying someone without decapitate even
in order to kill them is probably also pretty cruel and unusual but apparently
that didn’t these days yesterday i understand it’s not uh… a still
considered ok so yeah that’s the best example also i don’t know what the
parameter should be on the one hand and again i want to say and against the
death penalty if the person is to be put to death does being overweight prevented them
from having that happened although realistically it’s more likely they
would die because of a heart attack in the longer term i don’t know can’t the
prison limit how much he eats it says that because of the severe depression he
hasn’t been able to limit the amount defeats doesn’t the prison very closely
controlled meals that prisoners get yes but it’s also very common for
prisons to load people up on very high fat food about we uh… didn’t sunday night the president’s in a
minority in a poll foods diet you stretch it out a couple years get
him in the really tip top shape is that maybe that’s what he wants it
would be even more expensive for the state sounds about right as you know
death penalty very very expensive to putting aside the fact that we don’t
think they should be a death penalty uh… in this situation let’s take the needle in a you think so like that yet and you’re saying in other words being against the death penalty you just
don’t see that much of a difference in doing it right now it’s verses with
someone who’s of normal weight if com saying if it’s going to happen anyway
he’s just trying to buy time but just just do it just get it over
with uh… every now and again to be
completely clear we don’t agree that the death penalty should even be used right disqualify one thing out that someone on
the stream is writing few ah… that we should uh… get this guy a
firing squad and i was actually thinking the exact same thing this would be
avoided with a firing squad but i don’t know if they that is even legal they don’t have a
maybe utah has that starter probably paid a lot about that

73 Replies to “Man on Death Row Says Too Overweight to Be Executed

  1. Lidocaine, propofol, then send him to the guillotine. Problem solved ^_^
    But seriously, death penalty is a no no x.x

  2. They should feed him less food anyhow, but keep him alive. This is torture for the guy not to be able to eat as much already and be torture mentally just to be in jail.

  3. The whole idea that people should sit around discussing how to kill someone is sick. Most countries get along fine without having a death penalty. We don't need it either. Thou Shalt Not Kill.

  4. Actually the correct phrase is "thou shalt not murder". Putting a murderer to death is not murder, it's justice. Also, the ten commandments have no bearing or relevance to our laws anyway. Not to mention that the "god" who gave those commandments had millions murdered either by his own doing or at his command.

  5. Firing squads are only humane if the heartbeat is found in advance and the heart is targeted by a red piece of paper or similar placed over the heart in advance. Given his weight this may prove difficult.

    Really I feel the humane death penalty here would be anesthetic gas or drowning.

  6. I think all Americans should educate themselves on death pen. It's a responsibility. Basically; there's a huge problem with even thin people in finding veins for execution. Fear causes them to retract. In obese people it could take hours of torture to locate a vein. In fact, what often happens is the persons arm is 'cut down' in a surgical procedure, to the vein

  7. So what often happens is hours of fear, pain and torment. There's witness statements from victims family saying how awful it was and how they wish it was life in prison instead. It's not only personally cruel, but barbaric to the point where theres no comparitive wealthy 'forward' culture that does anything similar. It's really disgusting. And it's irresponsible to live there and choose to be ignorant to the issues

  8. I love the idiot below 'firing squads are only humane when…' – uh, no, they're never humane. Humane is life imprisonment with no parole, no privileges. It's generally what the criminals want to avoid anyway! Killing them makes people look at them more sympathetically than they normally would. It encourages a mythic status. If the world sees them grow old and slow and weary this doesn't happen.

  9. Actually it cost far more money to execute a person than it does to keep them in prison for life. Hence the reason some death penalty states – such as California – have been mulling over the idea of get rid of the death penalty: to save on the cost.

  10. Why on Earth is it legal to kill criminals with a death penalty, but it's illegal to do it by shooting them. Flawed logic there.

  11. He shot and killed a hotel clerk. He's a murderer. Maybe firing squad would be the best justice. Sometimes the punishment should fit the crime.

  12. Actually, lethal injection just looks humane. It generally includes a sedative and a paralytic, shutting down the lungs and heart but leaving the subject alert. After that, it's just a matter of waiting until suffocation or heart failure does its job.

  13. thats because they are allowed to argue shit like this, idiot
    they have no rights, why are they allowed to stall their punishment
    you know, this guy is living in a hotel room?

  14. But sir, what if a guy murdered four people? children? or your family? So how could you say no to such thing? I would rather die then have a life sentence.

  15. Waterboarding is torture because it is like being drowned hundreds of times.

    However drowning once on its own is not so bad. There is a moment of absolute struggle followed by a moment of absolute panic and then plateau of dreamy calmness washes over you. I have nearly drowned twice and it is not such a bad way to go.

  16. Yes, the killed someone by firing squad by choice in January 2010 and it is still available as a method of execution in 4 states I believe. Pretty sick.

