Meal Prep – Chicken Tinga Tacos Slow Cooker & Burrito Bowl

Meal Prep – Chicken Tinga Tacos Slow Cooker & Burrito Bowl

what up guys and welcome back to the fit me in cook kitchen I tell you what if the spring is a signal for you to bust out the grill I would say that the fall and winter time is assigned for you to bust out your multifunction cooker it is officially slow cooker season even though it is still blazing hot here in Texas in fact dear summer if you can hear me right now please note that we’re just completely over you here in Texas we’re tired of the heat so if you could allow fall to come on that’d be great so in honor of slow cooker season being kicked off I’ve got a really good banger for you today we’re bringing all the heat we are making a chicken Tinga ish inspired recipe today if you’ve never had chicken Tinga before you are missing out but it’s going to completely change your life first off it is a really savory shredded chicken dish that is cooked up with savory like tomato based sauce with like Chipotle strong to pote late flavors and peppers you’ve got some onions mixed in there and then usually enjoy it with something like a sour cream or some crumbled cheese on top that’s the way that I’ve always had it and it’s just an amazing dish now I’m gonna show you all how to make this dish in your slow cooker and your multifunction cooker in a much more calorie conscious way in a really simple way I’m gonna get you in and out of your kitchen in less than an hour all right guys so if you are ready to roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty and then let’s get started dough for today’s joke or trivia I’ve got a question today for Jessie if he doesn’t get this he’s pretty wet all right Jessie what do you get when a hand legs an egg on top of a house oh my gosh are you kidding me you’re thinking about this okay okay so I wanna get ya an egg roll that was a really easy one I’m sorry now let’s get on to the day’s recipe mm all right super simple recipe today guys everything is gonna be done inside of your multifunction cooker so first thing just pop the top first thing we’re gonna make is the base for the Tinga salsa so we’re gonna add in some fire-roasted tomatoes some chipotle peppers now these are very very hot now if you like some spice then just add in the entire can if you don’t like some spice then I would say add in two or three of the peppers like one two and then maybe just add in some more of the sauce all right next we’re gonna add in some fresh lime juice and then some personality so I’ve got some diced white onion here if you want to use some red onion that’s fine too got some smoked paprika it’s gonna turn this a nice vibrant red color some dried oregano some freshly minced garlic and a touch of sweetness with some coconut sugar if you don’t have coconut sugar then just use some raw sugar cane or even some brown sugar give this a good stir inside of your mold of that function cooker and now we’re gonna toss in our chicken breasts now you can use whole chicken breasts I like to use some chicken tenders because I feel that they cook much faster because the pieces are much smaller give these a quick mix and what we’re trying to do here is just make sure that the sauce is covering the chicken all right then we’re gonna pop the top you can slow cook this for four hours at a high temperature or you can do a pressure cooker and that’s what we’re gonna do it set the temperature to high and then just press dirt I’m gonna check back at 30 minutes press the release button on your pressure cooker pretty incredible okay this is a really bad memory but it’s a I mean it’s a bad analogy but it’s a really good memory it reminds me of I’m gonna hate myself for say this map it reminds me of you know lunchroom in cafeteria when you’re back in grade school and you’ve went to the lunchroom because it’s like oh man they have an intelligence today it just reminded me of that great school memory of right into cafeteria because I could smell the enchiladas down the hallway now I’m not sure what up in Chavez done that you had at your high school or your grade school so if they were sucky this isn’t something but I’m just saying the testis that smell I thought it was bad all right this is ready now and the top oh my food smells better than you my food smells better than you okay so next thing I do is you’ve got to shred the chicken and we also have to finish up with the sauce so it may be easier with some tongs and just grab out all the chicken and look at it as I’m grabbing it as you can see it’s falling apart that’s how tender it is that’s exactly the texture that you want it tinder like us falling off the bone there is no bone but you give it at me take two forks and just gently pull everything apart and it should do this really easily very gently shouldn’t have a lot of pull to it at all grab any mercy blender and what this is gonna do is going to help to blend everything up inside of here and this way also we