Meal Planning Top Tips | JASMINA PURI

Meal Planning Top Tips | JASMINA PURI

hi guys and welcome to my channel today
I have for you a video which is all about meal planning so I did a video
previously oh I’m eating my hair honestly I need a French trim so badly
it’s so long and I’m just kind of eating my hair anyway that’s beside the point
so I did a video about diet and fitness a few weeks ago and I will link that on
the screen right now and quite a few people enjoyed that video so I thought I
would do a follow-up video which is all about meal planning and how I organize
myself and if you have children this might be really helpful because it’s all
about kind of scheduling and how I manage my time and how do I make sure
that I always have nice fresh cut and cooked food at home so if you want to
find out more about how I’m meal plan then definitely please keep watching but
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little bell bottom next to its video notification every time I upload a video hey guys I’m ready to talk about meal
planning I’ve got all my notes here with me and so let’s get started so the first
question is why would you mean your plan so I think that meal planning has really
helped me make sure that I eat a healthy balanced diet and it’s really important
to make sure that I’m eating enough kind of fish meat eggs veggies kind of a good
mix of everything and kind of seeing that visually for me it really helps you
make sure that I plan my meals accordingly and therefore I make sure
that I’m putting in all the nutrients that my body need and kind of spacing it
out properly and making sure I’m not eating too much of something at one
point and too little of something else so it’s really helped me achieve a
balanced diet also meal planning means that I plan ahead and this means that I
always have kind of fresh home-cooked food at home means that I don’t tend to
kind of go and just grab any kind of unhealthy snacks that I can find around
because I’m really hungry and I don’t have to be at home and you just feel
like well there’s nothing else I can do but just eat kind of a burger or
something and healthy like that so making sure that I always have food
fresh cooked at home is always really helpful so make sure that I’m eating
healthy stuff also meal planning make sure that I always have fresh food but
not only that it helps me kind of manage my schedule better and make sure that I
actually allocate time to cooking my food which means that it helps me be
more organized and not have to kind of stress that last minute and have to be
calling car and up and being like I don’t have any food in the house just
bring this room Waitrose on your way back from work or whatever so this way
I’m well organized at all with that food at home and it just feels like much
let’s go really back to you that you don’t have to kind of stress about meals
every time that mealtime comes around so if you have children and this is also
super helpful because it can help you kind of work around the schedules and
work around yours and make sure there’s always good food at home and also this
helps me sync up with current and make sure that you know I know what he’s
doing for the wee you know not making extra food and not
wasting food actually meal planning that is a huge thing it has helped me save so
much money and also just made myself feel better about not wasting food
because I used to waste so much food because you know we’d end up I end up
buying food and then we’d end up eating out loads and I didn’t actually use that
food so I would end up wasting so much food and planning ahead make sure that I
just buy what I need and I use everything that I buy and I actually end
up wasting a lot less food than I did before a meal and basically keep meal
planning is a reason you say food it’s healthier and it just kind of helps you
feel more organized and it actually is quite enjoyable so today I’m going to
tell you about all my tips and tricks for meal planning I have been doing this
for about two years I’d say now and honestly it’s worked wonders so let’s
get straight into it so my if number one would be to store recipes
that you like I honestly come across so many recipes whether it be online or on
TV I love watching cookery shows so I come across a lot of recipes on TV as
well and you know sometimes they say go and check them out on the BBC website or
whatever and I do that and then I see the recipe and I love it I think oh my
god I’m definitely gonna make this and when it comes around to actually cooking
I couldn’t think of anything that I wanted to cook before because I’d be
like oh there was that great recipe but where was it from what time did I watch
it on it’s honestly the worst so the most important thing for me has been to
actually store recipes that I like and have them all in one place so that one
it comes around to actually planning what we’re gonna eat the following week
I have all those recipes Handy’s and I can have these handy so that I can
easily plan what I wanted to do for the following week because actually lack of
inspiration is honestly the worst thing I find that actually more than cooking I
stress about planning what I’m gonna be eating so having those recipes handy and
gave that inspiration straight away is super super helpful so what I do now is
I just click a picture of a recipe that I see at a magazine on a paper on a
website or I save the link if it’s on a website or I kind of copy and paste it
into a Word document and save that up from an ad that’s straight away and I
save all those documents on my google drive so I have my Google Drive on my
phone and I’ve got a folder as you can see here named a recipes and it’s super
easy to access from anywhere from the supermarket whether I’m out on holiday
it’s just super easy to access from anywhere and I have all my recipes
stored in there whether it be an image or whether it be a document file that I
can just open an access super quickly super easily and there I have it all the
instructions all my recipes all in one place and if I suddenly think oh I’m in
a supermarket and I can’t remember what I need for this recipe it’s super easy
because it’s on my phone so I can just check it from anywhere and it’s super