  17. lol, how? 😀

    please cite your sources, hard to believe, that the injection, rope or a few bullets would be more expensive, than having a 400+ pounds guy live in a hotel room. I wish David and Co. told us what he was guilty of. Probably rape+murder (just my guess)

  18. Because people on the death row usually make use of every juridical tool possible in order to avert their sentence, making the cost of a death penalty up to 3 times higher than those of life imprisonment. Inmates that are in there for life generally accept their fate.
    You could ofcourse execute them 5 minutes after their initial trial, but I hope you see that that's not the way to go in a country like the USA.
    A simple google search will give you enough sources to support my claim

  19. I am pretty sure people on life sentence also try to move every rock possible, they also have more time to do so. "Inmates that are in there for life generally accept their fate." Do you know a lot of inmates on life-sntence? Or did you do a google search for that?

    I am pretty sure that if I search for "facts" that support your claim I will find plenty. Funny things is I will find even more for the opposite.

    I did in no way claim they should be shot on sight.

  20. I don't know any of them, for the simple reason that I live in a country where we have no death penalty, and life sentences happen rarely. Funny thing is that it also is a safer place than most of the USA, which leads to the conclusion that death penalty doesn't act as a determent for criminals + sorry, statistics show that death penalty is multiple times more expensive than life incarceration. So even with moral objections set aside, what's the use of death penalty?

  21. I'm against the death penalty but seeing as it is law and seeing as he is convicted – he being fat is no deterrant, bullet throw the head if thats whats needed

  22. You are speaking of statistics, which you do not provide. You say your country is safer then the US, okay I can accept that, but contributing that to the absence of the death penalty is redundant at least. I doubt that is the only factor.

    As I stated, if you google search for arguments that support your claim, you will find plenty, I can search for counterarguments and find plenty. There is clearly no point to this discussion. I am fine with you being against the death penalty and I think…

  23. It should be regulated, but there is no point in keeping lunatic murderers alive. Give them a fair trial, if their guilt was proven adequately lets be done with it.

  24. Bullet to the head morons. Done and done. What if you were the victim, oh, wait you weren't and that is why you think that way. What if you were the victim, even worse, someone you loved.

  25. sick!!!… killing to show killing is wrong…there needs to be something drastic happen so we can start abolishing the death penalty world wide…enough is enough!!!

  26. Die by hanging should be okay with his weight.
    But actually, I am more concerned what crime is he guilty of.
    Because once he is dead, the person who judged him should be next if he is later found to be innocent.

  27. You need to take a look @ the [heinous] crime rate in other industrialized countries, compared to that of the US. That may put a bit of perspective on it for you— Ronald Post is maliciously, and with-out regret, responsible for another [innocent] human being NOT being on this planet. Do you have any waking concept of that fact??

  28. I wonder when these silly USAians will realize that those 10 commandments they talk about so much all the goddamn time did NOT come with subsections..

  29. I wish I could be this liberal…. god its sad to see such weak people going into the future of our country. Bet they voted for Obama..

  30. How about an Eye For An Eye? Some people should not have access to Holy Scripture. Most uneducated people read the bible as if it were a novel. Its not a novel. If you cant comprehend what it is you are holding and how to read it and understand its teachings,then those people should not be in possesion of it. Thats why church was invented. No wonder the world is in the state its in when people use holy scripture they dont even fully understand to justify the fate of a human being. Shame on you!

  31. Nice avatar. I share your point of view about death. Death is freedom. It's the easy way out. Not only does the state grant them this freedom but also in a humane manner. Most criminals who murder have no respect for life including their own. Life in prison is justice. The death penalty needs go. It's antiquated, and expensive. What's the point of executing somebody 30 years after the crime? In California it costs 8 times more to execute somebody than it does to keep them locked up for life.

  32. People do change their way of thinking over time. From 1974 to 1988 I was a liberal Democrat I was a Republican from 1988 to 2000 at which time I choose no party affiliation. In 2003 I went back to being a Democrat. I DID vote for Obama, but not in 2008. I also voted for Clinton in 1996 while a registered Republican.. I believe in balance more than party ideology.

  33. wow for a group of guys that are against the death penalty you can come up with some pretty clever ways to kill people.

  34. my thoughts on that whole thing if you kill someone or kill multiple people you should die for that. but as far as being a painful death who cares? they didn't think about the victims pain or the pain their families suffer . do I care if murderers suffer a little? not a bit!

  35. It's so dreadfully simple:  Flag down the closest guard in the prison, who has a pistol.
    Say:  "Can I borrow your piece?"    He says yeah.    You shoot him.

  36. DO WE CARE??? WHETHER HE HAS PAINS???….uhhhhhh I don't thing so…you created your own ENVIRONMENT — HE IS A FKG IDIOT FROM THE BEGINNING OF CRIME TO THE END???

  37. Let's use the guillotine, a diet of bread and water, insert the IV in the jugular vein, if you cannot find jugular vein, feel a pulse and proceed with carotid artery, use the gas chamber, single shot behind the ear, wait for cardiac episode due to morbid obesity.

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