don’t have to wait for for the sauce to get super cold you don’t want it boiling hot and bubbling at all when you do this but you don’t have to take it out and let it cold put into a blender and then put everything together we can do it right now inside of it [Applause] [Music] all right now we’re gonna add our chicken back to the multifunction cooker why I love these super easy very simple you can go on a budget they you don’t have to really watch it and make sure it’s cooking okay it just does all the work for you and look at that look it’s coming together almost looks like sloppy joe but way tastier if your multifunction cooker can do it I would put this on low and let the flavors melt together for about 10 minutes okay now while this is warming up inside of the multifunction cooker we’re gonna make ourselves a little bit of avocado cream sauce so get yourself a ripe avocado and just mash it up it should be this ripe that it just kind of turns into a paste by itself then we’re gonna add a little bit of protein to it this is some 2% Greek yogurt a pinch of sea salt and some pepper then a little bit of lime and then we’re gonna add cumin twice get it because this is some coriander some cilantro and then some cumin they both have really similar notes you get the joke it was the play on them okay god I’m failing today mix this together but you don’t want to liquefy this because it’ll just turn into liquid and be super runny it needs to be some texture to it now let’s bring everything together beautiful just like any good comfort good recipe it’s always better the next day when all the flavors really come together grab yourself a freshly grilled corn tortilla and add in some of this savory juicy chicken Tinga whoo oh man I can’t wait to bite into this we’ll do these tacos Texas style I’m gonna add in a little bit of onion and some freshly chopped cilantro and if you aren’t a fan of tacos and I’m not sure why not you can actually make yourself an amazing chicken Tinga burrito bowl so we’ve got some brown rice some lettuce tomato some roasted corn some black beans some grilled bell peppers and of course our spicy savory chicken Tinga oh my gosh who would not want to eat this it’s a moment of truth always a fun part is the taste test you know I’m gonna have me one of these amazing tacos and put a little bit of the avocado cream on here okay so my first instinct was right this’ll it this does remind me of of the excitement that I had when I would run the cafeteria and I would have Mexican food during school that Mexican food was not that great it was terrible but this is good this one makes me smile what this reminds me of a kid because I don’t know maybe it’s the texture is really good whew that was good does anyone try this one let me do this the cameraman mm-hmm this is gonna be the lunch today in the studio like I’m serious this is gonna be my lunch bowl today look at that and it’s still dripping you’re dripping it all over that’s my meal bro mmm yeah struggle chicken whoo what no possible you can just make this so quickly even if you can’t cook and you got people coming over you’re like what I make them just make this that’s true yeah okay so that about does it for today’s recipe this was amazing it’s still dripping old pace still dripping hey okay but the juice is still dripping from it that’s how tender and moist and just good this recipe is I went on a comment below how you would switch this up for your own taste buds but really just as is just trust me with this recipe is bail proof if you’ve had chicken Tinga below I want you to comment below your best side to chicken Tinga if you don’t want to have the burrito bowl so that way we can all pick your brain and know how people are eating a meal wonderful calorie conscious food from around the world if you like stuff like this then I want you to smash that like button below and remember guys to subscribe to the channel and don’t forget to ring that Bell ding ding ding so you can be notified every time we post hot new content here this is our passion to do this we love doing this but we want to hear from you too so be sure to comment below and let us know that you like this type of content alright guys from my kitchen in your kitchen until next time keep it healthy but of course never ever boring mmm and we’re out [Music]

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  1. That looks so delicious and it’s in perfect timing for taco Tuesday tomorrow. Thanks for always sharing your amazing delicious recipes with us Kevin.😊

  2. Not burritos nor on the healthy side but we here in Dallas as well get down with a pan francés 🥖 with a mayo&mustard cole slaw salad can add a boiled egg cucumber tomatoes … with any choice hot sauce. Man!! Can eat for days at any given hour

  3. Dude that’s a great story about the smell of the enchiladas reminding you of when you ate them as a kid.

    Amazing video as always, thank you brother.

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