handy to have all my recipes in that folder saved and it also saved
paper because actually had physical recipes on paper it was just hard I
didn’t have anywhere to store them out and losing the paper so this way I just
click a quick picture save it on my phone and they’re all in one place ready
to go one thing I would say but this is only save recipes that you’ve tested and
that you like or if you say about the recipes for example if you see something
on a magazine that you want to try out and save it but if you don’t like the
recipe then definitely delete it because otherwise you’ll end up with just way
too many things that you actually don’t need or don’t like an you end up
forgetting which ones you’ve tried me not like and you didn’t like my second
tip would be to actually physically plan on a calendar I have to do this on the
computer just because I am very techy that way and I like to have things on
the computer but if you prefer to do this on a physical card I just put
post-it notes it can help as well I wanna just use the highlighter to color
code so what I do is as you can see now on the screen I actually use this file
on Excel that I created this is actually a template that comes on the Apple
computer but I’m pretty sure you get one of these templates on your normal PC if
that’s what you have instead but like I said you can do it on a physical
calendar as well and what I basically have is I have the plan of the meals
that I’m gonna cook and I always do this a week ahead and what I try to do is
plan breakfast lunch and dinner I do plan the days that we’re going to be out
so mostly we plan money to try it because weekends we tend to eat outside
but just in case we’re not doing something specific on one day on the
weekend I tried to have kind of backup food at home so that we can eat if we do
say at home and I try to usually kind of leave leftovers for the weekend that
have kind of been saved from Friday and if we don’t end up using them over the
weekend then somebody can eat them up on the Monday for lunch so that’s what I
tend to do and what I like to do is kind of plan breakfast lunch and dinner
breakfast for me tends to always be the same and like I explained in my diet
video I like to have my toast with milk for breakfast and I pretty much have
that every day on your day and I don’t have bread I’ll have some cereal but it
doesn’t change much for me and neither does it
so that’s kind of a bit out it’s a bit redundant but then I planned lunch and
dinner and what I do is I code the the color of the meal based on whether it’s
kind of amazing you one thing or the other so if it’s going to be a kind of
main dish of fish accompanied by veggies that I’ll cut it blue for fish it’s
gonna be a main course of red meat but I’ll code it red and if it’s gonna be a
main course the chicken then I’ll code it orange and it’s gonna be a main dish
which is mostly veggies then I’ll code it green so I just kind of go and what
the majority of the dish is going to be like but I always like to do a portion
of vegetable and a portion of carbs with every single meal no matter what it is
whether it’s chicken or whether it’s eggs or whether it’s meat or fish or
whatever I always like to have a portion of veggies accompanying every dish or a
vegetable based sauce that I’m eating veggies with sort of every meal so what
I like to do as you can see here I plan one underneath Monday through to Sunday
and I just code in the days that we’re gonna be out or the days that Karnes
gonna be out and this kind of helps me if I’m planning the week before to do my
food shop know exactly what I need to buy what am I gonna need for those
recipes so what do I need to get at the supermarket and it also helps us to make
sure that we’re not eating out too much and if there’s too many kind of purple
codes there it means we’re just eating way too much so we’ll try to balance it
out on the following week it’s kind of flow you also really helps me to kind of
visualize and make sure that we’re not eating too many eggs which might have
too much cholesterol or that if one week we’ve eaten too much red meat then the
following week we’re using mostly chicken and fish and it just kind of
helps me balance out and what I do is I plan my meals and Karen’s meals that he
takes a packed lunch to work but obviously he can take like grilled fish
or grilled chicken because he can’t be you reheat that up in a microwave so I
will tend to make food with a sauce or something that you can reheat in a
microwave whereas sometimes because I’m at home some of the time then I’ll eat
like grilled special quilt chicken which I can just make on that moment and eat
it so sometimes our meals are not the same but I try to plan for this that I
make sure I know what I’m buying when I get to the supermarket my third tip would be to make an action
plan so make sure that your planning according to what you have to do that
week and I would say allocate one or two days of the cooking for cooking big
meals and this is what I mean by meals that you can pre prep so I don’t like to
kind of prep just a little bit and keep it in the fridge I like to allocate two
days a week where I’m actually gonna be making a whole bunch of food usually
it’s food that week for lunch or that Karen can take and that’s kind of
reheatable that I can just put in the freezer step in there and make sure that
if one day you know I’m really busy at work and I don’t have time to cook my
lunch or my dinner then I already have something that’s homemade and fresh and
nice in the fridge and obviously this is really helpful for Karen who takes this
food to work and because they’re reheatable meals I tried to kind of bulk
cook and I take two days where I kind of cook three or four dishes that I’m gonna
be eating throughout that week and then the rest of the stuff I just make on the
spot so this way I can really plan myself and I think kind of allocate a
portion of time on my schedule to actually do this cooking but it also
means that if you know some days I’m really busy at work I don’t have to kind
of worry about food and kind of allocate any time to make them anything so what i
do is i annotate two days to cooking and i also have a case as day to go and do
your food shopping and what I would say is try to stick to the schedule because
