MARBLE SCULPTURES Setpiece Overview – Don’t Starve Together

MARBLE SCULPTURES Setpiece Overview – Don’t Starve Together

How’s it going everybody, RazingHel here and
this video is a continuation of my series focusing on exploring and exploiting the various
set pieces you’ll likely encounter in Don’t Starve Together. Today we’ll be taking a closer look at the
Marble Sculptures Set Piece, this is a relatively recent set piece addition and was added as
part of the A New Reign post-launch update to Don’t Starve Together back in late 2016
and is similar in design to the Chess Set Piece from Reign of Giants. What sets the Marble Sculptures Set Piece
apart is the nature of it’s statues, the majority of which need to be mined down and then repaired
with the suspicious Marble Pieces you’ll frequently encountered scattered around the surface world. The marble statues that’s can’t be repaired
can be fully destroyed when mining and will drop either the queen sketch or the pawn sketch,
which can then be given to the potter’s wheel to craft the corresponding stone or marble
figures. These exist solely for cosmetic purposes but
can be used as a type of very durable wall when placed in close proximity to one another. As you may have inferred at this point, the
remaining three marble sculptures also drop sketches for the knight bishop and rook statues
but the process of obtaining them is a bit more complicated and infinitely more interesting. You’ll need to locate rook nose, bishop head,
and knight head scattered about the world and carry them back to the set piece, either
on your own back or atop a tamed Beefalo. Upon arrival, you’ll be given the option to
repair the broken marble sculptures with the suspicious marble piece that corresponds to
the type of suspicious marble that completes it, this is purely visual and there is no
way to get it wrong, just keep trying to repair the three broken marble sculptures until the
suspicious marble piece fits. Getting the actual sketch requires a bit of
additional preparation, you’ll need to wait until the next full or new moon and then mine
one of the three marble sculptures to break it out as either a regular clockwork chess
piece or a shadow chess piece depending on whether it’s a full moon or new moon, full
moon spawns regular chess piece and new moon spawns shadow but both will drop two gears
and the chess piece sketch so it mostly comes down to how hard a fight you’re up for. For new players I’d recommend fighting the
normal chess pieces during a full moon for a couple reasons, you’ll be able to kill them
one at a time and they have less dangerous attacks. The shadow pieces differ in that they have
more difficult attack patterns and all three will spawn even if you only mine one, provided
the others have been repaired. It might seem a bit complicated but there’s
really no reason to fight the shadow pieces unless you need the Shadow Atrium which is
in turn only needed to fight Fuelweaver. Once you have the three sketches for the knight,
rook, and bishop you’ll be able to craft their statues anytime on the potter’s wheel and
fight the shadow chess pieces using those statues on a new moon so you’re not going
to miss out on anything if you don’t fight them as shadows the first time at the Marble
Sculptures Set Piece. In addition to the standard size Marble Sculpture
set piece there is a smaller version you’ll come across from time to time with only two
broken sculptures that usually correspond to identical chess pieces, eg two knights. These still drop gears and sketches when repaired
and fought during the full moon or new moon but you’ll only get two sketches for the same
chess piece. This concludes my tour of the marble sculptures
set piece for Don’t Starve Together, it’s an often overlooked potential source of gears
on the overworld but repairing the broken sculptures can take some time given how slow
characters move when transporting the suspicious marble pieces so it’s usually completed later
in the game. Thank you for watching as always and I hope
to see you next time.

14 Replies to “MARBLE SCULPTURES Setpiece Overview – Don’t Starve Together

  1. I’m trying to teach a friend the works and I want him to have the most amount of fun possible. Can you make a dst dummies guide to play?

  2. Thank you SO MUCH I really needed this Video and I was afraid to fight the Shadow Pieces (Day 200 how embarrasing ;-;)
    I have a Question: Can Bunnymen/Pigmen Target the Shadow Pieces?? To aid me in Combat?

  3. Amazing video! I had some suggestions for future set piece videos!
    1 – Summer / Winter Trap Set Piece
    2 – Sleeping Warrior Spider Set Piece
    3 – Trapped Pig Set Piece
    4 – Treeguard Living Forrest Set Piece
    5 – Level 3 Spider Nest "Queen's Gathering" Set Piece

  4. I've been looking around my world for the chess piece enemies then I came across the small setpiece of 2 statues. I thought I could do something to those since they are marked in my map but of course I don't know what. Thanks for the info. This could possibly be a renewable gear source in the forest…or not…I guess not. Do the shadows from the crafted chess piece still drop gears?
     Now I just have to look for the knight heads.
    It's spring in my world now and I am worried I might not be able to make an ice flingo in time for summer.

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