honestly it helps so much usually in Friday’s evenings which are really quite
for me I tend to go and do the food shopping and this means that I have
enough food for the weekend and for the week ahead and then I go every Friday
and this way I make sure that there’s always enough food because I buy for the
whole week but if one week I can’t go in Friday then because I’ve already planned
ahead then the week before I will say okay well let me buy less food because
I’m gonna go earlier than Friday well let me buy a little bit more food and
freeze it because I’m gonna go after Friday so it’s really really helpful to
allocate those days and make space in your schedule to actually cook and buy
your food so that you make sure you’re never running out of it if number four would be to check my
cupboards I don’t um actually kind of make a list as I go down sometimes if
there’s something that I don’t use very often like kitchen rolls or something
then I will write a little note on my phone so that I remember where my
shopping list is and want to go to the supermarket I can just go to my notes on
my iPhone and just check what stuff was missing but otherwise what I do is
before I head out to go and do my food shopping I just go through all my
cupboards and again I go through my little plan of what we’re gonna eat the
week ahead and I make a little shopping list on my phone and then I just go to
the shops and this shopping list will include anything that I didn’t use that
often that I’ve kind of noted down that we need to get during the week but it
will also include what I actually need that week and it makes shopping so much
easier going with the list is also so helpful because it means you end up
saving a lot of money you just buy what you need and you don’t kind of get
distracted with all the new offers and stuff that you get in the supermarket so
it’s really helpful if you’re trying to save up one thing I’ll do find really
helpful is to go through the fridge at the end of the week when I’m planning
for the week ahead I usually attempt to do this on a Friday
morning because I go shopping on a Friday evening so on Friday morning I
will plan for the week ahead what we’re gonna be eating so what I like to do is
go through the fridge and see if there’s any kind of leftovers from in the week
before in terms of ingredients so maybe there’s some spinach that was left over
from the week before or some courgette so I try to plan my meals for the
following week using that kind of leftover stuff that was left from the
week before just so that I don’t waste it and I find this really helpful it’s
also useful to get some inspiration because sometimes you just really don’t
know what to do so for example we’ve got courgette you can kind of go to your
recipes and see if there’s kind of any veggie dishes that you can use and use
up those quartet’s and I find that student super helpful I don’t like cooking schedule what I
like to do though two days in a row if I can say like Monday mornings and Tuesday
mornings are quite free or maybe evening then what I like to do is cook two days
in a row so that means that I have food for the whole week and I don’t need to
stress about it for the rest of the week so what I like to do is for example on
Monday I’ll cook something that Karen can take to the office on Tuesday for
lunch and that maybe I can have fun Tuesday for lunch also Monday for lunch
and if I cook two days in a row this means that we can alternate and we’re
not eating the same stuff kind of more than one day you use in one day and then
you come meals and then you might repeat what you ate on day one so for stuff
you’re gonna put in the freezer for the whole week and then you might repeat and
because we’re only two I tend to batch cook a lot and usually meals last for at
least two goes and this is really helpful so that you’re not kind of
eating the same thing every day and it gets too boring and the final tip would
be to be flexible even though I have planned ahead for the week ahead what am
I gonna cook I like to be flexible and like I said if I cook two days in a row
this means that all meals are ready and I can be flexible and even if I’m eating
kind of food that I put in the freezer I have a choice I don’t have to eat kind
of eggs on Monday and cooking on Tuesday and I can sort of say well there’s
chicken and there’s meat today I fancy having this so even though I like
planning it’s more kind of knowing what dishes you’re gonna be eating for the
next week problems like Monday we have to eat eggs and Tuesday we need to it
fish because maybe on Tuesday you don’t feel like having fish so I said keep it
flexible and just you know plan but don’t be too stringent on yourself cuz
otherwise this can end up being a little bit kind of annoying and you might be
like well I don’t want a meal plan because I don’t know what I’ll feel like
having one Tuesday or Wednesday that’s it guys I hope these tips were helpful
it definitely has helped me loads in terms of being more healthy save money
in eating a more balanced diet so I hope these tips helped you as well and I hope
you find this video useful please don’t forget to subscribe to my channel if you
already haven’t and I was my next video thank you so much for
watching bye guys

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  1. in the last year i made a meal planning….all the saturdays when i go buy food i write a list with what i plan to eat the following week….good video…like allways a pleasure to watch your vids 🤗🤗🤗😗

  2. what i want to know is why did you cut ur hair shorter you looked better and prettier with your hair longer shoulder length hair ugly and unattractive and plain looking should have left your hair long luv

  3. I love cooking myself too, I find it really relaxing to cook, just put some nice music on and create something in the kitchen. I put everything on my phone too, so handy to remember what you need for a recipe when you're in the supermarket. I know it's a nice treat eat out, but sometimes I think something you've made yourself tastes so much nicer! And healthier. I freeze fish as soon as I buy it, in portions, and then it's so quick to defrost and cook when ever you need it! 😄 x

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